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thundercats characters

Ah, the ThunderCats, a legendary band of interstellar heroes who shaped our childhoods, who were there in our living rooms, week after week, teaching us about courage, friendship, and justice. Remember the sheer excitement when Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, and others sprang into action to guard Third Earth against the wicked Mumm-Ra? Of course, you do.

Now, we invite you to reacquaint yourself with these old friends, to reminisce about their stories, their traits, and their unique roles. We’ve compiled an extensive list of these beloved characters, peppered with fun facts and memorable quotes, a virtual time machine of sorts. So grab your Sword of Omens (or a snack) and let’s dive into the universe of the ThunderCats!

Thundercats Characters Quick List


  1. Lion-O
  2. Tygra
  3. Cheetara
  4. Panthro
  5. WilyKit
  6. WilyKat
  7. Snarf(s)
  8. Jaga
  9. Lynx-O
  10. Bengali
  11. Pumyra
  12. Claudus


  1. Mumm-Ra
  2. Slithe
  3. Monkian
  4. Jackalman
  5. Ma-Mutt
  6. Ratar-O
  7. Ratilla
  8. Vultureman
  9. Red-Eye
  10. Tug-Mug
  11. Luna
  12. Alluro
  13. Amok
  14. Chilla

Character pictures and descriptions are below.

Hero Characters

Our protagonists are an eclectic crew, each with their unique talents, appearances, and quirks. From the noble leadership of Lion-O, the wisdom of Tygra, the engineering prowess of Panthro, to the youthful energy of WilyKit and WilyKat, and the unconditional dedication of Snarf, each ThunderCat has made us cheer, laugh, and at times, even tear up a bit.


lion o thundercats

Role: Leader of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Sword of Omens and Claw Shield

Physical Description:
Lion-O is a muscular cat-like humanoid, with red-orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue uniform with a ThunderCats emblem on his belt.

Character: Lion-O, the Lord of the ThunderCats, is a brave and noble leader with a strong sense of justice. Though he’s physically mature, his mind is still that of a young boy due to his suspended animation during their journey to Third Earth, leading to unique challenges in his leadership.

Quotes: “ThunderCats, Ho!”


cheetara thundercats

Role: Warrior, Cleric of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Bo Staff

Physical Description:
Cheetara is a slender and athletic female cat-like humanoid with long blonde hair. She wears a one-piece orange leotard with an open cut-out over her ThunderCats emblem.

Character: Cheetara, known for her speed and agility, is also a wise and caring figure. Her psychic abilities, combined with her impressive combat skills, make her a formidable member of the team.

Quotes: “I call on the speed of Cheetara!”


tygra thundercats

Role: Second-in-command, Architect, and Scientist of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Bolo Whip, with its ability to render him invisible

Physical Description:
Tygra is a lean, blue-skinned, and white-haired tiger-like humanoid. He usually wears a blue and orange uniform with a ThunderCats emblem.

Character: Tygra is known for his wisdom, calm demeanor, and analytical mind. He’s a formidable fighter but often plays a more strategic role, planning the ThunderCats’ moves against their foes.

Quotes: “We have to be as clever and cunning as the mutants if we’re going to beat them at their own game.”


panthro thundercats

Role: Mechanic, Pilot, and Physically strongest ThunderCat
Weapon(s): Nunchucks with cat-head-shaped ends

Physical Description:
Panthro is a muscular, grey-skinned panther-like humanoid with a bald head and pointy ears. He wears a blue uniform with spiked suspenders.

Character: Panthro is a skilled engineer and a crucial asset to the team. His physical strength, combined with his knowledge of technology and mechanics, often gets the ThunderCats out of tight spots.

Quotes: “Just a few more connections and my little surprise for the mutants will be ready.”

WilyKit and WilyKat

wilykit wilykat thundercats

Role: Youngest ThunderCats, Scouts and Thieves
Weapon(s): Space Boards, Capsule Belt with various tricks and tools

Physical Description:
WilyKit and WilyKat are twin cheetah-like humanoid children with pointy ears and tufted hair. WilyKit wears pink and orange clothing while WilyKat wears a light blue and orange outfit.

Character: WilyKit and WilyKat are inseparable and mischievous. As the youngest members, they often find themselves in trouble but always manage to use their cunning and agility to escape.

Quotes: “It’s not fair!” WilyKat: “Life’s not fair.”


snarf thundercats

Role: Lion-O’s nursemaid and protector
Weapon(s): While not a fighter, Snarf’s loyal heart is his greatest weapon

Physical Description:
Snarf, is a small, chubby, and bearded creature, more dragon-like than cat. He’s primarily orange with a lighter, fluffy mane and tail tip.

Character: Though often seen as a comic relief, Snarf is a dedicated and loving caretaker to Lion-O. He may be small and not very strong, but his bravery is unmatched when it comes to protecting his friends.

Quotes: “Snarf, Snarf!”


jaga thundercats

Role: Mentor and Spiritual Guide of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Sword of Omens

Physical Description:
Jaga is a wise, elderly jaguar-like humanoid with blue skin and white hair. He dons an azure uniform with a ThunderCats emblem and a cape.

Character: As the previous Lord of the ThunderCats, Jaga is a source of wisdom and guidance. His spirit continues to guide Lion-O after his physical passing during their journey to Third Earth.

Quotes: “Do not leap to battle, Lion-O. Look first.”


bengali thundercats

Role: Blacksmith of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Hammer of Thundera

Physical Description:
Bengali is a tiger-like humanoid with white-blue fur and black stripes. His uniform resembles that of Tygra, but with a lighter color palette.

Character: As a skilled blacksmith, Bengali is responsible for repairing the Sword of Omens and other weapons. His strength and bravery make him a valuable ally in battle.

Quotes: “ThunderCats, we have to fight!”


pumyra thunderctas

Role: Healer and Medic of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Sling with explosive pellets

Physical Description:
Pumyra is a slender, puma-like humanoid with brown fur and brown hair. She wears an earth-toned uniform with a medallion.

Character: Pumyra is a gentle and kind-hearted character. Her medicinal skills, combined with her agility, prove invaluable to the ThunderCats.

Quotes: “We must take care of each other.”


lynx o thundercats

Role: Strategist and Navigational expert of the ThunderCats
Weapon(s): Light Shield Baton

Physical Description:
Lynx-O is an elder, lynx-like humanoid with grey fur and blind eyes. He dresses in an earthy-colored uniform.

Character: Despite losing his sight during the destruction of Thundera, Lynx-O’s other senses are heightened, making him an invaluable navigator and strategist. He is calm, patient, and incredibly resilient.

Quotes: “Though blind, I can see far better than those with sight.”

Villain Characters

Just as a captivating story requires compelling heroes, so too are its villains pivotal. The evildoers from ThunderCats, with their twisted ambitions and formidable powers, have given our beloved heroes a run for their money, time and time again. Here are the profiles of the sinister villains who brought an essential balance to the cosmic scales of the ThunderCats universe.


mumm ra thundercats

Role: Main Antagonist
Weapon(s): Sword of Plun-Darr

Physical Description:
In his decayed form, Mumm-Ra appears as a frail mummy. When empowered, he becomes a large, muscular figure with blue skin, red eyes, and bandages around his body.

Character: Mumm-Ra is an ancient and malevolent sorcerer bound to serve the Ancient Spirits of Evil. His ultimate goal is to possess the Eye of Thundera and reign supreme over Third Earth.

Quotes: “Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!”


slithe thundercats

Role: Leader of the Mutants
Weapon(s): Battle Axe

Physical Description:
Slithe is a reptilian mutant with green skin, red eyes, and a stout body. He dresses in a red and black armor.

As the leader of the Mutants of Plun-Darr, Slithe is cunning, ruthless, and fiercely loyal to Mumm-Ra. His strategies often pose significant challenges to the ThunderCats.

Quotes: “The ThunderCats will pay dearly for this!”


monkian thundercats

Role: Member of the Mutants
Weapon(s): Mace

Physical Description:
Monkian resembles a grey-furred gorilla with an ape-like face. He wears a helmet and armor.

Monkian might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but his brute strength and allegiance to the mutants make him a worthy adversary.

Quotes: “When I get my hands on you…”


ma mutt thundercats

Role: Mumm-Ra’s pet
Weapon(s): His teeth and strength

Physical Description:
Ma-Mutt resembles a large, muscular, grey bulldog with a big spiked collar.

Ma-Mutt is Mumm-Ra’s faithful pet and companion. He may be a pet, but his brute strength makes him a formidable opponent.

Quotes: None


vultureman thundercats

Role: Member of the Mutants
Weapon(s): Various technological devices

Physical Description:
Vultureman resembles a humanoid vulture with a beak-like mouth and clawed hands.

As the smartest among the Mutants, Vultureman is often seen inventing various devices to aid in their quests.

Quotes: “I’ll have you for supper, ThunderCats!”


red eye thundercats

Role: Member of the Lunataks
Weapon(s): Heat laser eye

Physical Description:
Red-Eye is a cyclops with a red eye and dons a pirate-like attire. He is extremely muscular and with massive hands.

Red-Eye is a Lunatak from the Dark Side of the Moons of Plundarr and uses his heat laser eye to battle his enemies.

Quotes: “I’ll have you for supper, ThunderCats!”


tug mug thundercats

Role: Member of the Lunataks
Weapon(s): His bouncing ability and a beam that alters weight.

Physical Description:
Tug-Mug resembles a rotund alien with legs replaced by a large spring. He resembles a tabletop spinner.

Another Lunatak from the Dark Side of the Moons of Plundarr, Tug-Mug uses his weight-altering beam to confound the ThunderCats.

Quotes: “Bounce this, ThunderCats!”


luna thundercats character

Role: Leader of the Lunataks
Weapon(s): Magical control over Amok, Whip

Physical Description:
Luna is a diminutive character, often seen riding on the shoulders of Amok. She has purple hair with a white streak down the middle.

Don’t let her size fool you – Luna is the fierce and crafty leader of the Lunataks, known for her wicked intelligence and leadership skills.

Quotes: “Amok, destroy!”


amok thundercats

Role: Luna’s Mount and Servant
Weapon(s): His brute strength

Physical Description:
Amok is a large, brute-like character with brownish skin, fangs, and a body covered in armor.

Amok serves as Luna’s mount and servant, carrying her into battle and following her every command without question.


alluro thundercats

Role: Member of the Lunataks
Weapon(s): Psyche-Club

Physical Description:
Alluro is a tall, thin humanoid with hypnotic eyes and a distinctive hairstyle that hangs down to his stomach.

A master of psychological warfare, Alluro uses his Psyche-Club to manipulate the minds of his opponents, making him a uniquely threatening adversary.

Quotes: “A mere twist of my wrist, like so, and even you become my helpless puppet!”


chilla thundercats

Role: Member of the Lunataks
Weapon(s): Cold Breathe Freeze

Physical Description:
Chilla is a humanoid character with light blue skin and dark blue eyes. She wears a white dress and blue cape and has hair as white as snow.

Chilla is a cold-hearted character, both literally and figuratively. With her icy powers, she can freeze her opponents in their tracks. Known for her icy demeanor and chilling tactics, she is a formidable foe for the ThunderCats.

Quotes: “Prepare to feel the chill of defeat!”

Thundercats Pop Culture Impact

thundercats merchandise

ThunderCats was more than just a cartoon; it was a pop-culture phenomenon. It aired during the golden age of animated television, etching itself into the hearts and minds of a generation. With its distinct animation style, the show redefined what audiences expected from animated series.

The ThunderCats characters were equally impactful. Each was unique, with their own set of skills, personalities, and even insecurities. They were more than just characters on a screen; they were role models, teaching valuable lessons about honor, friendship, and the struggle between good and evil.

The show’s villains were equally memorable, each showcasing a different aspect of evil, from the raw power of Mumm-Ra to the cunning and manipulative nature of Luna. The show’s villains were a mirror image of the heroes, forcing them to confront their fears and pushing them to grow.

Furthermore, the show’s catchphrase, “ThunderCats, Ho!”, became a rallying cry, an expression of unity, bravery, and the spirit of adventure. The influence of the ThunderCats continues to resonate, serving as an inspiration for numerous shows that came after it.

Final Thoughts

To say ThunderCats is a significant part of animation history would be an understatement. The show broke new ground with its in-depth character development, compelling storytelling, and memorable catchphrases. The heroes, though they were ThunderCats, were also profoundly human in their struggles and triumphs. Simultaneously, the villains were more than just adversaries. They challenged our heroes, forcing them to grow and evolve. And so, the series is more than a nostalgic remnant of the 80s. It’s a timeless tale of good versus evil, friendship, courage, and resilience.

So, whether you’re a fan reliving the glory days or a newcomer to the world of ThunderCats, we hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. It’s been a pleasure helping you reconnect with these iconic characters and we hope that this has reignited the roar of the ThunderCats in your heart. As the ThunderCats would say, “Thunder… Thunder… Thunder… ThunderCats, Ho!”

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