Mom And Child Costume Ideas

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mom child costumes

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to have some fun with your kids. Whether you are a brand new Mother, have young children or even teenagers dressing up together is a great bonding experience and just loads of fun.

We have a wide range of costume ideas for Mom and Child including Disney characters, classic horror, famous movies, and many more. Whether you have a newborn baby, son, daughter, or all of the above we have costumes for everyone. These ideas are perfect for Halloween parties, trick or treating, or any cosplay event you and your children may be attending. The links will take you directly to the costumes pictured from our top affiliate partners Amazon and

Mom and Baby Costume Ideas

little mermaid family costume

Little Mermaid

Mom – Ariel
Baby – Flounder

Inspired by one of Disney’s most famous animated films, The Little Mermaid, we present Ariel and Flounder. Perfect for Halloween and your baby’s cuteness level will be off the charts.

Adult Ariel Costume
Baby Flounder Costume

ghostbuster costume ideas


Mom – Ghostbuster
Baby – Slimer

I love this Mom and baby costume combo inspired by the classic movie Ghostbusters. The Slimer costume is adorable and the Ghostbuster outfit is instantly recognizable.

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Shop Baby Slimer Costume

little bo peep costume ideas

Little Bo Peep

Mom – Little Bo Peep
Baby – Sheep

You and your child can go as the characters from the famous Nursery Rhyme, Little Bo Peep. Your child can be a cute little sheep but please don’t lose them as Bo Peep did.

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Shop Baby Sheep Costume

grease family costume


Mom – Sandy
Baby – Danny

Do you have a little John Travolta in the making? If so then this Grease combo of Danny and Sandy may be perfect for you and your baby.

Sandy Grease Costume
Baby Danny Costume

alice in wonderland costume idea

Alice In Wonderland

Mom – Alice
Baby – Chesire Cat

Some of the best characters of all time come from the great Alice In Wonderland animated film. This is a great combination of costumes pairing Alice with the troublemaker Cheshire Cat.

Adult Alice Costume
Cheshire Cat Costumes

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Mom and Son Costume Ideas

mom son superhero costume

Super Heroes

Mom – Wonder Woman
Son – Superman

Be the heroes of the costume party with two classic superheroes. Mom can be Wonder Woman and the son can go as Superman. Let’s face it, most Moms are Wonder Woman in their everyday lives so might as well dress the part this year.

Wonder Woman Costume
Superman Costume

peter pan mom son costume

Peter Pan

Mom – Captain Hook
Son – Peter Pan

Let your son be the hero all on his own while Mom can take on her villain side with this Peter Pan costume idea.

Captain Hook Costume
Peter Pan Costume

pokemon mom son costume


Mom – Charmander
Son – Pikachu

Pokemon will always be a go-to costume idea for parents and kids because there are just so many combinations you can pull off. Chances are your son will go as his favorite character so Mom you can be creative and pick something unique.

Charmander Costume
Pikachu Costume

mom son clown costumes

Killer Clowns

Mom – Twisted Clown
Son – Crazy-Eyed Clown

If Mom and Son want to go for a creepy look then nothing beats a crazy, psycho clown costume. We like the two pictured here for a maximum scare factor.

Twisted Clown Costume
Crazy-Eyed Clown Costume

jurassic park mom son costume

Jurassic Park

Mom – Ellie Sattler
Son – Dilophosaurus

A classic Dinosaur costume will never go out of style for Halloween or cosplay. More specifically, anything related to Jurassic Park. We love this combo of Mom being Ellie Sattler and the son picking his favorite dinosaur costume.

Ellie Sattler Costume
Dilophosaurus Costume

Mom and Daughter Costume Ideas

leopard mom daughter costumes


Mom – Classic Leopard
Daughter – Snow Leopard

If you want to stand out in a room full of diverse costumes then you can go as matching Leopards. These are always eye-catching and you and your daughter will stand out amongst the crowd.

Classic Leopard Jumpsuit
Snow Leopard Costume

peppa pig mom daughter costume

Peppa Pig

Mom – Mummy Pig
Daughter – Peppa Pig

The characters in Peppa Pig are perfect for a Mom and Daughter Halloween costume. They are cute and easy to wear making for a comfortable night trick or treating.

Mummy Pig Costume
Peppa Pig Costume

disney princess mom daughter costumes

Disney Princess

Mom – Snow White
Daughter – Anna

You can’t go wrong choosing any Disney Princess costume as a mom-and-daughter costume idea. Your daughter will love dressing like a princess and you two will no doubt steal the show at any party.

Snow White Costume
Frozen Anna Costume

warrior mom daughter costumes


Mom – Medieval Warrior
Daughter – Viking Warrior

If you and your daughter are not the Princess type and want a more badass look then check out these Warrior costumes. There are many styles to choose from but we love the Medieval and Viking combo.

Adult Medieval Warrior
Girls Viking Warrior

zombie mom daughter costumes


Mom – Teacher Zombie
Daughter – Student Zombie

If you want a scary look this year for you and your daughter then this zombie combo is an awesome idea. If you happen to be a teacher or principal then this is a no-brainer idea. Get it? A no-brainer

Teacher Zombie Costume
Student Zombie Costume

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