jasper beardly simpsons character

Jasper Beardly


Debut Episode:
Jan 21, 1990 (Homer’s Odyssey)

Retired Veteran

Place Of Residence:
Springfield Retirement Castle, Springfield

Estelle Beardly (Deceased)

Closest Friend:
Abe Simpson

Character Voiced By: Harry Shearer

About Jasper Beardly

Jasper’s character is a retired WW II veteran who lives in the same retirement home as Abe Simpson. He is one of Abe’s closest friends on the Simpsons and they are often seen hanging out together in most scenes. That being said the two do have scenes where they are at each other’s necks and Jasper can be an antagonist to Abe. Abe likes to point out his many health but mainly his cataracts that he claims render him virtually blind. Jasper can be a funny character and usually whenever he appears he has a couple of punch lines to end a scene.

Physical Characteristics

  • Long white beard
  • Bald
  • Large eyes and nose
  • Wooden Leg
  • Deep, Raspy Voice

jasper beardly

Classic Jasper Beardly Moments

Season 9 – Lisa The Simpson

Jasper visits the Kwik-E-Mart in an attempt to freeze himself so he can see the future one day. He empties the freezer and walks in where he does indeed become frozen. Apu ever the opportunist uses frozen Jasper Beardly as an advertising tool calling him “Frostillicus” and turns frozen Jasper into a tourist attraction. Jasper eventually unthaws rather quickly only to believe he is now in the future. He quickly finds a “Moon Pie” frozen treat and delivers a classic one liner; “Moon Pie, what a time to be alive!”.

frozen jasper beardly
jasper beardly moon pie

Season 6 – The PTA Disbands

When Springfield Elementary goes on strike local residents are called in to help teach the students. Jasper Beardly gets assigned to Lisa Simpsons class and begins to law down the law. While holding on to a big wooden paddle he starts explaining all the things that re going to get you “A Paddling”.

“Looking out the window…That’s a Paddling!”, “Paddling the school canoe…Oh you better believe that’s a paddling.”

Jasper Beardly Costume

If you are looking to dress like Jasper Beardly he has a very easy look to replicate. His signature style is a long-sleeve green shirt with blue pants. Other accessories include a grey vest and cane.

Here are the pieces you need:

  1. Long Green Sleeved Shirt
  2. Blue Chino Pants
  3. Plain Grey Vest
  4. Long White Beard
  5. Wooden Walking Cane
jasper beardly costume

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