About Us

Born out of a simple, yet powerful idea – to create a unique treasure trove housing the vibrant legacy of characters from every corner of pop culture. This is a haven where cartoon characters rub shoulders with comic book heroes, and television wrestlers strut their stuff – all under one digital roof.

Picture this: you’re transported back in time, rekindling fond memories of your favorite characters and franchises. You discover intricate details about them that you’d never known, explore a world of collectibles, and stumble upon quirky costume ideas to bring out the fan in you! That’s Characters Database for you – a fun, engaging, and deeply nostalgic journey down memory lane.

Characters Database – it’s more than just a website. It’s a love letter to the art of character creation, a trip down nostalgia lane, and a celebration of our favorite fictional figures. Join us and get lost in this delightful maze of imagination and remembrance.

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Meet The Team

Matt K.

Meet our founder and CEO, a man who’s never outgrown his love for 80s and 90s video games and cartoons. Countless hours were spent as a kid mastering Super Mario Kart and battling friends in NHL series games by EA Sports. His vision? To create a one-stop-shop where fans could dive deep into their favorite characters and franchises, reliving the nostalgia and discovering fun facts, bios, gifts, and costumes.

Daren G.

Daren is our resident comic book guru. A straight-shooter, Daren’s love for Marvel and DC comics is as legendary as his favorite character, Wolverine. With Daren, you’ll always get the meat and potatoes of the comic world, served up with a side of his unfiltered opinion.

Claire T.

Our costume and animated film expert. A fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast, Claire’s love for characters extends beyond the screen and into the real world. She’s the one you’ll find at cosplay events, dressed up as her favorite characters. She dives into what makes a character special, their impact on pop culture, and how they resonate with fans, especially young females.


While we joyfully dive into the realms of these characters, we stand independently from the companies that own them. Our mission is not just to appreciate these amazing creations in a playful manner, but also to delve into each character’s story with meticulous detail. Please note, all images, trademarks, logos, videos, brands, and characters used on this website are registered trademarks of their respective companies and owners.

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