Total Drama Action Characters

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total drama action characters

Remember the wild ride of Total Drama Island? Well, the drama didn’t stop there. In “Total Drama Action,” our favorite contestants took the competition to a deserted film lot, tackling movie-themed challenges that brought even more laughs, tears, and unforgettable moments. If you’re a fan of the original, this sequel delivered all the chaos and comedy you craved.

For a refresher on the original cast, check out our Total Drama Island Characters article to get up to speed on all your favorite contestants!

Did you know? “Total Drama Action” drew inspiration from classic Hollywood films, with many challenges paying homage to popular movie genres like horror, sci-fi, and action-adventure. The creators even designed some challenges based on their favorite movies!

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and dive into the madness of “Total Drama Action,” where the drama was bigger, the stakes were higher, and the laughs were louder.

Total Drama Action List of Characters

TDA Character Bio’s

Chis McLean

chris mclean from total drama action cartoon

The Ego Maniac Host

Chris McLean is the charismatic, slightly sadistic host who thrives on drama and chaos. In “Total Drama Action,” Chris takes his hosting duties to a new level of absurdity on a deserted film lot.

Highlight Moment

One of Chris’s standout moments in “Total Drama Action” is his over-the-top movie trailer-style intros for each challenge. His dramatic narration and ridiculous costumes add a hilarious layer to the already chaotic challenges.


beth from total drama action cartoon

The Confident Underdog

Beth, the sweet but socially awkward contestant from “Total Drama Island,” returns with a newfound confidence. After having her braces removed, Beth is no longer the timid girl she once was. She’s ready to take on challenges headfirst and prove that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: Runner-Up


dj from total drama action cartoon

The Gentle Giant’s Next Chapter

DJ, the big-hearted, gentle giant, returns to “Total Drama Action” with the same kindness and sensitivity that made him a fan favorite. This season, DJ faces his fears more directly and finds new ways to support his friends.

Team: Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated: 6th


gwen from total drama action series

The Goth Girl’s Sequel

Gwen, the artsy, dark, and brooding contestant is back with even more artistic flair and complicated love triangles. Still rocking her signature style, Gwen’s journey in “Total Drama Action” is marked by her resilience and evolving relationships.

Team: Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated: 5th


geoff from total drama action cartoon

Party Dude Returns

Geoff is back and ready to party on the deserted film lot. His carefree attitude and infectious energy continue to make him the life of the party, even amid intense competition. He is rather distracted this year making out with Bridgette any chance he gets.

Team: None
Eliminated: 1st


lindsay from total drama action cartoon

Sweet But Still Clueless Blonde

Lindsay, the blonde beauty with a heart of gold, returns to “Total Drama Action” as sweet and clueless as ever. This season, Lindsay continues to win hearts with her kindness, even if she doesn’t always understand what’s going on around her.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: 12th


heather from total drama action cartoon

The Ultimate Villainess

Heather, the cunning and manipulative queen bee returns with less hair but even more devious plans in “Total Drama Action.” Her relentless pursuit of victory and willingness to betray anyone in her way continue to make her the character everyone loves to hate.

Team: Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated: 9th


duncan from total drama action cartoon

The Action Hero with Attitude

This season, Duncan’s tough exterior is further tested, revealing more of his caring nature, especially when it comes to his relationships. He is the last one standing this year and the winner of Total Drama Action.

Team: Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated: Winner


harold from total drama action cartoon

The Martial Arts Maestro

Harold, the quirky and often underestimated nerd, shows even more hidden talents and resourcefulness in Season 2. His unique skills and knowledge continue to surprise both his teammates and the audience.

Team: Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated: 13th


trent from total drama action cartoon

The Troubled Troubadour

Trent, the laid-back, guitar-playing cutie returns with his musical talent and easygoing nature. This season, Trent faces new challenges and continues to navigate his complex relationship with Gwen.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: 4th


bridgette from total drama action cartoon

The Kissing Surfer Girl

Bridgette is a laid-back surfer girl with an easygoing nature and a love for the ocean. This season, Bridgette and Geoff spend most of their time making out, much to their fellow contestants’ amusement (and sometimes annoyance).

Team: None
Eliminated: 1st


leshawna from total drama action

The Sassy Diva

Leshawna, a bold and spirited contestant is back with even more sass and strength. Her loyalty to her friends and her fierce determination make her a standout competitor in “Total Drama Action.”

Team: Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated: 10th


owen from total drama action cartoon

The Big-Hearted Champion

Owen is the lovable and always hungry contestant, who won Total Dram Island in Season 1. His good-natured personality and strategic mind continue to make him a fan favorite.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: 8th and 15th


courtney from total drama action cartoon

The Overachieving Strategist

Courtney, the competitive and organized contestant, is back in “Total Drama Action” with even more determination. Her leadership skills and strategic mind make her a formidable competitor.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: 14th


justin from total drama action cartoon

The Charming Manipulator

Justin, the incredibly handsome contestant, returns with his charm and good looks in Season 2. This season, Justin uses his appearance to manipulate and influence others, making him a dangerous player in the game.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: 11th

E-Scope (Izzy)

e-scope from total drama action cartoon

The Crazier-Than-Ever Wildcard

Izzy, now going by the name E-Scope, is a returning player in “Total Drama Action” and crazier than ever. Her unpredictable and eccentric behavior reaches new heights this season, making her a constant source of chaos and entertainment.

Team: Killer Grips
Eliminated: 3rd and 7th

Chef Hatchet

chef hatchet from total drama action

The Monster Wrangler

Chef Hatchet, is the gruff and intimidating camp cook. He has a new role in Season 2 as the monster controller on set. His no-nonsense attitude and culinary “skills” now extend to managing the mechanical and practical effects that terrify the contestants.

Order of Elimination in Total Drama Action

  • 1st/2nd: Geoff and Bridgette (Eliminated at the same time)
  • 3rd: E-scope
  • 4th: Trent
  • 5th: Gwen
  • 6th: DJ
  • 7th: Izzy
  • 8th: Owen
  • 9th: Heather
  • 10th: Leshawna
  • 11th: Justin
  • 12th: Lindsay
  • 13th: Harold
  • 14th: Courtney
  • 15th: Owen (2nd elimination)
  • 16th: Beth
  • Winner: Duncan

TDA Teams

The Screaming Gaffers

screaming gaffers team in total drama action

Team Captain – Gwen
Members – Heather, Harold, DJ, Duncan, Leshawna

The Killer Grips

the killer grips from total drama action

Team Captain – Trent
Members – Owen, Beth, Justin, Lindsay, E-Scope