Shark Tale Characters

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shark tale movie

Released in 2004, this CG animated extravaganza wasn’t just another fish in the sea of family films. It made waves with its star-studded cast, featuring the charismatic Will Smith, the legendary Robert De Niro, the versatile Angelina Jolie, and the iconic Martin Scorsese, among others. Each character in this underwater caper isn’t just a beautifully animated creation; they’re reflections of their real-life voice actors, brought to life with a mix of charm and personality that resonates with both young and old.

Below, you’ll find the Shark Tale character list, presented in the order they swim into the story. We’re keeping it streamlined by focusing on the main school of fish (and sharks), so minor characters are swimming in the background. Get ready to dive deep into each character – who knows, you might even see a bit of yourself in this ocean of personalities!

Shark Tale Characters

dewey the worm from shark tale


Voice Actor: David Soren
Species: Worm

Dewey might be small, but he’s a character with a mighty impact! Opening the film, Dewey’s dramatic rescue by Lenny sets the tone for the movie’s heart and humor. His second appearance, a delightful bookend, reminds us of the film’s message about compassion and understanding, even in the smallest of characters.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Dewey’s role, though brief, symbolizes a key theme of the movie? His rescue represents breaking away from life’s hook and finding unexpected friends in the vast ocean of life.

lenny from shark tale


Voice Actor: Jack Black
Species: Great White Shark

Lenny, the gentle giant of the deep blue, is not your typical shark. His endearing vegetarianism and refusal to conform to the typical shark stereotype make him a standout character. Voiced by the incomparable Jack Black, Lenny brings a mix of humor, sensitivity, and relatability.

Fun Fact

While Lenny’s vegetarian lifestyle is a humorous twist in “Shark Tale,” it mirrors a real-world phenomenon. Some shark species exhibit surprisingly varied diets in nature, occasionally consuming seaweed and other plant materials.

frankie character from shark tale


Voice Actor: Michael Imperioli
Species: Great White Shark

Frankie, the quintessential antagonist, is the embodiment of the feared great white shark. His muscular and intimidating presence, coupled with a penchant for aggression, sets him apart as a formidable character in the underwater world of “Shark Tale.”

Fun Fact

Michael Imperioli, best known for his role in “The Sopranos,” brought a unique intensity to Frankie. Imperioli’s experience in portraying complex, layered characters added depth to Frankie, making him more than just a villain, but a character with a story of his own.

katie current fish character

Katie Current

Voice Actor: Katie Couric
Species: Sand Trout

Katie Current, the perky and informed news reporter of the sea, keeps the ocean’s citizens up-to-date with her bubbly personality and journalistic flair. Voiced by the renowned journalist Katie Couric, this character adds a touch of real-world credibility and charm to the news of the underwater city.

Fun Fact

The casting of Katie Couric as Katie Current is a delightful play on words and professions. This choice added a layer of authenticity to the character, bridging the gap between the animated world and real-life journalism.

martha sturgeon from shark tale

Martha Sturgeon

Voice Actor: None
Species: Sturgeon

Martha Sturgeon, the proprietor of Martha Sturgeon’s Flowers, is a small yet memorable presence in “Shark Tale.” Her character, though not central to the plot, adds to the rich tapestry of the movie’s setting, providing a glimpse into the diverse and colorful community of the reef.

Fun Fact

Did you know sturgeons are among the oldest surviving fish species, existing for over 200 million years? Martha’s character, as a sturgeon, is a subtle nod to the depth and history of ocean life, and of course a play on the real-life television personality Martha Stewart.

Oscar character from shark tale


Voice Actor: Will Smith
Species: Blue-Streaked Wrasse

Oscar is the fast-talking, ambitious protagonist with dreams bigger than the ocean itself. As Lenny’s best friend and co-manager of The Whale Wash, Oscar’s journey from small-fry to big shark encapsulates the classic underdog story.

Fun Fact

Will Smith’s iconic status in Hollywood added a layer of depth to Oscar’s character. Smith’s journey from a rapper to a superstar mirrors Oscar’s dreams and ambitions, making the character relatable to anyone chasing big dreams.

shorties fish in shark tale


Voice Actor: Bobb’e J. Thompson, Kamali Minter, Emily Lyon Segan
Species: Various Fish

The Shorties, a trio of young, street-smart fish, serve as the cheeky chorus of Oscar’s life. These smart-aleck fish challenge Oscar with their playful taunts and graffiti art, bringing a youthful, mischievous energy to the underwater city.

Fun Fact

The Shorties represent the voice of the younger generation in “Shark Tale,” mirroring the playful yet challenging nature of youth.

crazy joe character from shark tale

Crazy Joe

Voice Actor: David P. Smith
Species: Hermit Crab

Crazy Joe, the lovably eccentric hermit crab living in a dumpster, brings a unique brand of humor to “Shark Tale.” As one of Oscar’s friends, his quirky personality and off-the-wall antics offer comic relief and a reminder that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Fun Fact

Hermit crabs in the wild are known for their resourcefulness in using discarded shells as their homes, constantly changing them as they grow. This trait mirrors Crazy Joe’s own quirky and adaptable personality in “Shark Tale.” Living in a dumpster, he exemplifies the hermit crab’s ability to find comfort in the most unexpected places.

angie fish from shark tale


Voice Actor: Renée Zellweger
Species: Marine Angelfish

Angie, the heart of “Shark Tale,” is the epitome of kindness and sincerity. As Oscar’s love interest and moral compass, her character shines through with warmth and understanding. Voiced by the talented Renée Zellweger, Angie brings a sense of genuine care and support to the bustling underwater world.

Fun Fact

Angelfish, like Angie, are known for their vivid colors and graceful movements. Angie’s character not only mirrors the physical beauty of these fish but also their social nature, often forming close bonds, much like her close relationship with Oscar.

don lino shark character

Don Lino

Voice Actor: Robert De Niro
Species: Great White Shark

Don Lino, the formidable patriarch of the shark family, is the underwater equivalent of a Godfather. This powerful great white shark, voiced by the legendary Robert De Niro, brings a mix of authority and complexity to the story. His character, complete with a signature mole, mirroring De Niro himself.

Fun Fact

Don Lino’s design, including the mole, is a direct nod to Robert De Niro’s distinctive looks. This detail not only adds authenticity to the character but also humorously bridges the gap between animation and real-life cinema icons.

sykes from shark tale movie


Voice Actor: Martin Scorsese
Species: Pufferfish

Sykes, the multifaceted pufferfish, plays various roles from a henchman to a business fish in “Shark Tale.” Voiced by the renowned director Martin Scorsese, Sykes adds a layer of street-smart savvy and business acumen to the narrative.

Fun Fact

Martin Scorsese, known for his dynamic directing style, brings a similar energy to Sykes. The casting is a playful homage to Scorsese’s versatile career in the film industry, paralleling Sykes’ multifaceted roles in the movie.

luka character from shark tale


Voice Actor: Vincent Pastore
Species: Octopus

Luka, the bumbling yet endearing octopus, serves as one of Don Lino’s henchmen. Voiced by Vincent Pastore, Luka’s character adds a touch of humor and clumsiness to the shark gang, often finding himself in amusing predicaments. His interactions with Don Lino highlight the lighter side of the otherwise intense shark world.

Fun Fact

Luka’s character design as an octopus is fitting, given their real-life reputation for intelligence mixed with a knack for getting into and out of tricky situations.

ernie jellyfish from shark tale


Voice Actor: Ziggy Marley
Species: Jellyfish

Ernie, one-half of the dynamic jellyfish duo, brings a relaxed yet loyal vibe to the film. As a friend to Sykes and an inseparable partner to his brother Bernie, Ernie’s Jamaican roots, voiced by the talented Ziggy Marley, add a cultural richness and laid-back rhythm to the underwater hustle of “Shark Tale.”

Fun Fact

Ziggy Marley’s involvement as Ernie not only adds authenticity to the character’s Jamaican heritage but also serves as a tribute to his father, Bob Marley. This casting choice weaves the legacy of reggae music into the film’s diverse soundtrack.

bernie character from shark tale


Voice Actor: Doug E. Doug
Species: Jellyfish

Bernie, the other half of the jellyfish duo, is characterized by his inseparable bond with his brother Ernie and their shared Jamaican heritage. Voiced by Doug E. Doug, Bernie’s character adds humor and a sense of brotherly camaraderie to the film.

Fun Fact

Ziggy Marley’s involvement as Ernie not only adds authenticity to the character’s Jamaican heritage but also serves as a tribute to his father, Bob Marley. This casting choice weaves the legacy of reggae music into the film’s diverse soundtrack.

earl character from shark tale flashback


Voice Actor: None
Species: Blue-Streaked Wrasse

Earl, Oscar’s father, is a beacon of dedication and hard work. Seen in a flashback, Earl’s legacy as an employee of the Whale Wash for 25 years inspires Oscar’s own journey.

Fun Fact

Earl’s character reflects the often uncelebrated heroes of everyday life. His story is a nod to the hardworking individuals who, like him, are the unsung backbone of their communities.

tiny shrimp character from shark tale

Tiny Shrimp

Voice Actor: David Soren
Species: Shrimp

This tiny shrimp may have a small role, but it’s a memorable one. In a tense dinner scene, the shrimp becomes the focal point of Lenny’s compassion as he refuses to eat him. This moment highlights the movie’s theme of empathy and choosing one’s path, regardless of expectations.

Fun Fact

This scene with the shrimp mirrors a real-world ecological concern: the overfishing of shrimp. “Shark Tale” subtly brings attention to this issue, using humor and emotion to highlight the importance of marine life conservation.

lola fish from shark tale


Voice Actor: Angelina Jolie
Species: Lionfish

Lola, voiced by Angelina Jolie, is the femme fatale of “Shark Tale.” Her character, a seductive lionfish, uses charm and manipulation to entangle Oscar in her schemes. Lola’s sharp wit and stunning appearance, resembling Jolie, add a layer of intrigue to the film’s narrative.

Fun Fact

Lola’s species, the lionfish, is known for its striking appearance and predatory nature, perfectly mirroring her character in the movie. This choice of species for Lola is a clever nod to the real-life behaviors of lionfish, blending natural attributes with character development.

don feinberg character from shark tale

Don Feinberg

Voice Actor: Peter Falk
Species: Shark

Don Feinberg stands out as one of Don Lino’s seasoned henchmen. First appearing with a mournful song after Frankie’s death, Feinberg’s character, voiced by the late Peter Falk, adds a touch of old-school charm and gravity to the shark gang.

Fun Fact

Peter Falk, famous for his role in “Columbo,” brought a distinctive gruff yet charismatic voice to Don Feinberg. This casting choice pays homage to Falk’s iconic status in television history, adding a layer of nostalgia and respect to the character.

giuseppe shark character from shark tale


Voice Actor: Lenny Venito
Species: Hammerhead Shark

Giuseppe, a hammerhead shark, offers his condolences to Don Lino, showcasing the close-knit nature of the shark community. Voiced by Lenny Venito, Giuseppe’s character, though brief, adds to the complex social dynamics of the shark world, reflecting loyalty and respect within their ranks.

Fun Fact

Hammerhead sharks, like Giuseppe, are known for their unique head shape, which enhances their sensory capabilities. Giuseppe’s character design is a nod to this distinct feature, highlighting the diversity of shark species in the ocean.

killer whales from shark tale

Killer Whales

Voice Actor: David Soren
Species: Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)

The Killer Whales in “Shark Tale” make several appearances, adding drama and humor to the movie. Their most memorable scene is at the Shark Liar, where their reactions range from comical to cowardly. The standout whale, known for fainting at any sign of danger, offers a light-hearted take on the otherwise intimidating nature of killer whales.

Fun Fact

Killer whales, despite their fearsome name, are actually part of the dolphin family. This ironic twist is humorously portrayed in the movie, where these mighty creatures are depicted with a more playful and less menacing demeanor.

missy elliott fish character

Missy Elliott

Voice Actor: Herself
Species: Tuna Fish (Speculated)

Missy Elliott, the iconic rapper, makes a splash at the end of “Shark Tale” with a performance at the Whale Wash. Her animated counterpart, possibly a tuna fish, brings a dose of star power and musical flair to the movie, creating an unforgettable finale.

Fun Fact

Missy Elliott’s involvement in “Shark Tale” blends the worlds of music and animation, showcasing the trend of popular artists lending their voices and personas to animated characters.

christine aguilera jellyfish character from shark tale

Christina Aguilera

Voice Actor: Herself
Species: Tuna Fish (Speculated)

Christina Aguilera lights up the screen as a jellyfish in “Shark Tale,” headlining the Whale Wash concert. Her animated persona, alongside Missy Elliott, performs a cover of Rose Royce’s “Car Wash,” adding a vibrant musical element to the film.

Fun Fact

Christina Aguilera’s cover of “Car Wash” with Missy Elliott was more than just a soundtrack highlight; it was a pop culture moment. This modern twist on Rose Royce’s classic song not only brought a fresh and upbeat vibe to the movie but also resonated with audiences worldwide, becoming a hit in its own right. The song peaked at #63 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits

will smith and jack black recording voices in shark tale

Diving behind the scenes of “Shark Tale” uncovers a treasure trove of fascinating facts. This journey into the making of the movie reveals the creativity, challenges, and little-known stories that shaped this underwater adventure. Here are some intriguing behind-the-scenes notes about the film:

  • Star-Studded Cast: “Shark Tale” boasts an impressive lineup of voice actors. The filmmakers were particularly keen on casting actors who could bring their larger-than-life personas to their animated counterparts, resulting in a seamless blend of real-world charm and animated charisma.
  • Animation Advancements: The movie marked a significant step in animation technology. The team at DreamWorks Animation developed new software to create realistic water effects, a challenging aspect of underwater animation. This technology allowed for more lifelike movements and interactions in the sea environment.
  • Character Design Inspired by Actors: The design of the characters in “Shark Tale” was heavily influenced by their voice actors. For example, the resemblance between Lenny and Jack Black or Lola and Angelina Jolie was intentional, adding a layer of familiarity and humor to the characters.
  • Voice Recording Process: Unlike many animated films where voice actors record their lines separately, “Shark Tale” saw several actors recording together. This approach was used to capture the organic chemistry and dynamic interactions between characters, particularly in scenes with group dialogues.
  • Environmental Message: Subtly woven into the movie’s narrative is an environmental message about the ocean and its inhabitants. The filmmakers aimed to raise awareness about marine life conservation through entertaining storytelling and character development.