Female Horror Movie Costume Ideas

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When looking for Halloween costume ideas one naturally turns to the Horror movie genre for inspiration. The movies are so synonymously linked to Halloween night and you will see so many familiar characters roaming the streets on that day. Unfortunately, most of the classic Horror movies don’t have a lot of lead female roles to help inspire women’s costumes. With that being said females can still put their own twist on classic characters like Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees. We have put together this list of costume ideas for females based on Horror Movies to help you get started brainstorming a costume for Halloween parties or even Cosplay events.

Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger womens costume

Freddy Krueger is an icon of Horror movies and besides Jason the most recognizable character in the genre. His outfit transitions perfectly for women and can even be worn as a Sexy Halloween costume despite the gruesome image of Freddy we all have in our minds.

Freddy Krueger Costume Accessories:

Ripped Red Sweater
Freddy Claw Glove
Weathered Brown Hat


chucky female costume

Chucky is a popular female horror movie costume to wear for Halloween. It’s a fairly easy look and works well for almost any size and shape. Chucky is of course the serial killer doll who first appeared in the 1988 horror movie Child’s Play.

Chucky Costume Accessories:

Rainbow Good Buddy Sweater
Chucky Dress
Low Top Canvas Shoes

Samara The Ring

sadako the ring costume

Samara Morgan is my favorite DIY costume for women. It is so easy to pull off and you most likely have everything you need already in your closet, especially if you have naturally black hair. All you need is a white nightgown and long black hair combed in front of your face. Sadako is the creepy, terrifying character from the Ring movie franchise.

The Ring Costume Accessories:

Long Black Hair Wig

Demon Nun

conjuring nun costume

The Conjuring 2 introduced us to Valak in a demon-nun form costume. This character instantly became a popular Halloween costume for both men and women and to this day is still a top look.

Nun Costume Accessories:

Nun Mask Only

Jennifer Check

jennifer body female costume

The beautiful, sexy Jennifer Check is the star of the horror movie Jennifer’s Body played by the one and only Megan Fox. This is a unique costume idea and you are likely to be the only one who would come up with this Halloween costume idea. It’s more suited for adult parties but get ready to explain the costume to those, not in the know. It will be well worth it no the end for the comfort factor alone.

Jennifer’s Body Costume Accessories:

Heart Sweater
Dark Blue Women’s Jeans
Big Pink Earrings
Cheerleader Outfit

Regan The Exorcist

exorcist costume

The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies ever made and the images engraved in people’s minds by the possessed Regan MacNeil will forever linger. The costume itself is an easy one but you will have to get an Exorcist Mask or have some great makeup skills.

Regan MacNeil Costume Accessories:

Turquoise Long Sleeve Nightgown
Face Scar Makeup
Pale White Makeup


red us costume female

I love easy costumes and this one may be the best on the list for simplicity. Red is from the 2019 movie Us by Jordan Peele. Red is the scissor-wielding cold-blooded killer who is out for revenge. All you need is a red prison-like jumpsuit and a pair of scissors. Bonus points if you cut out the people holding hands out of paper.

Red Costume Accessories:

Foam Scissors with Fingerless Glove

Mary Shaw

mary shaw female costume

Mary Shaw is an underrated female horror movie character, most likely due to the movie Dead Silence’s lack of box office success. Her as a character is great however and you get to have one of the creepiest accessories if you can find a Billy dummy doll to go along with the victorian dress.

Mary Shaw Costume Accessories:

Billy Puppet Mask
Blue Halloween Contact Lenses


it female costume

Pennywise is a Top 5 Horror Movie villain and his costume will never get old. There are now some great It costume options for women like the one pictured above. If you want to take the costume to the next level make sure to get some red balloons to go with it.

Pennywise Costume Accessories:

Pennywise Mask
Red Balloon’s


freakbride costume purge

Freakbride or the “Kiss Me” mask girl is from the 2016 movie Purge: Election Year. The purge movies are an excellent source of inspiration for horror costumes. Our favorite is the Candy Girl as she was a badass psychopath and most will immediately recognize your outfit as from the Purge movie.

Pennywise Costume Accessories:

Kiss Me Mask
White Corset Top
Adult Pink Tutu Skirt

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