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The Peanuts franchise best known for its main star Charlie Brown will forever live in pop culture. Created by Charles M. Schultz back in 1950 the comic strip has stood the test of time with readerships at certain points time over 300 million and in 75 countries. Needless to say, there are many Peanuts fans and many searching for the perfect Charlie Brown gifts. That is why we have put together this amazing list of Charlie Brown gift ideas ranging from most popular to unique for both Adults and children.

Charlie Brown Christmas Gifts

For me the holiday most associated with the Peanuts gang is Christmas. A Charlie Brown Christmas is always a must-viewing experience around the holiday season and the soundtrack is perhaps the most memorable of the entire franchise. For this reason, there is an abundance of Christmas gifts associated with Charlie Brown and the rest of the comic strip characters. Our favorite is of course the famous Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Here is our big list of Peanuts Christmas Gifts:

Peanuts Clothing Gifts

The following gifts for Charlie Brown fans are all clothing related. There are so many cute shirts and hoodies for each Peanuts character so we have tried to compile the most popular and highly rated gifts here. We also have found some unique Peanuts travel bags and knapsacks which are included below.

Peanuts Dolls and Figures

The following Charlie Brown Gifts are all related to plush dolls or figurines. The plush dolls are great gift ideas for young kids and the figurines will able to any adult Peanuts fan. We understand though if you can’t resist picking up a Snoopy or Woodstock Plush Doll for yourself as they are just too darn cute.

Miscellaneous Charlie Brown Gifts

As we mentioned from the outset, there are so many Charlie Brown gifts to choose from it can be overwhelming. Well, the following gift ideas are the best of the rest. Everything we could find related to Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. We got coffee mugs, artwork, books, board games and so much more. These gifts are unique, fun, and creative. I’m sure any adult Charlie Brown fan will appreciate receiving them for any occasion.

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