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About Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is one of the most famous comic strip characters ever created. The mastermind behind him and the Peanuts comic strip is Charles M. Schultz. Charles once described Charlie as a caricature of the everyday person. He is a lovable loser that everyone can relate to on some level.

Debuted: October 2, 1950
Comic Strip: Peanuts
Age: Originally 4 years old but aged to around 8 years old over time
Nicknames: Charles, Chuck, Big Brother
Best Friends: Snoopy and Linus
Famous Quote: “Good Grief!”

Famous Charlie Brown Episodes

charlie brown christmas

1) A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Charlie Brown Christmas special is the most famous episode of the series. It has become a staple television program every year around December and is forever embedded in pop culture. It debuted in 1965 and is still shown every year around the world to this day. The animated show had an original budget of $96,000 and aired on CBS. The Characters in A Charlie Brown Christmas gave us one of the best scenes in animated history with the dance scene and the song to go with it.

You can watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, or even Youtube.

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2) It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

A year after the Christmas special Charles M. Schartwz gave us another classic special with his 1966 Halloween gem, “It’s The Great Pumpkin“. This one is not as consistently played as the Christmas special but when it is on we all hope that Linus will one day finally gets to meet the Great Pumpkin. This episode also gave us the classic ghost costume that is still popular today. In fact, all the Peanuts Costumes worn in this special can still be mimicked and worn today for cost-effective costumes.

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3) You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

This episode is not as well-known as the first two but it is a classic as well. The peanuts gang performs the broadway musical in animation form. The plot is a day in the life of Charlie Brown and there are some great musical numbers to be heard.

Charlie Brown Costume

You can’t go wrong with dressing up as Charlie Brown for Halloween or any other cosplay event. It is an instantly recognizable look and very easy to pull off on the cheap. Essentially all you need is the iconic zig-zag shirt and a pair of black shorts. Here are some options to dress like Charlie Brown.

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Fun Facts About Charlie Brown

  • Charlie Brown is not actually bald although based on his appearance you might make that assumption because of the few squiggly hairs on the front of his forehead. Charles Schwartz didn’t see him as bald but rather as having such short, blonde hair that it can barely be seen. A short crew cut was a very popular look back in the 60’s for young boys.

  • His sister Sally always calls him “Big Brother” and has never referred to him by his real name.

  • Charlie Brown was a notorious loser but he did have a few small victories. In 1993, he hit a game-winning home run for his baseball team and once beat Joe Agate in a game of marbles.

  • Snoopy didn’t always walk on his hind legs, Charlie Brown taught him how to do that.

  • Charlie Brown has a crush on a girl named, “The Little Red-Haired Girl. She is a minor character but has a re-occurring role throughout the comic strip.

Charlie Brown Gifts And Merchandise

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Charlie Brown PNG Images

Here is a selection of Charlie Brown PNG images:

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