Sam Eagle Character Profile

sam eagle muppets

Voice Actors Here are the various voice actors who portrayed Sam Eagle: Frank Oz – 1975 to 2000 Kevin Clash – 2002 to 2003 Eric

Bret The Hitman Hart Profile

bret the hitman hart wrestler

About Bret Hart Bret Hart Merchandise A roundup of the best Bret Hart merchandise including t-shirts, action figures, toys, movies and cool gifts we could

Jasper Beardly Simpsons

simpsons jasper beardly

About Jasper Beardly Jasper’s character is a retired WW II veteran who lives in the same retirement home as Abe Simpson. He is one of

Duke The Dumpster Droese

wrestler duke droese

Profile of the wrestling character Duke The Dumpster Droese. Career Stats, Gimmick and Fun Facts.

Dhalsim Street Fighter

dhalsim street fighter

Profiling the street fighter character Dhalsim. Video game history and character design elements.

Droopy The Dog Profile

droopy the dog cartoon

Droopy The Dog Creator:Tex Avery First Appearance:1943 in the cartoon Dumb-Hounded Original Character Voice:Bill Thompson Most Years As Voice:Jeff Bergman Gender:Male Dog Breed:Basset Hound Aliases:Happy