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I don’t care whether you are young or old, you have heard of the Nintendo brand in some way or another. Nintendo has one of the biggest fanbases in the gaming world and there is an abundance of gifts available for anyone of any age. We have sought to find the absolute best Nintendo gifts and have put together this big list of ideas for you to browse.

We have the hottest games, the latest gaming systems old and new, and many more unique Nintendo gifts related to the most popular characters of all time. We have organized them based on categories such as Clothing and Christmas so feel free to jump to whatever section you are most interested in. Here is our big list of Nintendo Gift Ideas for 2022.

Nintendo Gaming System Gifts

NES Classic Edition System

In 2016, Nintendo started releasing these mini NES Classic systems and they have been a hit ever since. This is a nostalgic love letter to all of us old gamers from the 80s and a fun gift for kids nowadays to relive the good old days. The system comes with 30 built-in games and 1 controller. These go quickly so if you find one in stock better to get it while you can.

Nintendo Switch

This is the most obvious gift for gamers nowadays and is the most popular product currently from the Nintendo company. The Switch console lets you play games where you want and how you want and has been a top Christmas gift for many years now. These are hard to get at Christmas time so be prepared for them to sell out as December approaches.

3-1 Retro Gaming System

This is such a cool gift for all of us that still have old-school Nintendo video games laying around. This system allows you to still play those games even if you don’t have a working original NES or Super Nintendo console. As a bonus, this console also plays old Sega Genesis games.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The switch lite is a cheaper version of the full Nintendo Switch console. It only has the ability to be played handheld and can be not connected to a TV. For most, this is all they need to keep kids busy on a long road trip, or for adults, it’s perfect for long trips on a plane.

620 Game Retro Console

This NES knockoff console is a dirt cheap option to the official one by Nintendo. It comes with a whopping 620 built-in retro games with 1 controller. It also includes the old-school av adapter to hook up to your TV. A great cheap Nintendo gift option.

Hottest Nintendo Games

NBA 2K23

Always one of the most popular video games come Christmas time and this year is no different. The leader in NBA games, NBA 2K is back for the 2023 edition. The graphics are better than ever and the gameplay is silky smooth. A must-gift for any NBA fan who owns the Switch console.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A staple Nintendo video game and one of their biggest franchise hits, Super Smash Bros. is always a great time. New fighters and the combined roster of every other Super Smash game before it.

Splatoon 3

Splatoon is the ultra-popular multiplayer shooter game first developed for the Wii. It’s incredibly fun and one of the Switch’s most popular games. It’s like a game of paintball but on a massive scale with vast lands to explore. Your goal is to ink or splatter as much of the land as possible. Great multi-player game that is hours of entertainment.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I don’t care how old I get, I will always enjoy playing Mario Kart. Ever since its debut on Super Nintendo in 1992 generations of gamers has fallen in love with the Mario Kart franchise. It’s one of Nintendo’s greatest games and we are now at version 8 for the Switch Console.

Unique Nintendo Gifts

Mario Thwomp Pillow

Thwomp is a stone-faced character that first appeared in Super Mario 3. This officially licensed Pillow pays homage to that unique character that would attempt to flatten Mario every time he walked by them.

Game and Watch Combo System

This is a very unique gift by Nintendo as it is a digital clock and game all-in-one. You can play Super Mario Bros. on this handheld unit and when you are ready for bed hit the time button and it turns into a digital clock.

NES Controller Doormat

A cool gift for any Nintendo fan and especially someone who grew up playing the original NES console. It is a doormat in the shape and image of an old NES controller.

NES Cartridge Coasters

One of my favorite gifts is these retro NES game coasters. Great for a gaming room or man cave. You get 8 retro coasters of some of Nintendo’s most iconic games including Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda.

Gameboy Heat Changing Mugs

These mugs are a salute to the one and only Gameboy system. The front of the screen starts off blank when cold but as you add a hot drink it changes to a game screen like you just powered on a retro Gameboy. Great gift for coffee drinkers.

Red Shell Light with Sound

Here’s a very cute gift for any young Nintendo fan. It’s a red shell night light that makes Mario sounds effects when it’s turned on. This is also a unique gift idea for fans of the Mario Kart franchise.

NES Cartridge Flask

This is as unique a gift as you can find. What looks like a totally normal old-school NES cartridge is actually a 5-ounce flask. It has a leakproof stopper and is made to mimic the original Super Mario Game.

Green Warp Pipe Bottle Cooler

A gift for Super Mario fans that they can display every time they reach for a tall cold one. This green pipe cooler keeps your drinks cool for hours. It fits both bottles and cans.

Nintendo Playing Cards

This is a simple and cost-effective Nintendo gift for everyone. Gift a 52-card deck with Mario characters on them. Perfect for poker nights or family fun card games like Go Fish and War.

Zelda Hyrule Crest Mug

I love this Hyrule Crested mug in an old English style. Zelda is one of the best games ever made and this is a fun way to bring back all those memories of fighting Ganondorf. Perfect for hot or cold beverages and a unique Zelda novelty gift.

Kirby Plush Mini Backpack

Here’s a cool gift for Kirby fans, it’s a mini backpack or purse. Perfect for day trips or even as a carry-on bag when traveling. The material is velvet and is super soft to the touch.

Nintendo Luggage Cover

Make your luggage stand out on the carousel with this Nintendo bag cover. Slip this over your bag and you will be easily able to identify it every time you travel. The cover features the old NES controller.

Nintendo Clothing Gifts

Super Mario T-Shirt

This t-shirt features the one and only Super Mario in his jump pose. He comes in many sizes in a delightful heater red color.

Duck Hunt T-Shirt

Duck Hunt is one of the original big gaming hits for the NES console. It helped popularize shooting games back in the day. This t-shirt is a replica of the image that appeared on the NES Duck Hunt cartridge.

Gradientforce Shirt

Represent the great Nintendo game, Zelda, with this gradientforce t-shirt. The tri-force of power symbol is imprinted on the front in a gradient gold color making this shirt pop.

Mario and Luigi Socks

Represent two of Nintendo’s biggest characters with these Mario and Luigi socks. Officially licensed by the company you get this two-pack of crew socks.

Donkey Kong Boxers

Looking for some easy stocking stuffers this year? Give Dad or your boyfriend the gift of the great Donkey Kong. These Donkey Kong boxers are hilarious and on the back, they say, “It’s On Like Donkey Kong”.

Mario Hat and Glove

Outfit your young child with their favorite character this winter with this Mario hat and gloves set. You get a Mario hat, gloves, and neck warmer all in a stylish red and black stripe look.

Retro Mario T-Shirt

Unleash your inner geek with this retro Mario t-shirt. Comes in 4 different colors in a faded retro style. This is the kind of shirt you would see on a show like the Big Bang Theory, so it’s a great gift for anyone into gaming and “geek” wear.

Mega Man Shirt

Rep another classic Nintendo character in Mega Man with this powder blue t-shirt. This is a great throwback to one of Nintendo’s most well-known franchises.

Link Baby Bib

This gift idea wins the “cutest” award in my book. Turn your little one into Link from the popular Nintendo franchise Zelda with this cute little baby bib.

Girls Animal Crossing Sweatpants

Know someone hooked on the trendy Animal Crossing game? Bring a smile to their face with these sharp-looking navy sweatpants. Three cute animals from the game are printed on one of the legs. Perfect for teens or younger girls.

Nintendo Fanny Pack

Believe it or not fanny packs are making a bit of a comeback. This officially licensed fanny pack is a throwback to the old days of NES gaming. It perfectly mimics the look of an old NES controller and is a fun gift for any gamer.

Mariokart Kids Slippers

Your young kids will love these slipper boots that pay homage to the original Mariokart video game. These slippers are super soft and machine washable. They feature some of the characters from Mariokart driving around in their carts.

Nintendo Hi-Top Kids Sneakers

Outfit your young ones in these stylish Nintendo Hi-top sneakers. If you got little guys who love the characters from Nintendo games they will love showing these sneakers off. They come in many sizes and there are 5 different versions with unique designs for each.

Animal Crossing Backpack

Bring the joy of Animal Crossing to your backpack with this Cakeworthy mini green knapsack. Printed with all your smiling friends on it this backpack has tons of pockets and adjustable shoulder pads.

Kirby Pink Slippers

Lounge around your house in complete comfort with these ridiculous cute Kirby slippers. Kirby is an extremely popular Nintendo character who has appeared in multiple games. They are highly rated and a fun gift for both kids and adults.

Nintendo Christmas Gifts

Super Mario Light-Up Holiday Tree

Light up your office or home desk with this compact Super Mario Holiday Tree. It features a super star as the topper and a question block base which are all too familiar to any gamer. It is USB powered so can plug into any USD-compatible device.

Yoshi Tree Ornament

One of the cutest characters ever created is Yoshi from the Super Mario video games. Mario’s pal is featured here in a running pose and ready to be hung on any Nintendo fan’s Christmas tree.

Super Nintendo Ornament

This is a cool, unique gift for video game fans. While it looks like a full Super Nintendo console, it is actually just a mini-sized tree ornament. The coolest part is when you press the power button it lights up and plays sound from Super Mario World.

Star Tree Topper

Light up your kid’s Christmas tree this year with a Super Star tree topper. The famous star from Mario Bros. games lights up when plugged in. I love this gift idea if you set up a mini tree just for your kids. You can even use it as a nightlight in their rooms.

Pikachu Holiday Camper Mug

This festive camper mug features Pikachu from the popular Pokemon franchise. The mug holds 20 ounces of coffee or your beverage of choice. It’s both microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Mario Christmas Vibes T-Shirt

Get your little boy in the mood for the Holiday season with this Holiday Vibes T-Shirt. It comes in a couple of color options and variations and is a great gift for your son, nephew, or friend.

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