All Inspector Gadget Gadget’s

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inspector gadget gadgets

Inspector Gadget was a hit TV series back in 1983 and ran for 3 seasons. It is based on a slow-witted, clueless man named Inspector Gadget. While he was not great as a detective he was put together like a human cyborg giving him an arsenal of high-tech, advanced gadgets to aid him in stopping Dr. Claw.

He is equipped with so many tools and weapons that it’s hard to keep up with his arsenal. That’s why we have compiled this gadget list of every item Inspector used throughout the cartoon franchise.

Inspector Gadget’s List Of Gadgets

inspector gadget hand

Hand Gadget

Inspector Gadget’s hand which appeared out of the top of his hat was one of his most basic gadgets. It tended to just mimic his real hand movements.

inspector gadget arms

Extender Arms

His extender arms were pretty cool as they allowed him to reach many high heights and items without the need for a ladder.

inspector gadget sonar radar

Sonor Radar

Gadget’s Sonor radar or ear dish allowed him to hear at an advanced level.

inspector gadget camera

Gadget Camera

His gadget camera is nothing special it takes pictures and is controlled by the gadget’s hand.

inspector gadget laser

Laser Finger

Gadget’s index finger has a hidden powerful laser that can be used to blow up objects or even cut through steel.

inspector gadget screwdriver

Finger Screwdriver

Almost all Inspector Gadget’s fingers have some sort of hidden tool. In his left hand, he has a built-in screwdriver in one of his knuckles.

inspector gadget phone

Secret Phone

The top-secret gadget phone was contained in his thumb and pinky finger. The wireless antenna came out of his thumb and his pinky acted as the receiver. Only Chief Quimby called him on this phone.

inspector gadget neck


Like his arms, Inspector Gadget could extend his neck to great heights.

inspector gadget spring legs

Spring Legs

All Gadget’s limbs could extend and retract to great distances. His legs were perhaps the most versatile as they were giant springs allowing him to also bounce.

inspector gadget roller skates

Roller Skates

Whenever he needed to pick up the pace or go for a spin around the block he could call on his roller skates to help him.

inspector gadget binoculars


Inspector Gadget had built-in binoculars for each eye whenever he needed to zoom in on his surroundings.

inspector gadget flashlight


Did the lights go out? No problem, Inspector Gadget has a middle finger flashlight to light up any dark space.

inspector gadget copter

Gadget Copter

One of his best gadgets in the whole series is his helicopter hat which allows him to fly at any time.

inspector gadget mallet


This tool actually would do more harm than good as he tended to not have any control of the big mallet which was hidden in his gadget hat.

inspector gadget umbrella


Inspector Gadget was always protected from the rain with his trusty Go Go Gadget Umbrella. Although, it would not always come out the right way.

inspector gadget handcuffs

Gadget Handcuffs

His handcuffs came out of his forearm and could be launched at criminals.

inspector gadget key

Gadget Key

One thing that was almost impossible to do was keep Inspector Gadget locked up in any way. In his pinky finger was his secret universal key.

inspector gadget skis


Not often he would need his pair of skis but they were there just in case he did.

inspector gadget sail


His sail usually came out at the most inopportune times causing Gadget more harm than good but nonetheless, it was in his arsenal.

inspector gadget snow gun

Snow Gun

Inspector Gadget’s snow gun was usually used when he was in colder climates and would shoot a blizzard of snow out of his finger.

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