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James grew up in Senatobia, Mississippi where he led a troubled youth.  Dropping out of school led him to become a petty theft until he was kicked out of town.  At age 25, he relocated to Michigan and met wrestler Bobo Brazil who kick-started his wrestling career.

Sadly after his wrestling career was over he ran into many health problems, mainly due to diabetes, and had to have both his legs amputated.  Unfortunately, in 2020 he contracted the COVID virus and passed away shortly after.

Twitter Handle: @KamalaSpeaks

kamala wrestler

Kamala WWE Career

WWF Debut: 1984

Retired: 2010

Main Character: Kamala

Resides From: Uganda, Africa

Manager(s): Kim Chee, Harvey Wippleman, Mr. Fuji

Alter Egos: Bad News Harris,  Jim Harris, Kimala, Sugar Bear Harris, Ugly Bear Harris, Mississippi Mauler, Superfly

Finisher: Air Africa, Kamala Splash

Signature Moves: Belly Slap, Overhead Chop, Savate Kick

Gimmick:  Kamala was billed as the “Ugandan Giant”, a simple-minded man who needed to be controlled by his trainers.  He wore a loincloth and had body paint, most notable was the yellow moon painted on his big belly which he routinely slapped out of delight.

Career Summary:  If you grew up in the eighties watching wrestling Kamala was one of the more memorable characters of the era.  The Ugandan Giant was entertaining and unique, to say the least.  What made him stand out besides his face and body paint was his sheer size.  The man was a monster 6 ft 7 and 380 lbs but he had decent agility for a big man and would routinely pull off the leapfrog move over his opponents.  His gimmick was amazing and really made his career as his wrestling ability was very limited. Overall Kamala’s character was very entertaining. He had a few phobias which would send him running in fear.  He was terrified of the Undertaker’s coffin, the sight of Paul Bearer and Jake Roberts’s snake. 

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Kamala WWF Stats

Overall Record
Wins: 213 (52%)
Losses: 188 (45%)
Draws: 12 (3%)

Opponent Stats
Most Wins Vs – Brooklyn Brawler (38-)
Most Losses Vs – Hulk Hogan (2-1-39)

Most Notable Wrestlers He Defeated
King Kong Bundy
Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Tito Santana

Kamala Action Figure Checklist

1984: LJN Wrestling Superstars, Series 4
1992:  Hasbro WWF, Series 7
2000: Figures Toy Company, Legends of Wrestling, Series 10
2006: Jakks Pacific, WWE Classic Superstars, Series 9
2010:  Matel, WWE Legends, Series 2
2016: Matel, WWE Elite Collection, Lost Legends

kamala matel figure
kamala hasbro action figure
kamala wwf ljn figure

Wrestling Video Games With Kamala

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

  • Released:  2009
  • Gaming Systems:  Xbox 360, Playstation 3
  • Match Types:  Singles, Tag Team, Triple Threat, Steel Cage, Ladder, Submission, Iron Man, Handicap Match, Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble

Game Pros

  • Over-the-top graphics really bring an old-school arcade feel to the game
  • The roster includes all the old-time greats including Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Iron Shiek, Roddy Roddy Piper, and many more
kamala video game

WWF Rage In The Cage

  • Released:  1993
  • Gaming Systems:  Sega CD
  • Match Types:  Singles, Tournament, No Holds Brawl, Steel Cage Match 

Game Pros

  • Steel cage matches
  • A roster that includes some of the more unique wrestlers you will find in a video game like the Headshrinkers and Tatanka

Kamala Merchandise

A selection of the best Kamala-related gifts and merchandise we could find around the web.  

The official autobiography of James Harris the man who portrayed Kamala.  The true-life story of a man who overcame some tragic events in his life to find great success in the WWF only to deal with more sad health-related issues post-career.  It is an inspirational story even if you were not a wrestling fan in the eighties when Kamala was most popular.

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