droopy the dog cartoon

Droopy The Dog

Tex Avery

First Appearance:
1943 in the cartoon Dumb-Hounded

Original Character Voice:
Bill Thompson

Most Years As Voice:
Jeff Bergman


Dog Breed:
Basset Hound

Happy Hound, Senor Droopy

Droopy Profile

Many know Droopy as the cartoon dog with the droopy face who talked very slowly and always looked like he needed a long nap. Droopy was a classic character in my eyes but he never quite reached his potential in terms of popularity among the masses. Droopy on the surface appeared slow-witted and easy to manipulate but he was anything but. When you got him upset he would proclaim to you that he was indeed mad and then proceed to whip his enemies from top to bottom. He even managed to channel superhero speed when needed to outmaneuver his opponents at the blink of an eye. He was a unique character and the monotone voice and lethargic movements really made him memorable. I think we all feel like Droopy the Dog on those long Monday work days.

Facts About Droopy The Dog

  1. Droopy overall was a calm, slow moving character unless you made him mad. If you upset Droopy he was able to channel superhero strength and smash opponents double his size.

  2. In the early days of Droopy his last name was given as “McPoodle” and “Poodle”. Despite this it is widely considered that Droopy is of the Basset Hound breed.

  3. In Droopy’s first scene he declares to the audience, “You know what?…I’m the hero”.

  4. Droopy’s most common adversaries are usually either a wolf or a bull.

  5. Droopy and Shaggy from Scooby Doo did a parody promotional spot for the cartoon network in which they mimicked a Pulp Fiction scene.

Droopy Characteristics

  • Very droopy face, hence his name
  • Lethargic slow movements
  • Deadpan, monotone voice

Droopy Catchphrases

  • You know what?…That makes me mad
  • You know what?…I’m Happy!
  • Hello, all you happy people!
droopy dog enemies

Droopy’s Main Enemies

  • The Wolf
  • Butch The Bulldog (Spike)

The Wolf created by Tex Avery was Droopy’s main antagonist in the early days of the cartoon. He was always trying to pull one over on Droopy by being in disguise. His attempts were always thwarted of course by the hero Droopy.

Later Butch the Bulldog made an appearance as a new opponent for Droopy. Butch is a classic jock-like bully who always attempted to use his brute force to intimidate Droopy.

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