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Deadpool is the superhero comic book figure by Marvel comics. The popularity of this character has gone through the roof since the film adaptation was released in 2016. Played brilliantly by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool has now immersed itself in pop culture with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. With that being so many of us are looking for great gift ideas to give Deadpool fans in our lives.

The success of the movie franchise is its wide appeal to people of all ages even though it’s mainly aimed at an adult audience. Our Deadpool gift list is for those looking for the best Deadpool gifts all in one place. These are perfect gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays and we have tried to include as many unique gifts as we could find.

Deadpool Movies

The most obvious gift right off the bat is the Deadpool movies themselves, both One and Two. You can buy both in HD format at Amazon Prime so you can watch them anytime you like.

Deadpool 2 Super Cut

If you have not seen Deadpool 2 yet, then opt for the Super Duper Cut version which includes 15 minutes of unseen action and jokes not seen in the theatrical release. It’s worth checking out even if you have already seen the theatre version.

Deadpool Selfie Figure

This is such a fun gift for any Deadpool fan and fits right in with the tongue-in-cheek comedy of the movie. This figure combines both Unicorns and social media, two of Deadpool’s loved things. It stands about 4 inches in height and is sure to be a talking piece in any room.

Deadpool Playtime Funko Pop

There are a few Funko Pop options for Deadpool but I love this bedtime Deadpool figure. It features our guy in his robe holding his cuddly panda bear doll.

Don’t Feel Like Being An Adult T-Shirt

This is kind of a gag gift but not really because the shirt is really nice looking. Sometimes we just wanna stay a kid and this Deadpool shirt is a shout-out to our inner kid self. It’s officially licensed by Marvel and has a cute cartoon image of Deadpool on the front.

Deadpool Jetpack Flying Action Figure

Fly through the sky with this amazing Deadpool Jetpack action figure. It is remote-controlled and once you strap on the jetpack you can control Deadpool through the air. Your kids will have loads of fun with this one.

Deadpool Comeback Creator Book

Any fan of the Deadpool comics is going to love this Comeback novel. It is filled with Deadpool’s best insults and comebacks. The book will help you work on your “Comeback” game by allowing you to create an insult for any given situation using the words from Deadpool himself. The book actually takes you into the mind of Deadpool and explains why he uses specific words for his insults.

Wade Wilson Superhero Knitted Mask

Diehard Deadpool fans will love this replica Wade Wilson knitted mask. Perfect for costume parties, Halloween or just to display as a souvenir from the franchise.

Deadpool Eau De Toilette Spray

Looking for a very unique Deadpool gift? Well, this is at the top of the list for sure. It’s a Marvel, Deadpool-inspired cologne for men. I’m not sure how well Deadpool smells but the Amazon reviews are surprisingly positive.

3-Pair Boxer Briefs

Hook the guy in your life up with these Marvel-inspired boxer briefs. You get 3 pairs in 3 different styles, one of which includes the Deadpool logo. Made with cooling fiber mesh.

Snapback Deadpool X Force Hat

This snapback Deadpool X Force Hat is a popular gift for fans of the franchise. It’s a great gift at Christmas for any Deadpool fan. It’s officially licensed with the Deadpool logo embroidered. It comes in a sharp gray color that looks good on anyone.

Deadpool 3D Ceramic Mug

This is one of my favorite Christmas ideas on the list. Any Deadpool fan will appreciate this 3D superhero mug. Great for any fan of any age. It holds approx. 12 ounces of liquid and is dishwasher safe.

Deadpool The Complete Collection

This Deadpool comic by Daniel Way is filled with eye-popping illustrations and action-packed storytelling. It includes other characters like Wolverine and is an excellent gift for younger kids who the movies may not be appropriate for yet.

Ugly Christmas Deadpool Pants

We all know about Ugly Christmas sweaters but what about grabbing a pair of ugly Christmas pants? These feature the Deadpool logo along with some reindeer and Christmas trees. They are lounge or sleepwear pants perfect for those lazy holiday days around the house.

Marvel Deadpool Air Fresheners

If you are looking for a Deadpool stocking stuffer idea then these Car Air Fresheners are perfect. The scent is Vanilla which some people like and some people don’t according to the reviews. One of those personal preference gifts I suppose.

Deadpool Mini Backpack

This is a fantastic gift for the traveler or a student. This stylish red and black backpack has plenty of storage and is very durable. The Deadpool logo is nice and subtle so as to not overpower the overall look.

Deadpool Wallet

If you need a last-minute gift or a stocking stuffer idea then this Deadpool Wallet is a great solution. Any Deadpool fan would love this gift and it’s a cheap option compared to some of the other Deadpool gifts.

Paintball Deadpool Funko Pop

Time for another Deadpool Funko Pop. I love to try and find the rare Funkos and this Deadpool paintball version is one of those. It was a Gamestop exclusive and it features our hero brandishing two paint guns like the badass he is.

Deadpool Icon Splatter Hoodie

One of my favorite Deadpool clothing pieces. This splatter hoodie logo has a subtle look and isn’t over the top as you can find with some other items. A great gift for the colder seasons and perfect for teens or adults.

Deadpool Cosplay Hoodie Costume

This hoodie is for the diehard Deadpool fans who like to dress up and participate in cosplay events. It’s really cheap option compared to buying a complete Deadpool Costume. This is a one-piece hoodie with the hood turning into a Deadpool mask when you zip it up.

Deadpool Hanging Mirror Ornament

This gift fits perfectly with the Deadpool brand as it is a hilarious car ornament. Take Deadpool on every car ride with you as he hangs from your mirror reading his paper. Some people may find it distracting but if you don’t you and your passengers will love it.

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