Gifts For Naruto Fans

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naruto gift ideas

Naruto is of the most successful manga and anime franchises in history and has amassed a monster fanbase worldwide. The series centers around a young Ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who strives to be the leader of his village. The series has become such a phenomenon that it has spawned many different products including movies, video games, and an endless list of gifts for fans.

Below we have curated the best Naruto gifts we could find that are highly rated, unique, and fun. We will constantly update the list to keep it fresh with the latest gifts and ideas so check back often.

Naruto Gift Ideas

Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop

This is one of the coolest Funko Pops I have seen. It is a specialty Sixth Page Sage Funko Pop and is a great gift for any Naruto fan to add to his collection.

Naruto Collectible Action Figure

If you know a young Naruto fan then they will love this Mcfarlane collectible action figure. This figure captures Naruto in a martial arts pose and is 7 inches tall.

Bioworld Naruto Ankle Socks

Walk around showing your love for Naruto with these color-block ankle socks by Bioworld. Five designs inspired by characters from the Naruto Anime series.

Hidden Leaf Village Military Hoodie

This is one of my favorite Naruto-inspired clothing gifts. Featuring the Hidden Leaf Village symbol this hoodie is military-styled and features a zipper front.

Naruto Ichiraku Ramen Shirt

Show off your inner Ninja with this Naruto Raman Shop long-sleeve shirt. Available in multiple sizes and officially licensed.

Monopoly Naruto

Enjoy the classic board game Monopoly with this Naruto-inspired version. It’s a great way to get young Anime fans off their electronics and playing good old-fashioned family games.

Naruto Canvas Shoes

Diehard fans of the Naruto anime series will love to show off these canvas hi-top shoes featuring characters from the show. These are great for young girls or boys who would love to show them off in the schoolyard.

Hello Kitty Naruto Funko Pop

I love this funko pop because it combines a couple of popular anime shows into one for the ultimate gift. It is a Hello Kitty Naruto Funko and is a fun gift for a big anime fan or a fan of either show.

3D Naruto Anime Hoodie

This is one of the best Naruto gifts on the list. The graphics on this 3D-Print Naruto hoodie are wild and really pop. It is for young kids and I’m sure they will go wild when they see this cool-looking pullover.

Six Naruto Ninja Cake Toppers

If a Naruto fan you know has an upcoming birthday or celebration then these six cake-topper figures will be the perfect decoration for a cake, cupcakes, or even muffins. You can even use them as table decorations for a kid’s party.

Toy Ninja Weapons

In order for your young child to roleplay his favorite Naruto character he will need a toy ninja set. This plastic Ninja weapon set comes with all the necessities and is great for a Halloween costume or Cosplay event.

Naruto Shippuden 3D Coin Bank

Get your kids excited about saving money with this amazing 3D Naruto piggy bank. It’s a fun decorative piece for a kid’s bedroom or even in an office.

Kakashi Hatake Plushie

Naruto gets most of the attention but Kakashi is a popular character as well. This adorable, squishy Kakshi plushie is a fun gift for any anime fan. They also have a Naruto version available as well.

Itachi Plushie

Another cute plush toy, this time for Itachi fans. He is 8 inches in size and has a small string in case you want to hang him in your room. If you have a Naruto plushie collection this is a must-add.

Naruto Ichiraku Throw Blanket

Brighten up any room of a Naruto diehard fan with this thoughtful gift. This blanket is warm and lightweight perfect for cuddling up in to watch your favorite Anime series.

Kid’s Naruto Cosplay Costume

This is a full Naruto Anime Costume that includes orange pants with a right knee holster and a black and orange jacket. It comes in many youth sizes and is a fun Halloween costume or just a general cosplay dress-up.

Japenese Ceramic Ramen Noodle Bowl

This is an amazing gift for any Naruto fan. Eat like a true Ninja legend with this “Ichiraku Ramen” noodle bowl. Inspired by Naruto’s favorite restaurant you can use this bowl for actual eating or even as a decorative piece in a collector’s room.

Naruto Shippuden Shot Glasses

A lot of Naruto gifts are geared toward teens or kids but these shot glasses are perfect for adult Naruto fans. Before you hit the town you can bust out these shot glasses for a pregame Naruto shot.

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