Red Hair Costume Ideas

Claire T


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red haired costumes

Embrace the fiery spirit of red this season, whether you’re a proud natural redhead or ready to rock a stunning red wig for your next Halloween bash or cosplay extravaganza. Dive into our eclectic mix of red-haired character inspirations, tailor-made for every shade of red under the sun, from the deepest auburn to the brightest scarlet. In our treasure trove, you’ll find costume ideas that celebrate the vibrancy of red hair, catering to DIY enthusiasts and those seeking ready-to-wear masterpieces alike.

Whether you’re crafting a homemade ensemble or seeking a show-stopping outfit to purchase, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to turn heads and capture hearts with our ultimate list of red hair costume ideas, perfectly curated for every redhead and redhead-at-heart out there. Let’s unleash the red!

Redhead Costume Ideas For Everyone


ariel little mermaid cosplay
Photo: @britneyst04

Ariel, the youngest daughter of King Triton, dreams of life beyond the sea. She’s known for her unwavering curiosity, boundless bravery, and a heart that yearns for adventure and true love.

Shop Essential Pieces:
Replica Red Wig with Starfish
Lavender Seashell Top
Mermaid Style Skirt

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Adult Ariel Mermaid Costume
Adult Ariel Blue Dress Outfit
Girls Mermaid Costume

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Flounder Companion Purse

Wilma Flintstone

wilma flintstone cosplay costume
Photo: @thedrpepperprincess

Wilma Flintstone, the red-headed matriarch of the Flintstone family, combines timeless charm with a sharp wit. She’s resourceful, strong-willed, and the bedrock of her family’s Stone Age adventures.

Shop Essential Pieces:
White Flintstone Style Dress
Chunky White Pearl Necklace
Red Bun Updo Wig

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Classic Style Wilma Costume
Sexy Wilma Costume

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Skeleton Bone Earnings


daphne scooby doo cosplay
Photo: @meredith_mohler

Daphne Blake, the fashion-forward member of the Mystery Inc. gang, is known for her elegance and courage. She’s a blend of grace and grit, often jumping headfirst into adventure and mystery.

Shop Essential Pieces:
Replica Purple Mini Dress
Green Scarf and Purple Headband
Daphne Style Long Orange Wig

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Full Daphne Costume with Dress, Wig, Scarf and Leggings
Girls Daphne Costume

Poison Ivy

poison ivy cosplay costume
Photo: @claubailarinita

Poison Ivy, Gotham’s eco-terrorist with a flair for botany, uses her charm and intelligence to manipulate plants and people alike. Her character is an intriguing mix of seduction, intellect, and a deep connection to nature.

Shop Essential Pieces:
Ivy Green Leggings
Long Wavy Red Wig
Artificial Ivy Vines

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8 Piece Poison Ivy Adult Costume
Poison Ivy Long Dress Costume

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Ivy Leaf Garter

Jessica Rabbit

jessica rabbit cosplay costume
Photo: @cayaryu

Jessica Rabbit, the sultry, glamorous star from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” captivates with her elegance and mystery. She’s the epitome of a classic Hollywood siren.

Shop Essential Pieces:
Sparkling Red Dress
Elbow Length Purple Gloves
Long Wavy Light Red Wig

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Full Jessica Rabbit Costume Set

Shop Fun Accessories
Sequined Red Clutch

Archie Andrews

archie andrews cosplay costume
Photo: @itsianthough

Archie Andrews, the all-American teen from the Archie Comics series, is known for his affable nature and iconic Riverdale High School spirit.

Shop Essential Pieces:
Riverdale Varsity Jacket
Mens Orange Hair Wig

Shop Full Costumes:
Archie Andrews Costume with Jacket and Wig

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Classic Converse Sneakers

Black Widow

scarlett johanson as black widow

Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow from Marvel Comics, combines stealth and elegance, known for her intelligence and unmatched combat skills.

Shop Essential Pieces:
Black Bodysuit
Utility Belt with Holsters
Black Widow Style Red Wig

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Jumpsuit with Belt and Holsters
Full Black Widow Costume

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Set of Black Batons