Flintstones Costume Ideas

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The Flintstones debuted in 1960 and to this day the characters remain iconic and recognizable for almost all young and old. The stone age families that the cartoon series revolved around are still referenced nowadays and are always popular costumes to dress up as on every Halloween.

All the Flintstones character’s looks are so easy to replicate and they are some of the most versatile costumes around. Want to dress up as a family? Great then you can choose the Flintstones or the Rubbles. Want to go to a costume party as a couple? Go as Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty, or even Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. There are so many costumes you can pull off that the Flintstones will forever be a great inspiration for any Halloween party or cosplay event.

Fred Flintstone

fred flintstone costumes

Fred is the main star of the Flintstones and is the most popular Flintstone costume for men. Anyone young or old can pull off Fred’s look and it is an easy DIY costume. Bonus points if you add a club or the Grand Puba hat.

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Fred Flintstone Costume
Fred Flintstone Cosplay Costume
Inflatable Wooden Clubs
Fred Grand Puba Hat

Wilma Flintstone

wilma flintstone costume idea

Wilma is the good-natured wife of Fred and the heart and soul of the Flintstones series. Wilma’s look is the easiest to put together yourself as you need is a white dress and white pearls. If you already have red hair then you’d be all set but otherwise, you can add a cheap red wig to your costume.

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Wilma Plain White Dress
Wilma Fancy Dress Costume
Dark Red Bun Wig
Large White Beads Necklace

Barney Rubble

barney rubble costume idea

Barney is Fred’s loyal sidekick who balances Fred out with his calm demeanor. Like most Flintstone characters his look is simple, a brown potato sack-like shirt and blonde hair.

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Barney Flannel Costume
Barney Suede Costume
Short Blonde Hair Wig

Betty Rubble

betty rubble costume idea

Betty is Barney’s wife and Wilma’s best friend in the Flintstones. I find her look for women gives you the most options as far as style goes. You can choose different shades of blue and dress styles for whatever type of look you prefer based on the event you are going to.

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Betty Dress and Foam Wig
Dark Blue Dress & Bone Belt
Light Blue Dress & Black Wig


pebbles costume ideas

Pebbles is the Flintstone’s daughter and the cutest character in the show. She is a great costume if you have young daughters but the Pebbles costume can be worn by a teenager or adult. Pebbles grew up as the show went on so you can use her adult years as inspiration as well.

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Toddler Pebbles Costume
Child Pebbles Costume
Adult Pebbles Costume


bamm bamm costumes

Bamm-Bamm is the rough-and-tumble toddler of the Rubbles. He is Pebbles’s best friend as children and together they make a great couple’s costume. Bamm-Bamm like Pebbles can be worn as a child or adult. You have to get a club to really pull off the full look.

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Bamm-Bamm Child Costume
Adult Bamm-Bamm Look
Shorts and Club Outfit


dino flintstone costume

Dino is the lovable pet of the Flintstones who is always jumping and slobbering on Fred. Dino costumes are hard to come by and your options are limited. The one pictured is a great option but you can try a DIY dino costume. You will need a purple onesie and black felt polka dots.

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Full Dino Costume
Purple Onesie Suit
Black Felt Circles

Great Gazoo

great gazoo costume

The Great Gazoo is the perfect costume if you want to be a unique Flintstone character. You will have to piece the costume together yourself but in the end, it will be worth it as you will be the only one dressed as the all-wise Great Gazoo.

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Green Bodysuit
Big Green Army Helmet
Green Alien Antennas
Green Face Paint


hoppy costume ideas

Hopparoo was introduced later in the Flintstones series and was the Rubbles family pet. The most unique pair of costumes you can do from the Flintstones has got to be Dino and Hopper together. You won’t find a perfect Hoppy costume out there but there are a few that are close enough.

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Kids Green Dinosaur Costume
Adult Dinosaur Onesie

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