Shark Tale Characters

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shark tale movie

Shark tale was a hit CG animated movie released in 2004. The movie featured a star-studded cast including Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Martin Scorsese, and many more. The characters in this movie are beautifully created and most match their real-life voice actors in some way. It also includes a feel-good soundtrack with appearances by Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott in the movie.

The shark tale character list is presented in order of appearance (minor role characters excluded).

List of All Shark Tale Characters

dewey the worm shark tale

Dewey The Worm

Dewey is a worm that makes two appearances in the movie at the very beginning and very end scenes. Lenny frees home from being used as bait in the very opening scene of Shark Tale.

lenny shark tale


Lenny is one of the main shark characters in the movie and the friendliest shark of them all. He is a vegetarian who refuses to kill. He is voiced by actor Jack Black.

frankie shark tale


Frankie is Lenny’s aggressive older brother who pushes Lenny around in the movie. Frankie is a violent, muscular great white shark. He is voiced by Michael Imperioli.

katie current shark tale

Katie Current

Katie Current is the local news reporter in Shark Tale. She is a sand trout and is voiced by real-life journalist Katie Couric.

martha sturgeon shark tale

Martha Sturgeon

Owner of the local flower shop, Martha Sturgeon’s Flowers.

mussle crowe shark tale

Mussle Crowe

A starfish on the walk of fame. A spoof of Russell Crowe.

jessica shrimpson shark tale

Jessica Shrimpson

A starfish on the walk of fame, a spoof of Jessica Simpson.

cod stewart shark tale

Cod Stewart

A starfish on the walk of fame, a spoof of Rod Stewart.

seal shark tale


A fat seal who crushes the starfish “Seal” on the walk of fame.

janice shark tale


Janice is the local news traffic reporter.

prawn shark tale


Owner of the local Prawn Shop.

sushi bowl shark tale

Unnamed Fish

Owner of the Sushi Bowl.

oscar shark tale


One of the main characters in Shark tale. He is Lenny’s best friend and co-manager of The Whale Wash. He is a blue-streaked wrasse and is voiced by actor Will Smith.

shark tale kid fish


These 3 young fish like to give Oscar a hard time about his fantasy life. They spray paint his billboard and are a bunch of smart alecks. Oscar refers to them as the “Shorties”.

crazy joe shark tale

Crazy Joe

Crazy Joe is a hermit crab who lives in a local dumpster. He is as his name implies a little nutty but he is one of Oscar’s friends. He is voiced by David P. Smith.

headphone guy shark tale

Headphone Guy

Works in the Whale Wash and helps clean the various whale’s teeth.

angie shark tale


Angie is a kind, lovable character in Shark Tale. She is the love interest of Oscar and is voiced by Actress Rene Zellweger. Angie is a marine angelfish.

don lino shark tale

Don Lino

Don Lino is the head shark, father to Lenny and Frankie. Lino is a powerful great white shark, a Godfather-like figure to his boys. He has a mole on his right cheek to reflect real-life voice actor Robert De Niro.

sykes shark tale


Sykes has many roles in Shark tale from one-time henchman to Don Lino to Co-Owner of The Whale Wash. Sykes also is the boss of Ernie and Bernie and is also up to something throughout the movie. He is voiced by famous director Martin Scorcese.

luka shark tale


Luka is one of Don Lino’s henchmen. He is a rather large, clumsy octopus and often annoys Don Lino. He is voiced by actor Vincent Pastore.

ernie shark tale


Ernie is one-half of the jellyfish brothers and is a loyal friend to Sykes. He and his brother Bernie are Jamaican jellyfish. Ernie is voiced by singer Ziggy Marley, son of a legend artist Bob Marley.

bernie shark tale


Bernie is the other Jamaican jellyfish and him and his brother are inseparable. Bernie is voiced by actor Doug E. Doug.

mrs sanchez shark tale

Mrs. Sanchez

Mrs. Sanchez is a next-door neighbor fish that Oscar and Angie see from their apartment balcony. Mrs. Sanchez is in her bathroom fixing herself up at the time. She also makes an appearance at the race track.

earl shark tale


Earl was Oscar’s dad who worked at the Whale Wash his whole life. Oscar said he was the employee of the year every year for 25 years straight. His character is seen in a flashback scene of the movie.

shrimp shark tale

Tiny Shrimp

This is little shrimp is an appetizer for the Lino sharks when they are having dinner together. Don Lino demands that Lenny eats the whimpering shrimp. Lenny of course refuses and lets the little guy go.

lucky day shark tale

Lucky Day

Lucky day is the seahorse that Oscar bets all his money on based on an inside tip at the track. Lucky day is clear and in the lead before he stumbles knocking himself out right before the finish line.

lola shark tale


Lola is a shallow, manipulative character in the film. She is Don Lino’s ex-partner who tries to seduce Oscar in an attempt to get his money and fame. She is voiced by actress Angelina Jolie and shares a close resemblance to the real-life actress.

shark tale grandmother

Grandmother Shark

This character makes a brief appearance during Frankie’s funeral. She is Don Lino’s mother and Grandmother to Lenny. She is seen sobbing uncontrollably as they release Frankie into the ocean.

don feinberg shark tale

Don Feinberg

Don Feinberg is one of Don Lino’s henchmen. He first appears singing a song after Frankie’s death. Don is an older shark and is voiced by the late Peter Falk of Colombo fame.

giuseppe shark tale


Giuseppe is a hammerhead fish who offers his condolences to Don Lino after Frankie’s death. He is voiced by Lenny Venito.

bouncer shark tale

Bouncer Crab

This is a bouncer crab who shows up in periodic scenes from Shark Tale. He guards the VIP room at the racetrack and bounces at the nightclub.

shark tale henchmen

Shark Henchmen

These two dopey-looking sharks are a part of the search party for Lenny when he went missing. Throughout the movie, we see a few different sharks who all belong to Don Lino’s shark crew.

killer whales shark tale

Killer Whales

The Killer whales make appearances throughout the movie but their most memorable scene comes near the end of the movie when Oscar and Don Lino meet in the Shark Liar. Our favorite whale is the one who passes out at any perceived threat that is seen in the above photo.

missy elliott shark tale

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott the fish shows up at the end of the movie to perform at the Whale Wash in a star-studded concert. We are not quite sure which species of fish she is but it is speculated that she is a Tuna Fish.

christine aguilera shark tale

Christina Aguilera

The headliner of the Whale Wash concert is indeed Christina Aguilera who appears as a jellyfish in the movie. She and Missy Elliott perform their cover of Rose Royce’s hit song “Car Wash”.

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