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super punch out box cover

Many video gamers think Super Punch-Out is a sequel to the cult classic NES boxing game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. That presumption would be wrong as the original Super Punch-Out was an arcade game that debuted in 1984, 3 years before Tyson’s version of Punch-Out debuted.

For Super Nintendo owners that fact was neither here nor there as this was a highly anticipated game to make its way to the platform. It didn’t quite live up to the hype of the original Mike Tyson version on NES but the game is still a fun play all these years later. It follows the exact same gameplay that you came to expect from the NES version and also introduced us to some creative, quirky, and badass boxing characters.

In order of appearance here are all the boxers that appear in Super Punch-Out:

Minor Circuit Characters

gabby jay super punch out

#1 – Gabby Jay

Difficulty: Easy
Record: 1-99
Specialty Move: Uppercut

Gabby Jay is your very first opponent in Super Punch-Out and like his inspiration from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, Glass Joe, he is an easy opponent. He’s slow, feeble, and can be beaten in under 10 seconds if you land a super punch.

Quote – “Let me win. I’ve lost so many times I forget how winning feels.”

bear hugger super punch out

#2 – Bear Hugger

Difficulty: Easy
Record: 17-12
Specialty Move: Double Punch

Bear Hugger is one of my favorite drawn characters in the game. He’s a massive lumberjack from Canada and has a nice little shimmy dance. He will try to hit you with his double punch that looks like a big bear hug and use mostly uppercuts.

Quote – “I am a killer. I am the Bear Hugger!”

hurricane piston super punch out

#3 – Piston Hurricane

Difficulty: Medium
Record: 21-10
Specialty Move: Hurricane Rush

The boxers start to get a little tougher in match #3 as Little Mac has to take on Hurricane Piston. Hurricane punches more often than the previous two opponents and has power in his punches. To beat him wait for his “Hurricane Rush” attack and punch him in the gut when he gets to the center of the ring.

Quote – “Can you ride out the storm or be caught in my Hurricane Rush?”

bald bull super punch out

#4 – Bald Bull

Difficulty: Medium
Record: 34 -19
Specialty Move: Hurricane Rush

A familiar boxer from the original Punch-Out appears in match 4 of the Minor Circuit. That of course is the one and only Bald Bull. Oddly enough he is a little easier to beat in this version of the Punch-Out series but of course, still has his dangerous “Bull Charge” attack.

Quote – “You’ll be down for the count with one punch from my Bull Charge.”

Major Circuit Characters

bob charlie super punch out

#1 – Bob Charlie

Difficulty: Easy
Record: 24 -13
Specialty Move: Shuck and Jive

In the first match of the Major Circuit, we meet the first and only appearance of Bob Charlie in the Punch-Out series. He is of course inspired by legendary singer Bob Marley. He is pretty easy to beat much like Gabby Jay in the Minor Circuit but new players may get caught by his signature “Shuck and Jive” attack.

Quote – “People you can’t feel the rhythm are so lost. Do you have the rhythm?

dragon chan super punch out

#2 – Dragon Chan

Difficulty: Medium
Record: 15 – 7
Specialty Move: Dragon Kick

One of the most unique characters to appear in Punch-Out is Dragon Chan who Little Mac has to fight in match #2 of the Major Circuit. He is the only boxer who is able to throw kicks as well as punches in the game. When you first face him he will give you quite a challenge because you just don’t expect the flying “Dragon Kick” which comes out of nowhere. Countering his jabs is the key to beating him.

Quote – “You will find yourself face down…When you wake up.”

masked muscle super punch out

#3 – Masked Muscle

Difficulty: Medium
Record: 19 – 5
Specialty Move: Eye Spit, Headbutt

Masked Muscle is a huge boxer who also appears to be a Luchador wrestler. He is a very difficult opponent in the Major Circuit because he has a few cheat moves that may catch you off guard. When the corner gives him the direction he will spit in your eyes and also attack you with a deadly headbutt.

Quote – “You should give up now senor”

mr sandman super punch out

#4 – Mr. Sandman

Difficulty: Hard
Record: 29 – 3
Specialty Move: Dreamland Express

The champ in the Major Circuit of Super Punch-Out is the classic character, Mr. Sandman. He is quite a formidable opponent in this version of punch-out and has tremendous power. He actually has the ability to “power up” during the fight making him even more difficult to beat. It will likely take you many fights against him to the nail timing of his punches.

Quote – “I’m about to put you down for the night?”

World Circuit Characters

aran ryan super punch out

#1 – Aran Ryan

Difficulty: Easy
Record: 18 – 10
Specialty Move: Irish Jig

The first opponent in the World Circuit is arguably also the ugliest character in the game. Meet Aran Ryan, an Irish boxer from Dublin. He is not difficult to beat but he has a unique move, which is to hug you in order to regain strength. Avoid that move and you should move on easily to boxing match #2.

Quote – “Your wimpy little punches won’t even faze me”

heike kagero super punch out

#2 – Heike Kagero

Difficulty: Medium
Record: 14 – 8
Specialty Move: Mirage Dance

Following the ugliest character in the game, we have the oddest in Heike Kagero. This was his only appearance in the Punch-Out series of games and likely for good reason. He does have a unique look with long grayish hair and lavender trunks. He is easy to beat except for his special attack called the “Mirage Dance”. He quickly morphs from side to side of the ring which can be very distracting to your eyes.

Quote – “Be gentle with me, please. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoooo!”

mad clown super punch out

#3 – Mad Clown

Difficulty: Hard
Record: 17 – 9
Specialty Move: Juggle Throw

Mad Clown is a huge character much like his inspiration King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. For how cute he looks he is one of the dirtiest fighters in the game. His most dangerous move includes a juggling act where he will actually throw the balls at you. It will usually take at least two knockdowns to beat him.

Quote – “Now let’s get this show on the road”

super macho man punch out

#4 – Super Macho Man

Difficulty: Hard
Record: 29 – 3
Specialty Move: Clothesline Punch

The champion of the world circuit is the one and only Macho Man but in this version of the game, he is Super Macho Man. Although he has a “Super” persona and physique in this game he is not as difficult to beat as he has been in previous versions of the game. He still has a deadly “Clothesline Punch” so you need to tread carefully and counter his quick uppercuts to beat him.

Quote – “Make sure to stand clear while I pose for my fans.”

Special Circuit Characters

narcis prince super punch out

#1 – Narcis Prince

Difficulty: Medium
Record: 12 – 3
Specialty Move: Blind Rage Attack

The first boxer in the new Special Circuit is pretty boy Narcis Prince. Everyone is a little bit tougher in this circuit and right out of the gate Narcis is no easy defeat. You will have to aim for his gut in order to defeat him as he always blocks punches to his beautiful face.

Quote – “I will not let you touch my beautiful, beautiful face.”

hoy quarlow super punch out

#2 – Hoy Quarlow

Difficulty: Hard
Record: 62 – 13
Specialty Move: Staff Attack, 360 Punch

Hoy Quarlow is the oldest and most wise character in Super Punch-Out. He is more of a Kung-Fu fighter than a boxer and you will have an incredibly hard time beating him the first few attempts. He throws kicks, hits you with his wooden staff, and even does the splits mid-match. He is considered by many to be the hardest boxer to beat in Super Punch-Out on Super NES.

Quote – “Please, take it easy on a poor old man, won’t you?

rick bruiser super punch out

#3 – Rick Bruiser

Difficulty: Hard
Record: 41 – 1
Specialty Move: Earthquaker

The last two boxers in the Special Circuit are brothers and as big as mountains. First up is Rick Bruiser who has incredible defense abilities. It is very difficult to land a punch vs him and you have to dodge many different punch attacks. His special move is called the “Earthquaker” where he shakes the ring leaving you helpless to defend. You have to counter his jabs and hit him when he’s posing mid-fight.

Quote – “My brother may be Champ, but only ’cause I let him win.”

nick bruiser super punch out

#4 – Nick Bruiser

Difficulty: Hard
Record: 42 – 0
Specialty Move: Dashing Forearm

The champion of the Special Circuit is the undefeated Nick Bruiser with an impressive 42-0 record. He has my favorite ring entrance in the game where he just stares you down standing with his imposing figure. All his punches are powerful but if he catches you with his Dashing Forearm attack it can be lights out quickly. He does a vulnerability however which if you figure it out can lead to an instant TKO for Little Mac.

Quote – “…………

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