Charlie Brown Christmas Characters

Matt Kasper


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charlie brown christmas characters

In 1965, the world was blessed with one of the best Christmas movies of all time, a gem that never gets old. A Charlie Brown Christmas was created by the legendary Charles M. Schultz and is based on the characters from the famous Peanuts Comic Strip. On top of being a classic Christmas movie, it also provided one of the best Christmas soundtracks of all time. When the piano starts playing the jazzy theme song from the film almost everyone of all ages can’t help but dance around like the characters 3,4 and 5.

In the animated movie, Charlie Brown is depressed and begins to question the meaning of Christmas. He feels Christmas has lost its luster to commercialism. Throughout the movie, we meet some classic Peanuts Characters as well as some new ones in the “dance scene” which is the highlight moment in the film. Here is the full list of characters that appeared in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Charlie Brown

charlie brown christmas

Memorable Quote

“I guess I don’t know what Christmas is really all about”

Linus van Pelt

linus van pelt christmas

Memorable Quote

 “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”

Lucy van Pelt

lucy van pelt christmas

Memorable Quote

“What has Beethoven got to do with Christmas? Everyone talks about how “great” Beethoven was. Beethoven wasn’t so great.”

Sally Brown

sally brown christmas

Memorable Quote

“All I want is what I… I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share”


snoopy charlie brown christmas

Memorable Moment

When Snoopy drags Linus across the skating rink by his blanket


schroeder christmas

Memorable Quote

“What do you mean Beethoven wasn’t so great?…Good Grief”


pig pen christmas

Memorable Quote

“Sort of makes you want to treat me with more respect, doesn’t it?”


peppermint patty christmas

Memorable Quote

“Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. It’s fun.”

Violet Gray

violet gray christmas

Memorable Quote

“Boy, are you stupid, Charlie Brown.”


frieda charlie brown

Memorable Quote

“Do innkeeper’s wives have naturally curly hair?”


shermy charlie brown

Memorable Quote

“Every Christmas it’s the same. I always end up playing a shepherd.”

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