DuckTales: The Characters & Legacy of the 1987 Cartoon

Matt Kasper


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ducktales 1987 cartoon

It was the autumn of 1987 when the airwaves first carried the tune of “DuckTales,” a melody that would become an anthem for dreamers and believers in the boundless realms of animation. From the bustling streets of Duckburg, we were introduced to a cast of characters as colorful and enduring as the show’s vibrant palettes. Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and the rest of the Duck family didn’t just capture our hearts; they invited us to soar on the wings of imagination, across hidden temples and deep-sea mysteries, igniting a love for tales spun with the threads of courage, kinship, and humor.

Even today, its impact can be felt—in the echoes of its theme song on social media, in the nostalgic threads shared across forums, and in the cheer of a child discovering the wondrous world of Duckburg for the first time.

Character List: Meet the DuckTales Cast

scrooge mcduck in ducktales

Scrooge McDuck

Bio: With a fortune vast enough to fill the Grand Canyon, Scrooge McDuck is the epitome of wealth and zest. Known as the richest duck in the world, his treasure hunts rival the legends of old. He’s fiercely protective of his Number One Dime and his family, proving time and again that even a miser has a heart of gold.

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Huey from Ducktales cartoon


Bio: Sporting his trademark red, Huey is the eldest of the trio by mere seconds. A bookworm at heart, Huey takes pride in being a Junior Woodchuck, and his penchant for order ensures the group’s misadventures have at least a fighting chance of going as planned.

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Dewey from the ducktales cartoon 1987


Bio: Donning his distinctive blue, Dewey is the whirlwind of the trio. His thirst for thrills often leads to unexpected escapades, but his natural charisma has a way of turning potential disasters into astonishing triumphs.

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Louie from original ducktales cartoon


Bio: Clad in calming green, Louie is the youngest and the charmer. He’s got big dreams and even bigger schemes. Often seen lazing around, when pushed to action, Louie’s sharp mind and uncanny luck prove that he’s a Duck through and through.

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Webby Vanderquack from original Ducktales cartoon

Webby Vanderquack

Bio: As pink and buoyant as her signature bow, Webby is the heartthrob adventurer of the Duck family. Raised by Mrs. Beakley, she idolizes the Ducks and is determined to show that she can stand wing to wing with her best friends and heroes.

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launchpad mcquack from ducktales

Launchpad McQuack

Bio: More than just a pilot, Launchpad crash-lands into our hearts with his booming laugh and joie de vivre. His flying may be haphazard, but his loyalty is as steadfast as a lighthouse beam – always guiding the Ducks to safety, albeit through unconventional detours.

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gyro gearloose in ducktales cartoon

Gyro Gearloose

Bio: Gyro Gearloose is Duckburg’s resident inventor, whose cutting-edge creations are as wacky as they are brilliant. Whether it’s building a time-stopping stopwatch or a thinking cap, Gyro’s boundless imagination knows no bounds, even if his inventions sometimes have a mind of their own.

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duckworth from original ducktales cartoon


Bio: As Scrooge McDuck’s unflappable butler, Duckworth serves with impeccable grace and efficiency. Despite his stoic demeanor, he has been known to engage in the odd adventure, showing that beneath his formal exterior beats the heart of an adventurer.

bentina beakley in ducktales

Bentina Beakley

Bio: Formerly a spy, now housekeeper, nanny, and so much more, Mrs. Bentina Beakley brings order to the McDuck Manor with her caring yet assertive approach. Her dedication to Webby and her bravery make her an integral part of the Duck family.

donald duck in ducktales

Donald Duck

Bio: World-renowned for his fiery temper and unintelligible quacking, Donald Duck is a classic Disney character whose escapades often result in comic mischief. As the loving uncle to Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donald strives to balance his seafaring career with being a family duck. He makes 9 appearances in Season 1 of the original Ducktales cartoon.

flintheart glomgold in the original ducktales cartoon

Flintheart Glomgold

Bio: As Scrooge’s arch-nemesis, Flintheart Glomgold never tires in his attempts to become the world’s richest duck. His methods are often underhanded, and his schemes grandiose, but his relentless rivalry with Scrooge fuels many an adventure.

magica de spell in ducktales cartoon

Magica De Spell

Bio: With mystique and might, Magica De Spell is a formidable foe of Scrooge McDuck. Her obsession with his Number One Dime, believing it to hold the key to ultimate power, drives her to nefarious and enchanting plots against the McDucks.

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big time beagle from ducktales

Big Time Beagle

Bio: Big Time Beagle is the self-appointed brains of the Beagle Boys and the runt of their litter, often seen sporting a red turtleneck. From the family’s numerous plots against Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, Big Time is the one usually calling out the plays, each more mischievously imaginative than the last.

burger beagle from original ducktales cartoon

Burger Beagle

Bio: Burger Beagle’s obsession with food often throws a comedic wrench into the Beagle Boys’ heists. His hearty appetite and simple-mindedness bring a humorous twist to every plot they concoct, making him an endearingly bumbling burglar.

bouncer beagle from ducktales

Bouncer Beagle

Bio: Bouncer Beagle is the brawn to the brains of his smaller cohorts. His intimidating presence is enough to give pause to anyone obstructing the Beagle Boys, but his soft spot for his family tends to soften his tough exterior.

Baggy beagle from the original ducktales cartoon

Baggy Beagle

Bio: Baggy Beagle saunters into every heist with his trademark baggy clothes and clueless demeanor. Despite being a part of the infamous Beagle Boys, he often fumbles—a trait that inadvertently throws a wrench into many of their carefully laid plans.

bugle beagle from ducktales

Bugle Beagle

Bio: Whether blasting cues for a heist or reveling in the trumpeting triumph, Bugle Beagle’s musical talents are as pronounced as his loyalties to the Beagle Boys. His horn often plays the soundtrack to their misdeeds and miscalculations.

babyface beagle ducktales character

Babyface Beagle

Bio: Babyface Beagle may look innocent with his eternally youthful features, but he’s as shrewd as any other member of his family. Under the façade of a cherub, he’s a crafty criminal, always ready with a swift escape or sly trick.

ma beagle from ducktales cartoon

Ma Beagle

Bio: Ma Beagle is a conniving con-duck-tress, orchestrating her sons’ criminal escapades with a mix of tough love and cunning strategy. She’s the cornerstone of Beagle ambitions, often outwitting Duckburg’s finest to protect her boys and their not-so-petty pursuits.

admiral grimitz in original ducktales cartoon

Admiral Grimitz

Bio: Admiral Grimitz stands tall and proud, a beacon of naval decorum and discipline. As a friend of the Duck family, particularly Donald Duck, he brings order and command to any situation, no matter how choppy the waters or bizarre the journey.

doofus drake from ducktales cartoon

Doofus Drake

Bio: Doofus Drake, with his larger-than-life persona and unwavering optimism, often finds himself in sticky situations, usually alongside the Duck boys. His enthusiasm is boundless, and so is his penchant for luxury and comics.

The Iconic DuckTales Theme Song

It begins with a drumbeat, a prelude to adventure, and then—like the first rays of dawn—it bursts forth in all its glory. “Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg,” sings the chorus, and instantly, we are transported. It is a tune familiar in its rhythm and universal in its appeal—the “DuckTales” theme song, an anthem of childhood exuberance that has echoed through the decades.

This song’s got superpowers, I’m telling you. It’s been decades, but everyone still knows the words. Play it at a party, and watch how folks light up and sing along—it’s as if they’re kids again. It’s the kind of tune that sticks with you, kind of like how you somehow remember your best buddy’s phone number from back in the day without even trying.

The coolest part? It traveled from our old boxy TVs to the internet age without missing a beat. You’ll find people who’ve made it their ringtone, so when someone calls, suddenly you’re prepping for an adventure right there in the grocery store. It’s been used on TikTok, flash mob performances, and even sung by Brendan Urie from Panic at The Disco on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

And hey, they didn’t mess with perfection for the new “DuckTales” reboot—they knew they had to keep that song close to the original so everyone could jam to it just the same. New fans, old fans—we all agree, it’s a keeper.

So, no matter how long it’s been, when that tune plays, you just can’t help but join in with a “Woo-oo!” It’s just a fun, feel-good song that turns an ordinary moment into something special. You hear it, and you’re ready to see Scrooge McDuck dive into his money pile or the nephews outsmart some bad guys, and just for a moment, you’re part of the gang, off on a wild ride.

DuckTales Video Game History

When you take a cartoon as awesome as “DuckTales,” and turn it into a video game, you just know something special’s about to drop. That’s exactly what happened with the “DuckTales” game for the NES in 1989. This game wasn’t just a hit; it was like the ice cream truck on a scorching day – an immediate crowd-pleaser that just hit the spot.

This game was a blast. You got to hop around as Uncle Scrooge, bouncing on that cane of his like a pogo stick, which—let’s be real—was super cool back in the day. The game took you on this epic trip to all these exotic places hunting for treasure, kinda like a mashup of your grandma’s tales and a Saturday morning cartoon.

And it wasn’t just the console folks who got in on the action. The GameBoy version meant you could take the adventure right out the door with you, playing it in the back of the car or under your desk when the teacher wasn’t looking—pure gold.

ducktales for nes screenshot
DuckTales on NES (1989)
ducktales gameboy screenshot
DuckTales on Gameboy (1990)

Fast forward to 2013, and boom, “DuckTales: Remastered” hits the scene. It was like someone took your favorite childhood snack and gave it a gourmet makeover. The remaster was all about crisp graphics, voice acting from the original cast (which, by the way, was super nostalgic), and that same pogo-jumping, treasure-seeking action that made the first game so cool. It was old-school meeting new-school, and fans were here for it.

Here is the complete list of DuckTales video games:

  • DuckTales – NES (1989) – View on eBay
  • DuckTales – Nintendo Gameboy (1990) – View on eBay
  • Disney’s DuckTales – Handheld LCD (1990) – View on eBay
  • DuckTales: The Quest For Gold – DOS, Commodore 64 (1990)
  • DuckTales 2 – NES, Gameboy (1993)
  • DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot – IOS, Android (2013)
  • DuckTales Remastered – Xbox, PS3, Wii
  • Minecraft: DuckTales – PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4

DuckTales A Cartoon Classic

As we close the book on our “DuckTales” adventure, it’s clear that this isn’t just a show—it’s a piece of history, stitched into the fabric of pop culture. From the catchy theme song to Scrooge’s vault dives, “DuckTales” is a slice of nostalgia, proof that great stories and characters don’t just fade away—they evolve, they inspire, and they stick with us.

scrooge mcduck and the ducktales gang

It makes you think, doesn’t it? What would DuckTales look like if it were made for today’s world? Imagine Scrooge navigating the digital age, investing in cryptocurrencies instead of gold coins, or using a smartphone app to track down treasures. The nephews might be running a vlog of their adventures, while Webby could be a code-breaking cybersecurity wiz.

The beauty of “DuckTales” is that it knows no bounds. Its legacy is not just in its past triumphs but in the potential of its future iterations. Each retelling, every remaster, and all reimagination carry the torch that sparks curiosity and the thrill of exploration.

As fans, we don’t just watch “DuckTales”; we carry it with us. It’s a treasure trove of lessons wrapped in laughter and high-flying escapades. And with that spirit, the legacy of DuckTales will continue to quack on, inspiring new stories and adventures that we can’t even dream up yet. So, keep an ear to the ground, and an eye to the sky—because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Scrooge and the gang, it’s that the next big adventure is just around the corner.