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otto mann simpsons

Season 1, Episode 3
Homer’s Odyssey

Otto Mann is Springfield Elementary’s school bus driver. He is a lovable rocker who partakes in the party scene including pot smoking and alcohol.

Otto’s physical inspiration comes from former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. The hair is a dead giveaway.

My name is Otto; I love to get blotto

Facts About Otto Mann

  • Otto Mann is voiced by the talented Harry Shearer
  • His character is a spoof on guitar playing, metal-heads who do drugs all day and work low-skilled jobs
  • He is a very skilled guitarist and ambidextrous being able to play both left and right-handed
  • The writers originally planned to name him Otto Mechanic
  • He graduated from Browns University
  • He once wrote a comic starring superhero Busman
  • Otto Mann’s 29 years old going by his driver’s license
otto mann shirtless

Otto Mann Funko Pop

One of the most popular Otto Mann collectibles his is very first Funko Pop. This was a Target Con exclusive and is very hard to find. The supply usually sells quickly if it’s available on Amazon or eBay. He is dressed in his classic outfit with a pink shirt and blue shorts and of course his famous headphones. Otto Mann’s Funko Pop is a must-have for any Simpsons collection.

How To Dress Like Otto Mann

These are the essentials you are going to need to nail the Otto Mann costume for any Halloween party or Cosplay event.

  • Rocker Hair – long, black and curly. Think Slash from Guns N’ Roses
  • Pink shirt and blue shorts
  • Army Hat – Otto always wears a baseball hat but if you truly want to nail the look go for an army or Cuban style. The color is light orange or peach.
  • Converse Sneakers – the best way to get his footwear right is to go for some classic Converse preferably in orange
  • Headphone Player – you will need to find a retro cassette player and headphone combo

What You Need For An Otto Costume

otto mann simpsons costume

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