All The Jetsons Characters

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the jetsons characters

The Jetsons was a cartoon show that was well ahead of its time and gave us a glimpse into what the future may look like. The show debuted in September 1962 and ran for three seasons. The Jetsons was an opposite approach to The Flinstones and instead of looking way back in time to the stone age, it portrayed what a possible city may look like in 2062. It gave us some memorable characters including George Jetson, Mr. Spacely, and Rosie the Robot. Besides the iconic characters, the cartoon show has one of the most memorable theme songs of all time.

Main Jetsons Characters

george jetson

George Jetson

George is the main character in the Jetsons and is married to Jane. He has two kids, Elroy and Judy. He has bright red hair and a large, cartoonish nose. He works at Spacely’s Space Sprockets and is always stressed out with the job and his boss. His favorite catchphrase is “Hooba-Dooba” which is a nod to the iconic character Fred Flinstone and his “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!”

Jane Jetson

Jane is Geroge’s wife and mother of two kids. She is a homemaker and has a particular passion for fashion and is obsessed with new gadgets. She is a tough cookie and stands up to Mr. Spacely something George struggles to do. She has short orange hair and always looks well put together.

jane jetson
judy jetson

Judy Jetson

Judy is the 16-year-old daughter of the Jetsons. Judy is a typical teenager into fashion, talking on the phone and like her Mom loves all the gadgets the family has. She has a particular love of music specifically a rock singer named Jet Screamer. Her most memorable feature is her snow-white hair.

Elroy Jetson

Elroy is the youngest of the family at 6 1/2 years old. For being so young he is quite advanced in intelligence and is an expert in space science. Elroy’s best friend is the family dog Astro.

elroy jetson
rosie the jetsons

Rosie The Robot

Rosie is the Jetson’s robot maid and an integral part of the cartoon show. She debuts in the first episode and is the only robot maid Jane could afford. She is like a grandmother figure to the family and despite her age works diligently around the house. Her name was originally spelled Rosey but got changed as the show went on.


Astro is the family pet dog and is particularly fond of George. He is not afraid of showing his emotion toward him and is constantly pouncing on him to show his love. Astro is a Great Dane and stands five feet nine inches.

astro the jetsons
mr spacely jetsons

Mr. Spacely

Mr. Spacely is the CEO of Spacely Space Sprocket and is George Jetson’s boss. he is often very tough on George and threatens to fire him many times during the series. He is very short and almost always wears a green shirt and black pants.

Other Jetson Characters

Montague Jetson

Montague is George’s grandfather and is 110 years old. Despite his advanced age, Montague is very energetic and has a youthful energy about him. Montague’s wife is often mentioned but is never seen in the cartoon series.

montague jetson
wc cogswell jetsons

W.C. Cogswell

Cogswell is the CEO of Cogswell’s Cogs. He is Mr. Spacely’s rival and the two are often in competition with each other.

Henry Orbit

Henry Orbit is the superintendent of Skypad Apartments, where the Jetsons live. He also created Mac, an assistant robot to help him out.

henry orbit jetsons
mac the jetsons


Mac is a robot assistant created by superintendent Henry Orbit. He tends to be a bit of a clutz and ends up causing more headaches for Henry. He is also, Rosey’s boyfriend in The Jetsons.

Knuckles Nuclear

Knuckles is a convict who escapes from jail multiple times. He is a big brute of a man with a large head and torso. He only appears in two episodes but is a cool character nonetheless.

knuckles nuclear jetsons
pierre the jetsons


Pierre is the local town hairdresser. He is French and works at Galaxie Beauty Salon. In his only appearance, he attempts to give Jane a new fresh look.


Rudi is a supercomputer at Spacely Space Sprockets. He is a very unconfident and nervous character. George Jetson is in charge of maintaining RUDI which stands for Referential Universal Digital Indexer.

rudi the jetsons
arthur spacely jetsons

Arthur Spacely

Arthur is Mr. Spacely’s son. He has a rivalry with Elroy and claims he is better at almost everything. He is also a member of Space Cubs of Troop 54.

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