List of McDonald’s Mascots

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Who doesn’t know Ronald McDonald? Even if you didn’t grow up in the 80s or 90s you have heard the name before and can picture the big red shoes. He’s the face of one of the world’s most famous fast-food chains – McDonald’s. But did you know he’s not the only mascot the company has ever had? Throughout its history, McDonald’s has had a whole cast of quirky, lovable, and let’s face it sometimes creepy characters to represent the famous brand.

These mascots have played a big role in the success of McDonald’s. They have helped put a face to the company and better connect with customers, most importantly children, by making the brand more relatable and fun. From advertising campaigns to Happy Meals, these mascots have become a staple of the McDonald’s brand. Although many characters have fallen by the waist side over the years a few continue to be a key part of the company’s marketing efforts.

List Of McDonald’s Mascots

ronald mcdonald mascot

Ronald McDonald

Origin: Ronald McDonald first made his appearance in 1963 and was created to be the face of the brand, bringing smiles and fun to the fast food chain brand.

Personality: Ronald is known for his jolly and cheerful demeanor, often seen as the life of the party. He’s an entertainer to children and always was seen with a smile on his face.

Popularity: Ronald McDonald is undoubtedly the most recognizable and famous of all McDonald’s mascots. Over the last 30 years, he’s become synonymous with the brand but since around 2016 he has been a less and less visible mascot for the chain.

grimace mcdonalds mascot


Origin: Grimace made his debut in 1971 and was originally an antagonist to Ronald McDonald. That didn’t go over too well and he was re-born in 1973 as a loveable, bumbling friend to Ronald.

Personality: Grimace is known for his friendly and silly personality. He loves to have fun and is always up for a good time. You would likely best describe him as a bumbling simpleton.

Popularity: Grimace has been a popular character among children, especially in the 1970s and 1980s. Although he was never as prominent as Ronald, he still holds a special place in the hearts of many McDonald’s fans and I would say has developed a cult fanbase. I think it’s because no one quite knows what the heck he is exactly, just a purple blob which is hilarious in itself.

hamburglar mcdonalds mascot


Origin: Hamburglar was created in the 1960s as a burger thief who was always trying to steal hamburgers from McDonald’s customers. He was a classic villain character to oppose the “hero” Ronald character.

Personality: Hamburglar is portrayed as a sneaky and mischievous character, always trying to get his hands on burgers. He would speak in jibberish which only the other villains understood.

Popularity: Although Hamburglar was once a popular character, he is sadly no longer in rotation and thus many fans have never discovered him. He has made occasional appearances in McDonald’s advertising over the years, but he has not been seen since 2015. Thankfully, memes still keep his memory alive here and there on social media platforms.

birdie mcdonalds mascot

Birdie the Early Bird

Origin: Birdie the Early Bird was introduced in the 1980s as a mascot for McDonald’s breakfast menu. She was designed to promote the brand’s breakfast offerings in hopes of encouraging more customers to come in for a breakfast meal. She was McDonald’s first female character to represent the brand.

Personality: Birdie is depicted as a cheerful and friendly bird, dressed in a cute yellow and red outfit. She has a bubbly personality and is always eager to boast about the delicious breakfast items available at McDonald’s.

Popularity: During her heyday, Birdie was a popular character in McDonald’s advertising, appearing in commercials and on packaging materials for the breakfast menu. Despite her popularity, she eventually faded from the spotlight and is no longer representing the brand in any way.

mayor mccheese mcdonalds mascot

Mayor McCheese

Origin: Mayor McCheese was introduced in the 1970s as part of the McDonaldland universe, a fantasy world filled with anthropomorphic food items and other wacky characters. Mayor McCheese was the leader of this world, serving as its mayor and ruling over the other mascots.

Personality: Despite his large size and imposing appearance, he was actually a friendly and jovial character, always eager to welcome any visitor to McDonaldland. Mayor McCheese was known for his love of burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

Popularity: Mayor McCheese was a popular character in the 1970s and 1980s, appearing in commercials, and advertising materials, and he even had his own comic book series. His last appearance for McDonald’s was in 1999 so he’s not as well-known today as some of the other mascots on this list.

fry kids mcdonalds

The Fry Kids

Origin: The Fry Kids were a group of child mascots that were introduced by McDonald’s in 1987, although their original debut goes back to 1973 when they were known as the “Gobblins”. These characters were designed to promote the fast food chain’s french fries and to especially appeal to a younger demographic, which nowadays would be considered unethical.

Personality: Each of the Fry Kids was depicted in a child-like manner and often wore a large fry-shaped hat. They were usually shown enjoying a bag of McDonald’s fries together and had a fun and adventurous spirit.

Popularity: The Fry Kids lasted much longer than many of the lost mascots on this list. They were still appearing in commercials up to 2008 but have since been dropped. In their heyday, they were extremely popular with younger kids due to their fun, shaggy appearance.

captain crook mcdonalds mascot

Captain Crook

Origin: Captain Crook was a McDonald’s mascot who was born in 1971. He was depicted as a pirate and was designed to promote the chain’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Like the Hamburglar he would try to steal Fish Fillets for himself.

Personality: He was portrayed as a friendly pirate with a mischievous side, and was often shown enjoying a fish sandwich while engaging in hijinks on the high seas. He was clearly inspired by Captain Hook from the famed Peter Pan animated film.

Popularity: Captian Crook is by far one of the lesser-known mascots and I’d say most people would assume he was Captian Hook when first seeing him. Captain Crook was part of McDonald’s advertising for a few years, appearing in commercials, print ads, and on packaging materials but was retired in the late 1980s.

the professor mcdonalds mascot

The Professor

Origin: McDonald’s local scientist and inventor was invented in 1971 as the character The Professor. He was said to be the one who invented the quirky food items, such as the talking McNugget Buddies who came along after him.

Personality: He was very quirky with a white handlebar beard mustache combo. He barely spoke but when he did his voice was very high-pitched.

Popularity: The Professor was not very popular at all in the early stages and had a very minor role. In the eighties, he was a little more prominent but never achieved any kind of notoriety as other mascots did. I’m sure you would not be able to associate him with the Mcdonald’s brand if you were shown a random picture and thus his impact was rather unremarkable.

sundae mcdonalds dog


Origin: Sundae is a dog character that was used in McDonald’s marketing campaigns in the 1990s. She was depicted as a sidekick to Ronald McDonald and was often featured in advertisements for Happy Meals and other menu items aimed at children.

Personality: Sundae was depicted as a cute and playful dog who was always ready for fun and adventure.

Popularity: While Sundae was not one of McDonald’s most prominent mascots, she was well-liked by children and helped to reinforce the brand’s association with fun and happiness. A fun fact about Sundae was she was once portrayed by Verne Troyer of Austin Powers’ “Mini-Me” fame in costume form.

happy meal gang mcdonalds

Happy Meal Gang

Origin: The Happy Meal Gang was created in 1979 to promote, you guessed it, Happy Meals. The original gang included a Hamburger, French Fries, and a Soft drink all with googly eyes and a talking mouth. Later on, the McNugget Buddies and cookies were added to the crew.

Personality: They were all rather cheerful and playful always up to playing games with Ronald. They would often surprise Ronald by appearing out of nowhere and popping up on his shoulders.

Popularity: Once again they all were cute enough to appeal to their main target audience which was the kids but they never really resonated with the brand. I think the breakout stars for the Happy Meal Gang were the McNugget Buddies who were introduced in 1985.

How Many Mascots Does McDonald’s Have?

McDonald’s has had a number of mascots over the years, with the roster evolving and changing as the brand has grown and adapted to new markets and societal trends. To date, there are approximately 16 characters that McDonald’s has used that had a significant advertising run with the company.

Some of the earliest mascots used by the chain besides Ronald included characters like Speedee, the original McDonald’s mascot, and Captain Crook, a pirate character who was created to promote the Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

However, the most well-known and enduring mascots in the McDonald’s roster are Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, and the Fry Kids. These characters were used in advertising campaigns and promotions for many years, and have become synonymous with the brand for many fans and some have even developed cult-like followings.

In addition to these mascots, McDonald’s has also introduced a number of regional and limited-time characters over the years, including mascots like Uncle O’Grimacey, the McNugget Buddies, and others.

Who Was The Original McDonald’s Mascot?

speedee mcdonalds logo

Over the years, the brand has used a variety of mascots to help promote its products and connect with customers, but the original McDonald’s mascot is a character that remains an important part of the brand’s history.

The original McDonald’s mascot was a man in a chef’s hat named Speedee. Speedee was created in the 1940s as part of the original branding for the fast food chain and was used to promote the brand’s focus on speed and efficiency. Speedee as a mascot was a friendly and approachable character who embodied the idea of quick, affordable food.

Over time, Speedee was slowly phased out and replaced by the now iconic Ronald McDonald, who first appeared in 1963. Ronald quickly became the face of the brand and remains one of the most well-known mascots in fast food history and pop culture history. Today, Ronald is wrongly recognized as the original McDonald’s mascot because of his popularity but it was in fact not Ronald but the aforementioned Speedee. Another cool fact about Speedee was that he was also the original logo for McDonald’s and not the famous golden arches that now define the company.

Despite the passing of time, the original McDonald’s mascot Speedee continues to be remembered by those who grew up in that time period and celebrated by the franchise as an important part of the brand’s history.

Closing Mascot Thoughts

McDonald’s mascots have been a crucial part of the brand’s history and marketing strategy. From Ronald McDonald to the Hamburglar and Grimace, these characters have captured the hearts of millions of fans over many years starting way back in the 1960s. The evolution of these mascots over the years is a testament to McDonald’s ability to adapt and stay relevant in a fast-changing market.

That being said as of the current day and as we look forward it will be interesting to see how mascots will play a role in building the Mcdonald’s brand. There seems to have been a clear shift away from mascots and cute characters by Mcdonald’s as none of the mascots mentioned on our list play a prominent role for the fast-food chain anymore. They have been criticized in the past for using cute characters to target children specifically and I think that is a big reason for the shift in strategy. But as they introduce healthier options on their menu it will be interesting to see if they bring back any old or new characters to help promote the brand like they once did in the good old golden days.