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treehouse of horrors simpsons

The Treehouse of Horror episodes of the Simpsons have become legendary amongst fans and are anticipated every year come Halloween. They generally involve three separate stories all with their own special episode. Each of these episodes will have its own set of characters and storylines.

It all started with the very first Simpson Halloween Special now commonly known as the Treehouse of Horror. It’s called the Treehouse because, in the first episode which debuted in season 2 Bart, Lisa and Maggie are in their treehouse telling ghost stories to see who can out-scare the others. The specials are humourous, gruesome, and over the top with regular Simpsons characters taking on all sorts of different roles. Let’s take a look at who was in the very first Treehouse of Horror.

Bad Dream House

moving man simpsons treehouse

Moving Man

The moving man is seen right at the beginning of the Bad Dream House Episode. After receiving a lousy $1 tip from Homer he states, “I’m glad there is a curse on this house”.

Fun Fact – The moving man is voiced by James Earl Jones

marge bad dream house


Marge is the only one who manages to stay sane in the episode and eventually stands up to the cursed house to save her family from self-imploding.

lisa simpson treehouse of horror


Lisa senses right away that the house has a bad aura surrounding it and thinks they should leave. She ultimately succumbs to the power of the curse and welds a butcher knife as her weapon.

bart simpson bad dream house


Bart is the first to get attacked by the house getting held in the air while being choked by a cord. He uses a meat cleaver as his weapon when looking to attack his fellow family members.

homer bad dream house


Homer is the most oblivious to the curse of the house despite the moving man’s warning. He insists they stay at least one night before deciding what to do. He pays homage to Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining” with his wielding of an axe as a weapon.

maggie simpson bad dream house


Little Maggie has a disturbing scene in the Bad Dream House when she appears to be possessed al a the Exorcist. She is seen spinning her head 360 degrees in her crib at one point. She crawls her way to the battle scene while holding a pocket knife in her mouth.

cursed house treehouse of horrors

Cursed House

Of course, we had to pay homage to the star of the episode and that is The Cursed House itself. The house desperately tries to get the Simpsons to move out by attacking them, making the walls bleed, and turning them all on themselves. In the end, the house chooses to destroy itself rather than spend one more second with the Simpsons.

Hungry Are The Damned

simpsons hungry are the damned

Simpson Family

All the Simpsons make an appearance in the Hungry Are The Damned episode. The most prominent role goes to Lisa as she is instantly suspect of the Aliens who abducted the family. The rest of the family is busy indulging themselves in food and entertainment.

kang treehouse of horror


Kang is the first Alien who introduces himself to the Simpsons. He tries to explain that they mean the Simpsons no harm and they are taking them to a world of infinite delights.

kodos treehouse of horror


Kodos like Kang brings a warm welcome to the Simpsons. He becomes quite annoyed when Bart and Homer make fun of their gaming system.

serak the preparer simpsons

Serak The Preparer

Serak is the main cook on the spaceship and brings feast after feast for the Simpsons to eat. He explains to pronounce his name correctly he would have to pull out their tongues. He is also voiced by legendary actor James Earl Jones.

The Raven

homer simpson the raven


Homer plays the role of the Narrator from the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe. He is the mourning man of his lover Lenore who slowly descends into madness.

bart simpson the raven

Bart The Raven

Bart plays the part of the mysterious Raven from the poem. He utters but one word throughout the story, “Nevermore”.

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