Peanuts is a comic strip created by Charles M. Schultz and includes one of the most famous comic strip characters of all-time in Charlie Brown. Over the years it has made the leap from comic strip to television and has become a staple in American culture during the holidays which such classics as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.

The original character list for Peanuts was very small when it debuted in 1950 only including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Shermy and Patty. Over the years the gang grew tremendously with the main character list now being at approx. 10 depending on your criteria for being a “main character”.

Number Of Peanuts Characters: Approx. 80 characters who make an appearance in the comic strip.

Number of Unseen Characters: Approx. 15 characters who are never actually visible but do have roles in the comic, for example The Adults.

Most Famous TV Episodes: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

Charlie Brown’s Age: In the very early comic strip of 1950 Charlie Brown stated that he was 4 years old. By 1979 Charlie’s age had doubled to eight years old. He stayed around 8 to 8 and 1/2 years old for the remainder of the peanuts series.

charlie brown christmas episode


Here are the names of every Peanut’s character who has appeared in the comic strip over the years.

Main Peanuts Characters

charlie brown peanuts character

Charlie Brown

Who doesn’t know Charlie Brown, he is one of the most famous comic character creation’s of all-time. He is the main character of the Peanuts comic strip and very often the loveable loser. His main sidekick is his best friend Snoopy, his beagle dog.

snoopy peanuts character


Snoopy has arguably become more popular than the main character Charlie Brown over the years. He is Charlie Brown’s pet dog and has his very own sidekick in Woodstock, a yellow bird who Snoopy befriended. What makes Snoopy so popular is his alter ego characters which take him on a fantasy roleplaying journey. Oh that and the fact that he sleeps all day which we all can relate to wanting to do from time to time.

linus peanuts characters

Linus van Pelt

Linus is Charlie Brown’s best human friend, Snoopy being the other best friend. Carrying his security blanket wherever he goes Linus is always getting picked on by his older sister Lucy for dragging it around. He is the devoted believer in the “Great Pumpkin” one of the cartoon’s most famous episodes which airs every Halloween.

lucy peanuts character

Lucy van Pelt

Lucy is the older sister to Linus and who can be quite mean and sarcastic especially to Charlie Brown. She is portrayed as quite a complex character who has a short temper but also shows compassion from time to time. Her most famous scene is moving the football away from Charlie Brown everytime he goes for a field goal making him flip on his butt.

sally brown peanuts

Sally Brown

Sally is Charlie Brown’s sister and mostly cheerful and kind all the time. Sally tends to take it easy through life and can be a lazy in scenes. Like her brother though she has a good heart but is not the greatest fan of Snoopy sometime referring to him as the stupid dog.

peppermint patty peanuts

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is portrayed as the “Tomboy” in the group being very outgoing and great at most sporting activities. She had a long-time crush on Charlie Brown and addressing him as “Chuck” a nickname she gave him. She is identifiable by her red freckles and hair and a green striped shirt she most often wears.

macie peanuts character


Macie is the bookworm of the Peanuts gang and fair to say the most knowledgable. Her best friend is Peppermint Patty who she refer to as “Sir”. I think she would be described as an introvert in real life but is the constant voice of reason in the comic strip. Unique appearance features include thick glasses which almost always hide her eyes and she is always wearing a t-shirt.

schroeder peanuts character


No one tickles the ivories like Schroeder, he is the Peanuts Comic Strip musician. He loves classical music like Beethoven but his most famous jam is the “Christmas Dance” featured in the A Charlie Brown Christmas special. Distinguishable character traits include wearing a thick striped t-shirt and his tiny red piano which he carries around.

woodstock peanuts character


Woodstock is Snoopy’s main sidekick and yes he is named after the music festival from 1969. He is often found hanging out with Snoopy on top of Snoopy’s red dog house. It is not quite known what type of bird Woodstock is and doesn’t speak normal words rather his voice is represented by chicken scratch in the comic strip.

Supporting Characters

These are supporting characters in the Peanuts comic strip who are not in every scene but have had prominent roles over the years alongside the main characters.

pig pen peanuts character


The dirtiest character award goes to Charlie Brown’s friend Pig-Pen. He is constantly encircled by a cloud of dust and dirt and cleanliness is not high on his priority list. Most of the other characters are turned off by Pig-Pens look and try to clean him up.

patty peanuts character


Patty was actually the main female character when the comic strip first debuted back in 1950. Her character failed to last the test of time and slowly she became replaced with other female leads like Lucy and Peppermint Patty. Her hair color has changed through the years but her staple appearance trait is a hair bow which always matches her dress.

eudora peanuts character


Eudora was Sally Brown’s best friend back in the early days of the comic. She is said to be the last main/supporting character to have been added to the comic strip. That being said she was last seen way back in 1987 and is no longer active in the comic. Eudora has a “hipster” look to her and her signature piece is a knitted hat.

shermy peanuts character


Shermy is another one of the original gang that fizzled out in later years. By the 1960’s he only made cameo appearances despite originally being one of Charlie Brown’s closeest friends. His most unique appearance characteristic is is spikey short black hair.

violet gray peanuts character

Violet Gray

Violet was considered a bit of a snob who like Lucy liked to torment Charlie Brown. She was a main character in the beginning but gradually was reduced to supporting, came roles. Her trademark appearance is a tight pony-tail in her jet black hair.

frieda peanuts character


It’s hard to miss Frieda with her dark red curly hair for which she is very proud of. She is no longer a relevant character and has not appeared since 1985.

franklin peanuts character


Franklin was ground-breaking for the comic strip as he was the first African-American character to appear back in 1968. When he appears he is often the voice of reason for the group and well versed in Bible literature.

rerun van pelt peanuts character

Rerun van Pelt

Rerun is the youngest of the Peanuts gang and the little brother to Linus and Lucy. You could almost argue that him and Linus are twins because they are so similar in appearance.

Peanuts Characters with Minor Roles or Few Appearances

Lesser known Peanuts characters who have had just a few appearances over the years.

Charlotte Braun

Charlotte appeared early on in the comic strip but ended up only lasting 10 appearances. She had a knack for being a loud-talker but gained little fanfare from the audience and Schultz ended up dropping her in 1955.

3 and 4

Three and Four are twin sisters who made very limited appearances in the comic. They come from a family where all the kids are named after numbers. One of their most memorable moments was when they were on the dance floor in the television hit “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas” busting a groove along with the others.

3 and 4 peanut characters


Five is the brother to 3 and 4 mentioned above. His actual full name is “555 95472” but for simplicity was just referred to as 5. He actually had a long running role appearing from 1963 to the 80’s. He almost always wore an orange shirt and had spike, mohawk type hair. Along with his sisters his most famous scene has to once again be the dancing scene in the Christmas special episode. He hands down has the best moves on the dance floor and has become a cult classic character because of it.

5 peanuts character

Joe Agate

Joe made his debut late in the series in April of 1995. He was the main rival to Charlie Brown in the television special, “He’s A Bully , Charlie Brown”. He is the local bully who cheats people in the game of marbles. His signature look is a backwards green hat with a long brown flow of hair, “Hockey Hair” if you will. In the special, the character is voiced by Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

Harold Angel

Harold only appeared very briefly in the comic strip in Christmas themed stories. His main role is being in the Christmas play with Sally Brown and comforting her when she messes up her lines. He has a Scottish look to him and his signature look is a “Tam o Shanter” style cap that he wears with a green winter coat.


Andy is one of Snoopy’s brothers. He only had a small role and first appeared in the TV special “Snoopy’s Reunion”. He is very similar in appearance to Snoopy expect that his hair is more shaggy and out of place. This makes him appear older than Snoopy.

andy peanuts character

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