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The Yoga Master, Dhalsim first appeared in Capcom’s groundbreaking fighting game Street Fighter 2.  He is portrayed as a very self-disciplined,  humble man who relies on his inner spirituality to stay focused and serene on the battlegrounds. Let’s take a look at the mysterious, long-limbed Dhalsim.

dhalism street fighter character

Born: November 22, 1952

Place Of Birth: India

Gender: Male

Video Game Series: Street Fighter

Height: 5’9

Weight: 106 lbs

Physical Characteristics

Build: Slender, with a well-toned body.  His limbs are impressive in length.

Eye Color: often depicted as white with no pupils 

Hair Color: Bald

Body Paint:  Three red stripes run along the top of his bald head and two red stripes along his cheeks.

Fighting Attire

Shorts – Yellow torn and tattered with a rope belt.

Wrist and Ankles – Yellow sleeves, almost tensor band-looking.

Jewelry – A skull necklace around his neck, thick hoop earrings, wrist and ankle bracelets in the same style as earrings

dhalsim street fighter attire

Dhalsim Fighting Style and Moves

Style: Esoteric Yoga or Kabaddi
Unique Abilities: Strechable Arms and Legs, Teleportation, Fire Breathe
Special Moves:  Yoga Fire, Yoga Smash, Teleport, Yoga Inferno

Video Games With Dhalsim Character

Street Fighter II – World Warrior (1st Appearance)
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade 
Year:  1991

Street Fighter II – Champion Edition
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade
Year:  1992 

Super Street Fighter II 
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade, Playstation, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Super NES
Year:  1993

Super Street Fighter Alpha 2
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade, Playstation, Sega Saturn, SNES, PC
Year:  1996

Super Street Fighter Alpha 3
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade, Playstation, Dreamcast, Game Boy, Sega Saturn
Year:  1998

Super Street Fighter IV
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Year:  2008

Super Street Fighter X Tekken
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Year:  2012

Ultra Street Fighter IV
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Year:  2014

Super Street Fighter V
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Playstation 4, PC
Year:  2016

Ultra Street Fighter II
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Year:  2017

Character Evolution In Street Fighter

dhalsim street fighter evolution

Dhalsim Action Figures

dhalsim action figures
dhalsim figure bigboytoys
dhalsim gi joe figure

Dhalsim Figure Checklist

1993: G.I. Joe Classic Collection, Series 12
1993: Street Fighter Movie, Basic Figures
1998:  X-Men vs Street Fighter, Series 2
2008:  Street Fighter, Revolution
2017:  Street Fighter, Nano MetalFigs – Buy On Amazon
2018:  Street Fighter, Basic Figures
2018:  Street Fighter, Pop Culture Collectibles

Street Fighter II Home Arcade

If you want to relive the good old days of smashing buttons at the arcade hall playing Street Fighter all day long, you can now get a replica home version. This is Street Fighter II Champion Edition and features Dhalsim among all the other great characters. It plays exactly like the original version and is an amazing gift for a Street Fighter fan or an addition to any “Man Cave”.