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peanuts halloween costume

From the whimsical world of Charles M. Schulz, the Peanuts comic strip has graced our lives with characters that are not only iconic but also deeply relatable. Characters like the ever-optimistic Charlie Brown, the lovable, mischievous Snoopy, and many others from the comprehensive list of all Peanuts Characters have become synonymous with childhood memories and pop culture.

Their timeless appeal makes them perfect candidates for Halloween costumes, theme parties, or even cosplay events. Whether you’re planning a group costume with friends, channeling the spirit of the Peanuts ensemble, or selecting the perfect character for a young one, there’s a Peanuts look for every occasion. Dive into our curated list of Peanuts costume ideas below, complete with DIY suggestions and links to essential pieces, ensuring you capture the essence of these beloved characters.

charlie brown costume idea

Charlie Brown Costume

Charlie Brown is the lovable loser and main star of the Peanuts comic strip. He is a popular costume choice because the look is so easy to pull off. Essentially, the trademark yellow zig-zag shirt makes the costume and is really all you need. If you want to go full-on Charlie Brown get yourself a bald cap and a pair of yellow socks.

snoopy costume ideas

Snoopy Costume

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s loyal beagle sidekick. He is as popular as Charlie in pop culture and is a great costume choice. That being said, it is not an easy costume to pull off as a DIY without getting a full costume. One idea is to dress your dog up as snoopy if you have a pet dog yourself. If you want to be unique go with Snoopy’s alter ego the fighting pilot.

Snoopy Costume Pieces

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linus costume ideas

Linus Costume

Linus is the thumb-sucking, blanket carrying friend of Charlie Brown. This is a great costume for adults and kids because it is easy to put together and you may already have some of the pieces in your own closet. If not we got some suggestions below for you.

Linus Costume Pieces

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lucy peanuts costume ideas

Lucy Costume

Lucy is the tough-talking character known for giving Charlie Brown a tough time. Her look is a great costume for adult women or little girls out for Halloween. She wears a 50’s style blue dress and oxford shoes so it isn’t the easiest costume to pull off but is doable if you have retro clothes laying around.

schroeder peanuts costume

Schroeder Costume

Schroeder is the piano-playing blonde character in Peanuts. This is another easy one for adult guys or boys to put together. All you need is a blue and black striped t-shirt and blonde hair. If you want to beat the competition at your Halloween party this year, then you can find playable little pianos to take the Schroeder look to the next level.

Schroeder Costume Pieces

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peppermint patty peanuts costume

Peppermint Patty Costume

Peppermint Patty is Lucy’s loyal friend. Together they make a great costume combo for two friends. Like many costumes on this list, you will require a striped shirt, for Patty it needs to be green. If you are already a redhead then you would already be set, if not you will need a red-haired wig. To complete the look wear a pair of black shorts and brown sandals.

Peppermint Patty Costume Pieces

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woodstock peanuts costume

Woodstock Costume

Woodstock is Snoopy’s closest friend and the two are always getting into mischief together. Woodstock is a canary bird so putting together a Woodstock costume is not easy. There are a few baby Woodstock costumes out there but as an adult your options are limited. You will have to try and find a bird cap and maybe a feathered boa.

Woodstock Costume Pieces

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marcie peanuts costume

Marcie Costume

Marcie is the bookworm of the peanuts gang and Peppermint Patty’s best friend. Her signature trademark is her oversized thick glasses. So finding a good pair of glasses is the key to her costume as she doesn’t really have signature clothes. You can add a dark black wig and carry some books to really pull her costume off.

Marcie Costume Pieces

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sally brown peanuts costume

Sally Brown Costume

Sally Brown is Charlie Brown’s little sister. Her costume is similar to Lucy’s. You will need a retro rockabilly dress preferably in pink and a light blonde wig that you can style. I don’t think you will find a wig to match Sally’s hairstyle exactly so you will have to put some DIY into any wig you find.

Sally Brown Costume Pieces

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lucy witch peanuts costume

Lucy Witch Costume

We had to include one of the best costumes from The Great Pumpkin episode and that is the witch outfit Lucy wore trick or treating. I think any witch mask will do as long as it is green and you have to have the signature red witch hat. Finish the look with a white robe or blanket which you drape around yourself.

Lucy Witch Costume Pieces

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peanuts ghost costumes

Ghost Costumes

Also from the Great Pumpkin special comes the famous ghost costumes. If you want an easy DIY peanuts costume then this idea would be your best bet. A plain white sheet is all you need and two eye holes. If you want to spice it up go with the Charlie Brown ghost costume and cut way too many holes.

Ghost Costume Pieces

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