Addams Family Costume Ideas

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addams family costumes

The Addams Family franchise has been around since the sixties and still to this day it inspires Halloween costumes all around the world. The original series was based on a cartoon strip and you can it in the characters who are all over the top and ghoulish in appearance. The Addam’s Family has seen many media adaptions over the years and you choose which looks you want to pull ideas from whether it be the original series, the multiple movies, the musical, or the cartoon series.

We love the looks from the 1991 film so most of our Addams Family ideas come from that source of inspiration as the actors who portrayed each character just so perfectly fit the roles.

morticia addams look

Morticia Addams

Morticia is the matriarch of the Addams family and wife to Gomez. She is extremely pale with long jet-black hair. She almost always wears a long black gothic-style dress that is form-fitting.

Morticia Dress Ideas

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gomez addams family

Gomez Addams

Gomez is Morticia’s lovingly devoted husband and has a rather charming personality. His style is very suave-like and he almost always wears a white pin-striped or dark-colored suit. He has dark, oily slick-backed hair and a very thin mustache.

Gomez Suit Ideas

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wednesday addams costumes

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is the oldest daughter of the Addams family. She is one of the most popular characters from the Addams Family series to dress up as. Like her mother, she is extremely pale looking and has a morbid personality. She almost never smiles and wears dark clothing. Her go-to look is a long retro patterned dress with a distinct thick collar.

Wednesday Dress Ideas

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pugsley addams costumes

Pugsley Addams

Pugsley is Wednesday’s odd older brother. He is often portrayed as a pudgy character but his style is easy to emulate. He wears a striped t-shirt that is usually black and white and black shorts. He has a short crew-cut hairstyle.

Pugsley Shirt Ideas

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uncle fester costumes

Uncle Fester

I think Uncle Fester is the most well-known character from the Addams Family franchise. Thus, he is a Halloween costume favorite for many partygoers or trick-or-treaters. He is bald, pale, and has very dark shadows around his eyes. His wardrobe consists of a black, hooded long robe.

Uncle Fester Costumes

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lurch addams family costume


Lurch is the butler of the Addams Family. He is very tall and quite obviously resembles the classic character Frankenstein. He wears a butler outfit consisting of a classic black jacket with long tails, a white shirt, and gray pants. His face is white with dark shadows.

Lurch Butler Outfits

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