Female Horror Movie Costume Ideas

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female horror costumes

Ah, the haunting allure of the silver screen, where dark shadows play, and the night never truly ends. As the soft glow of the projector casts its ethereal light, we are transported into a world of spine-tingling suspense, where female horrors are waiting to be unveiled. These aren’t just your everyday damsels in distress; they’re the spine-chilling heroines and villains that have carved their names into cinematic history. Their tales, a mesmerizing blend of darkness and charm, have made many a heart race faster in the dark of the cinema or in the cozy nook of our living rooms during late-night movie marathons.

From the seductive allure of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, to the chilling charm of Bride of Chucky’s Tiffany Valentine, these women have redefined the horror genre. They’ve shown us that horror isn’t just about the scares, it’s about the style, the sass, and the sheer power of femininity.

So, as we embark on this eerie journey, let’s pay homage to these iconic women. Let’s celebrate their haunting beauty, their deadly allure, and their unforgettable roles in our favorite horror flicks. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume that will turn heads or simply want to relive those nostalgic horror movie moments, this guide is for you.

Samara Morgan

samara morgan costume inspiration

Character Description

From “The Ring” series, Samara Morgan is the embodiment of a haunting curse. With every viewing of her cursed videotape, the watcher is left with a chilling message: “Seven days.” Samara’s tragic past and the horror she brings make her one of the most iconic figures in modern horror cinema.

Costume Elements

samara morgan costume

White Nightgown: A long, tattered, and wet-looking nightgown, representing the well from which Samara emerges. Any white nightgown will do here and the older the better. I like this Cotton White Nightgown on Amazon which is cheap enough that you won’t mind messing it up a little.

Long, Wet Hair: Samara’s most defining feature, her hair should look wet and cover most of the face, adding to the mystery and horror. Pick up a replica Samara Morgan Wig it is well worth it to complete the costume.

Pale, Ghostly Makeup: To capture Samara’s lifeless appearance, go for a pale foundation with dark, sunken eyes. This Halloween Special Effects Makeup Kit has everything you need to transform your face into the dead.

Cursed VHS Tape: Take the costume to the next level and carry a mock VHS tape labeled “Watch Me” as a nod to the cursed video that started it all.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Move slowly and deliberately, echoing Samara’s haunting, deliberate crawl.
  • Use a spray bottle with a mix of water and glycerin to maintain the “wet” look throughout the night.
  • Practice the iconic hair flip to momentarily reveal your face for maximum scare effect!

Tiffany Valentine

tiffany valentine costumes

Character Description

Step aside, traditional brides! Tiffany, the iconic bride from the Child’s Play series, has a style that’s a blend of deadly and divine. With her bleach-blonde hair, gothic makeup, and a wedding dress to die for, she’s the bride you wouldn’t want to object to.

Costume Elements

tiffany valentine costume parts

White Wedding Dress – Not your typical ball gown. Think more white leather, slashed skirts, and a touch of bloodstains. You can opt for a replica Tiffany Valentine Costume Dress but you will likely only wear it once or twice. I prefer to get a quality white dress that can be used for your costume and also be worn for everyday use. I like this White Floral Lace Dress on Amazon.

Leather Jacket – Tiffany in doll form often sported a badass leather jacket over her white wedding dress so it’s a must if you are going for that specific look. I like this Faux Leather Moto Jacket at an affordable price on Amazon.

Platform Boots – Why go traditional when you can elevate (literally) your look with some killer platforms? Black platform boots are Tiffany’s signature shoe. These fashion Combat Ankle Boots come with leather straps and a chain.

Heart Tattoo – As a nod to her love for Chucky, Tiffany has a heart tattoo with his name on it on her chest. Pick up a replica temporary Chucky Heart Tattoo on Amazon to complete your Halloween look.

Sexy Black Dress Look – If you want to go as the Jennifer Tilley human form of Tiffany Valentine rather than the doll look, then pair the leather jacket with a sexy black mini dress. I love this Satin Sleeveless Spaghetti Dress available on Amazon.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Tease your hair to get that wild, just-married-to-a-killer-doll look.
  • Add some spray on fake blood on the dress hem, shoulders, and face for extra horror points.
  • Always, and I mean always, carry a fake knife prop. You never know when Chucky might need some backup!


elvira costume inspiration

Character Description

Mistress of the Dark and queen of campy horror, Elvira is a gothic icon. With her plunging necklines, sky-high hairdo, and witty quips, she’s been the symbol of dark glam since the ’80s. Her style is all about celebrating the darker side of life, with a wink and a smile.

Costume Elements

elvira costume accessories

Black Gown: Elvira’s signature piece. A long, black figure-hugging dress with a daringly deep V-neck, capturing her fearless and seductive personality.
Get An Elvira Replica Dress

Signature Wig: Elvira’s towering black beehive is more than just a hairstyle; it’s an icon in itself. Don’t skimp on this; it’s crucial to achieving her look.
View Elvira Style Black Wig

Black Heel Pumps: Essential for the Elvira look. These black, high-heeled pumps are not just a fashion statement, but a nod to her powerful and dominant presence.
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Goth Makeup Kit: The Mistress of the Dark wouldn’t be caught undead without her smoky eyes, ruby-red lips, and pale complexion. It’s a must to capture her bewitching beauty.
Get White Powder Halloween Makeup

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • The higher the hair, the closer to… the moon? Use lots of hairspray to keep that beehive looking gravity-defying.
  • A confident attitude is key. Channel Elvira’s playful sass in every step.
  • Add a pet spider or a snake prop for some added dark charm!

Jennifer Check

jennifer check costumes

Character Description

Jennifer Check isn’t your average high school girl. After a fateful encounter with an indie band with sinister intentions, she transforms into a boy-eating demon. With her newfound power, she’s a mix of high school popularity and pure predatory prowess, making her a formidable figure in the corridors of Devil’s Kettle High.

Costume Elements

jennifer check costume

Cheerleader Outfit: Jennifer’s staple before and after her transformation. A purple and gold Devil’s Kettle cheer outfit, embodying her school spirit and, well, other kinds of spirits. You can get a replica DK cheerleading outfit on Amazon.

Heart-Patterned Crop Hoodie: One of Jennifer’s most memorable outfits, this cropped hoodie with a heart pattern encapsulates her flirtatious and deceptive nature. Perfect for those who want to channel Jennifer’s more casual, yet equally menacing, side. Pair it with some skinny jeans to complete the high school sweetheart look. Get the Heart Crop Hoodie.

Blood-Stained Lips: After her transformation, Jennifer’s lips are often stained with the blood of her victims. A deep, crimson lip color is a must to capture her deadly appetite. Pick up some fake blood like this cost affordable blood kit on Amazon.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Go for a smudged, messy eye makeup look, representing the chaos within Jennifer.
  • If opting for the Heart Sweater look, pick up a pair of Pink Heart Shaped Earrings to fully transform into Jennifer Check.
  • Embody Jennifer’s confidence; she knows she’s at the top of the food chain, and so should you!

Carrie White

carrie white costume inspiration

Character Description

Carrie White, the shy and reclusive girl from Stephen King’s eponymous novel, is no ordinary teenager. With a strict religious mother and school bullies constantly tormenting her, Carrie discovers she has telekinetic abilities. But it’s at the prom night, after a particularly cruel prank, that her powers truly come to the fore, leading to a night of horror and tragedy.

Costume Elements

carrie costume accessories

Prom Dress: Before the disaster, Carrie was the picture of innocence in her soft, pink prom dress. The dress should be drenched in (fake) blood, symbolizing the night that changed everything. Get a Carrie Prom Dress costume on halloweencostumes.com.

Prom Shoes: Simple white heels, now stained with blood, complete the transformation from hopeful prom queen to vengeful telekinetic. You likely already have a pair of pumps you can use but if not these simple White Stiletto Shoes on Amazon will do.

Corsage: A wilted corsage on her wrist serves as a poignant reminder of the night’s hopeful beginning. Again adding some fake blood stains to the corsage will go a long way to bringing the Carrie character to life. These pair of 2 White Wrist Corsages are cheap on Amazon.

Tiara: A bent and slightly tarnished prom queen tiara, representing her brief moment of happiness before the chaos. This Promo Queen Tiara is another affordable item that will keep your costume’s total cost way down.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Use liquid latex to create a wet, blood-soaked appearance on the skin that lasts all night.
  • For added effect, consider using red-colored contact lenses to capture Carrie’s vengeful gaze.
  • Channel both the vulnerability and the power of Carrie. Remember, she’s a character of dualities: both victim and avenger.

Regan Macneil

exorcist costume inspiration

Character Description

Regan MacNeil starts as a sweet, innocent 12-year-old girl. But after playing with a Ouija board and unknowingly inviting a demonic entity into her life, she becomes the unwilling host for the demon Pazuzu. Her horrifying transformation is the centerpiece of “The Exorcist,” making it a classic in the realm of horror.

Costume Elements

regan macneil costumes

Nightgown: Regan’s innocent-looking nightgown, now stained and soiled from the rigors of her possession. I like this Casual Nights Long Nightgown which is a close match to the one worn in the movie. There is also this Exorcist Cosplay Nightgown on Amazon which is a closer match but a bit more expensive.

Possessed Makeup Kit: To achieve Regan’s harrowing look, a makeup kit that can replicate her pale skin, darkened eyes, and the cuts and bruises she incurs during her ordeal. This Demonic Makeup Kit has everything you need to bring the possessed look of Regan Macneil to life.

Bed Restraints: As her possession intensifies, Regan is restrained to her bed. These restraints can be worn loosely as a chilling reminder of her confinement. This an optional costume accessory but one that really shows you thought about every little detail in your costume. You can use belts or ropes to keep it simple but if you’re feeling a little spicey you can pick up some real Bed Restraints on Amazon.

Rosary Bead Necklace: Symbolic of the attempts to exorcise the demon from Regan. It’s both a sign of hope and a stark reminder of her torment. I love these Handmade Wooden Rosaries that are both stylish and cheap.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Practice Regan’s iconic guttural voice for added authenticity.
  • Incorporate sudden head movements or even a mock “head spin” for dramatic effect.
  • Use green face paint or makeup to mimic the bile she spews in one of the film’s most iconic scenes.

The Nun (Valak)

conjuring 2 nun costume

Character Description

Valak, an ancient demonic entity, takes the form of a nun to haunt the dreams and realities of those in its path. Its appearance in “The Conjuring 2” and the standalone film “The Nun” makes it one of the most haunting figures in modern horror cinema.

Costume Elements

the nun costume looks

Black Nun Habit: The Nun’s flowing black habit is her signature look, contrasting sharply with her ghostly pale skin. Any Nun Habit will do for this costume so I opt to go for a more affordable one like this Fun Shack Nun Costume on Amazon. The other option is to buy the whole look including a Nun Mask so you don’t have to worry about makeup. Rubie’s Nun Costume will provide you with all you need for the look.

Demonic Makeup Kit: To capture The Nun’s ghastly appearance, you’ll need a makeup kit that can create her pale face, sunken eyes, and those iconic yellow irises. This Demon Makeup Kit we mentioned earlier for Regan Macneil will do just fine here as well. If you can’t be bothered to go through all the makeup work you can pick up this Replica Nun Mask on Amazon.

Gothic Cross Necklace: A dark, twisted version of the Christian cross, symbolizing Valak’s perversion of holy imagery. You can get this two-pack of cool Gothic Crosses on Amazon.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Move with slow, deliberate motions, echoing The Nun’s methodical haunting style.
  • Practice a deep, echoing voice for added eeriness.
  • Occasionally stare intently at someone, then break into a bone-chilling smile.


annabelle costume ideas

Character Description

What looks like a simple vintage doll is, in fact, a vessel for an insidious spirit. Annabelle’s innocent appearance belies the malevolent force within, making her a key figure in the Conjuring Universe’s tales of terror.

Costume Elements

annabelle costumes

White Lace Dress: Annabelle wears an innocent-looking white dress, resembling that of a vintage doll. There are a bunch of options on Amazon so you can shop around but this Annabelle Role Play Costume is my personal fave.

Doll Makeup Kit: To achieve Annabelle’s look, a makeup kit that can create her porcelain-like face, with rosy cheeks and those wide, vacant eyes. Once again there are Annabelle Masks available to save you some work.

Wooden Rocking Chair: If you’re going all out, carry a small mock version or image of the chair Annabelle is often seen sitting on. Here is a cute Miniature Rocking Chair you can carry around a funny costume prop.

Blonde Pigtails: If you are not blessed with long blonde hair then you will need to pick up a Long Blonde Pigtail Wig. You can use your natural hair color but make sure to accessorize with some Red Bows to match Annabelle.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Maintain a rigid, doll-like posture and movement to enhance the eerie effect.
  • Occasionally tilt your head to the side, mimicking Annabelle’s unsettling stillness.
  • For added horror, sit silently in a corner, waiting for someone to “discover” you.


red us costume inspiration

Character Description

From Jordan Peele’s masterful “Us,” Red is the doppelgänger of the protagonist, Adelaide. Part of the mysterious “Tethered,” Red leads a chilling revolt from the underground tunnels to confront and replace their above-ground counterparts. Her presence raises unsettling questions about identity and our inner selves.

Costume Elements

red us costume

Crimson Jumpsuit: The signature look of the Tethered. This red boiler suit is both a stark contrast to the everyday world and a symbol of their unity. This Red Costume Jumpsuit will do the trick or alternatively, pair a red long-sleeve shirt and red pants if you want to go as cheap as possible.

Golden Shears: Red’s weapon of choice, these shears are not just tools of violence but also represent the Tethered’s desire to “cut” their ties to their above-ground twins. You can use any old pair of scissors but Red wields an All Gold Pair Of Scissors in the movie.

One Glove: A single leather glove on her right hand, adding to the oddity and eeriness of her appearance. This Brown Fingerless Biker Glove is the closest match I can find on Amazon to match Reds from the movie.

White Rabbit Pin or Prop: The white rabbits are a recurring motif in the movie, symbolizing the Tethered’s underground existence. Pick up a small Plush White Rabbit to take your costume to the next level. Fans of the movie will get it right away.

Tips and Tricks For The Look

  • Adopt Red’s deliberate, almost balletic movements for an authentic feel.
  • Interact with others by mimicking their movements, enhancing the doppelgänger effect.
  • Create some paper cutouts of people holding hands like Red was making near the end of the movie

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