Big List Of Dog Costume Ideas

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dog costume ideas

Let’s face it dressing up your dog as a pet owner is one of life’s greatest joys. No matter what the costume, they just look so darn cute. Now do all dogs love the idea of putting on a costume show all day for you? Probably not but some don’t mind and heck Halloween only comes around once a year for a few hours so it’s well worth it.

We have curated a massive list of dog costume ideas inspired by movies, classic horror characters, Disney characters, everyday life, and more. If you are like me and want hassle-free costumes delivered to your doorstep then we have provided links to get each outfit showcased. We chose the best-rated and most highly reviewed costumes for our list. If you are a DIY person then most of these costumes can be mimicked and you can use them as a source of inspiration. Get your camera ready and suit up your dog in one of these amazing costumes.

Chucky Dog Costume

Chucky is the serial killing doll from the classic Horror movie franchise of the same name. Complete with a fake knife and good dog overalls your dog will mimic Chucky to a tee. Unfortunately, I don’t think your pet will be as terrifying as the doll as this costume is just too cute.

Ewok Dog Costume

The Ewoks were the hit characters of the Star Wars movie Return of the Jeti because they were so damn cute. This is always a most-wanted dog costume because it transforms your dog into those cute creatures that inhibited Endor. Hook your dog up with one of these costumes and they will be the center of attention all night long.

Batman Dog Costume

Most of us already consider our dog’s a superhero but you can make it official with this Batman outfit by DC Comics. This one-piece harness costume is lightweight and breathable so your little one should stay comfortable all Halloween long.

Chewbacca Dog Costume

Chewbacca is the ultra-popular Wookie character from the Star Wars movie franchise. Put this official Star Wars licensed t-shirt over your pet’s back and they are all set to go. Comes in different sizes and is machine washable.

Scooby Doo Dog Collar

If you have a Great Dane or your dog already resembles the famous Scooby-Doo then this is a very easy dog costume for you. Grab a Scooby Doo dog collar, that the character famously wore, and put it around your dog’s neck. That’s it they are set for Trick-Or-Treating.

UPS Delivery Dog Outfit

This is a best-seller costume and it’s high up there for the cutest dog costume idea. It’s perfect for the dog that loves to fetch items and bring them to you. Might as well make them an official UPS delivery person with this combo shirt and visor outfit.

Zero Dog Costume

Zero is the ghostly dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas. This costume comes complete with a glowing pumpkin nose and ghost cape. If your dog gets distracted easily they may be chasing the glowing nose all night so be warned.

Grinch Max Dog Costume

Max is the dog from the classic animated movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas. This dog costume is really simple and that’s why I love it so much. Much like the Grinch did to Max just put a pair of antlers on your dog’s head and viola, you have your very own reindeer. The chin is adjustable so you can use it on anyone really.

Stitch Dog Costume

Stitch is the abnormally strong Koaloa bear-looking creature from the Disney franchise Lilo and Stitch. If you have a little monster at home that likes to cause havoc and run around all day then this would be the perfect dog costume for them. Comes in 6 different sizes for any breed of dog.

Harry Potter Dog Costume

For the diehard Harry Potter fans, you can turn your pet into a wizard fit for Hogwarts. The costume comes in different colors and sizes so it’s not only for small breeds. It comes with the glasses as well but to be honest I’m not sure how well each dog will take to them being around their face. The cape and tie costume are amazing though.

Spider Dog Costume

This is the most flashy costume on the list and for good reason, it’s quite beautiful. If you are going to a party with the best dog costume prizes this one may very well win it. It comes in sizes small to large but I think it works best for smaller dogs as the spider legs crawl on the floor as they walk.

Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume

Jessie is the Cowgirl pull-string toy that first appeared in Toy Story 2. This outfit comes complete with a red hair hat and cowgirl t-shirt. If you are a red-haired owner yourself you may want to dress up as a tandem and get an Adult Jessie Costume.

Eeyore Dog Costume

Eeyore is the lovable, pessimistic donkey from the classic series Winnie The Pooh. Complete with the big floppy ears and pink bowtie on the tail this is a great reflection of Eeyore. If your dog is already a bit of a sourpuss or has the depressed look like a bloodhound then this is a great costume idea.

Panda Dog Costume

One of the first viral dog costumes I ever saw was a cute little guy dressed in a Panda outfit. A panda is cute enough on its own but your dog as a Panda is next level. Every dog breed will look cute in this outfit by Pandaloon which was actually featured on Shark Tank.

Star Wars Dewback Costume

I hate to pick favorites when there are so many gems on this list but this one may be it. The costume is a Jedi trooper on the back of a Dewback which was a huge reptile-like creature from the Star Wars movies. Your dog acts like the Dewback for the trooper and the costume is a surefire hit for anyone who greets your dog.

Yoshi Dog Costume

Yoshi is the cute dinosaur character from the Mario video games franchise. He is often Mario’s sidekick who gives him a helping hand through the games. Surprisingly, it’s hard to find an exact Yoshi replica costume but you can come close enough with this green dinosaur dog costume. If you have a bigger dog you can grab this Child’s Yoshi Kit and strap on the signature red shell to your dog.

Superman Dog Shirt

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…It’s your adorable dog dressed as the Man of Steel. I prefer this superman logo t-shirt over the full cape costume. It’s much more comfortable and it can be worn by your dog on multiple occasions not just for Halloween.

Shark Dog Fin

Turn your little guy into Jaws with this Shark Dog Fin costume. Such an easy and cheap costume but it works so well. If your dog gets the zoomies it will look like a crazed shark running around your room.

Teddy Bear Dog Costume

This is one of the cutest costumes possible for your dog. Teddy Bears are cute enough on their own but your dog dressed as a teddy bear is too much to handle. If you can keep your dog stationary long enough and place them among other teddy bears you will be hard-pressed to point him out.

Yoda Dog Costume

Another Star Wars character makes our list and for good reason, the costumes are just so well designed. This Yoda costume is a one-piece shirt and the Yoda head is actually a hood. This is great because you can easily drop off your dog’s head if he needs a break from it.

Winnie The Pooh Dog Costume

Winnie The Pooh is a lovable bear who can’t resist the taste of honey. If you have a blonde-haired dog then this costume would be great as they will resemble Winnie perfectly. The head and ears are a hood that can be taken down at any time.

Paw Patrol Dog Costume

Chase from Paw Patrol is a german shepherd police dog. This costume comes with all the necessities – a police shirt with badges, a police hat, and a backpack. Obviously, if you have a german shepherd then this costume will transform your little guy into Chase himself.

Demogorgon Dog Costume

Stranger Things’ popularity is through the roof and you can bet many will be searching for costume ideas from the show. Now you can dress up your dog as Demogorgon, the scary monster creature from the series. Turn your dog into your very own Demogordog.

Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

This cowboy riding costume is one of the most highly rated and best-reviewed dog costumes out there. It’s so simple and easy to outfit your dog with. It’s a one-piece velcro strap and comes in 4 different sizes. When your dog runs the true magic happens as the cowboy rider on-top bucks around like he’s really riding them.

Lion Mane Dog Costume

This is my favorite costume for large dogs and especially golden retrievers. You can’t get easier than this Lion mane that fits right over your dog’s head. So simple and yet so effective as it truly transforms your dog into a Lion, especially with the right coat color. The mane comes in a light version and a darker hair version.

Pirate Dog Costume

Ever want your very own Captain Hook running around the house? Well now you can with this cute Pirate costume inspired by the Pirates of The Caribbean movie. Works best for smaller dogs but can get sizes up to a large.

Skeleton Glow Dog Costume

This is a unique skeleton costume because it actually glows in the dark which makes it perfect for Halloween nights if you are taking your dog out with you. This is a two-piece outfit that fits snugly to your dog so there are no loose parts dangling about.

Bat Wing Dog Costume

If you are looking for a very simple cost-effective dog Halloween costume then this one is for you. Your dog can be a bat or Dracula in a bat form with this easy velcro bat wing attachment.

Pokemon Dog Costume

Pokemon’s popularity just never seems to dissipate and every year the characters make a relevant Halloween costume. This year you can dress your dog as Picachu himself with this adorable little onesie outfit.

Chicken Dog Costume

Turn your dog into a tiny yellow chicken with this pet cosplay costume. The best thing about it is that you can use it for Easter and Thanksgiving costumes as well.

Elf Dog Costume

This one is best suited for a Christmas dress-up but it can still work for Halloween as well. There are a few versions of a dog elf costume but this one looks the most comfortable to me. It’s a cozy one-piece sweater that fits snugly over your dog.

Devil Dog Costume

What’s Halloween night without a good old-fashioned Devil costume? This sequence devil dog costume adds a bit of flare to your dog’s outfit. This one is best suited for smaller dogs.

Santa Dog Costume

Get your dog ready for Christmas day by turning him into one of Santa’s reindeer. This cute costume puts Santa on your dog’s back making it look like Santa is riding him to deliver gifts to all the boys and girls. It’s really adorable and looks hilarious when your dog starts running around.

Christmas Tree Dog Costume

Turn your little guy into a walking Christmas Tree with this cute dog coat. Not only it is a fun Christmas costume but it will keep your dog nice and cozy on those cold winter walks. It comes in sizes ranging from extra small to double xl so it should be able to fit a dog of any size.

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