List Of All McDonalds Funko Pops

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all mcdonalds funko pops

In the realm of brand mascots, few figures are as iconic or universally recognized as Ronald McDonald. This jovial clown, with his striking red hair, bold yellow outfit, and infectious smile, has been a beloved figure for generations, elevating McDonald’s into an international symbol of fast food. Ronald’s image has transcended beyond the restaurant’s arches, finding its way into numerous forms of merchandise, from toys included in Happy Meals to highly coveted collectible items.

One such collectible phenomenon sweeping the globe is Funko Pops, charming vinyl figurines that encapsulate our favorite characters from various pop culture franchises. When McDonald’s, a brand embedded in our global consciousness, combined forces with Funko, it resulted in an incredibly diverse and engaging collection that resonates with both young fans and nostalgic adults. The result is an amalgamation of vibrant, cute, and irresistibly collectible Funko Pops, representing the memorable McDonald’s Characters we’ve grown to love from our McDonald’s adventures.

McDonald’s Funko Pop Checklist

  • #85 Ronald McDonald (McDonald’s)
  • # 85 Ronald McDonald (Diamond Collection) – BoxLunch
  • # 86 Grimace (McDonald’s)
  • # 87 Hamburglar (McDonald’s)
  • # 88 Mayor McCheese (McDonald’s)
  • # 89 Officer Mac (McDonald’s)
  • # 99 Captain Crook (McDonald’s) – NYCC 2020
  • # 109 Rock Out Ronald McDonald (McDonald’s)
  • #110 Birdie The Early Bird (McDonald’s)
  • #111 Cowboy McNugget (McDonald’s)
  • #112 Fireman McNugget (McDonald’s)
  • #113 Rockstar McNugget (McDonald’s)
  • #114 Tennis McNugget (McDonald’s)
  • #115 Scuba McNugget (McDonald’s) – Target
  • #138 Drummer McNugget (McDonald’s) – FunKon SDCC 2021
  • #139 Ronald McDonald (McDonald’s) – Thailand Exclusive
  • #139 Ronald McDonald (Chase – Glow) – Thailand Exclusive
  • #145 Pumpkin McNugget (McDonald’s) – NYCC 2021
  • #147 Speedee (McDonald’s) – Funko Shop
  • #148 Meal Squad Hamburger (McDonald’s)
  • #149 Meal Squad French Fries (McDonald’s)
  • #150 Meal Squad Cup (McDonald’s)
  • #180 Birthday Ronald McDonald (McDonald’s)
  • # 181 Hamburglar (McDonald’s)
  • #205 Holiday Grimace (Coming Sept 2023)
  • #206 Halloween McBoo McNugget (Coming Sept 2023)
  • #207 Halloween Mummy McNugget (Coming Sept 2023)
  • #208 Halloween Vampire McNugget (Coming Sept 2023)
  • #209 Halloween Witch McBugget (Coming Sept 2023)

Combo Pack Funko Pops

  • Fry Guys Orange and Blue
  • Fry Guys Red and Green
  • McDonald’s 5 Pack – Ronald, Grimace, Officer Mac, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese

All McDonald Funko Pops

ronald mcdonald funko pop 85

Ronald McDonald #85

The main mascot of McDonald’s, Ronald’s Funko Pop captures his trademark clown suit, yellow gloves, and bright red hair, an absolute delight for any collector. You can’t go wrong with adding one of the most famous brand mascots ever to your collection.

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ronald mcdonald funko pop diamond

Ronald McDonald #85 (Diamond)

This version of Ronald sparkles in the Diamond Collection edition, exclusive to BoxLunch. This is the rarer of the two original Ronald Funko Pop’s and is usually priced higher.

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grimace funko pop 86

Grimace #86

Grimace, the lovable purple character, brings back childhood memories with his wide grin. Grimace along with Ronald are two of the most popular collectibles in the collection.

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hamburglar funko pop 87

Hamburglar #87

Featuring his signature mask and burger, this Hamburglar Funko Pop is an absolute steal. If you want the original Hamburglar make sure you get #87 as there are a few versions of him out there.

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mayor mccheese funko pop

Mayor McCheese #88

Showcasing Mayor McCheese with his hamburger head and sash, this Funko Pop radiates authority.

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officer mac funko pop 89

Officer Mac #89

Officer Big Mac, the upholder of the law in McDonaldland, is captured splendidly with his Big Mac head in Funko Pop #89.

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captain crook funko pop 99

Captain Crook #99

Captain Crook, with his pirate attire and burglar mask, is an excellent ode to the mischievous character from McDonaldland. This was an NYCC 2020 exclusive Funko Pop.

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ronald rock out funko pop

Rock Out Ronald #109

The Rock Out version of Ronald, with his electric guitar, brings an edgy twist to the familiar mascot.

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birdie early bird funko pop

Birdie The Early Bird #110

Birdie, McDonald’s first female character, is beautifully represented with her flight goggles and pink jumpsuit.

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cowboy mcnugget funko pop

Cowboy McNugget #111

The Cowboy McNugget brings a wild west flavor, complete with a cowboy hat and bandana. I find this one sells out quickly when it comes available online.

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fireman mcnugget funko pop

Fireman McNugget #112

This McNugget donned in a fireman’s gear, is ready for any rescue mission.

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rockstar mcNugget funko pop

Rockstar McNugget #113

The Rockstar McNugget, with its cool guitar and sunglasses, adds a rock-n-roll vibe to the collection. The only female McNugget so far so this funko is a good collector’s item.

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tennis mcNugget funko pop

Tennis McNugget #114

Showcasing a McNugget in tennis attire, this Funko Pop is a perfect serve for sports enthusiasts. He looks like an old-school tennis player in the realm of John Mcenroe or Bjorn Borg.

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scuba mcnugget funko pop

Scuba McNugget #115

This Scuba McNugget, equipped with diving gear, is ready for underwater adventures. This was a Target exclusive.

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drummer mcnugget funko pop

Drummer McNugget #138

The Drummer McNugget, pounding away at her drum set, is a must-have for music-loving collectors. This was a San Deigo Comic Con exclusive from 2021 by Hot Topic.

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ronald mcdonald funko pop 139

Ronald McDonald #139

This Thailand-exclusive Ronald McDonald, with his traditional clown attire, adds an international flavor to the collection. It is one of the more rare Funko’s in the McDonald’s collection and a good one for collectors to add to their collection.

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ronald mcdonald chase glow funko pop

Ronald McDonald Chase Glow #139

This glow-in-the-dark version of Ronald #139 offers an exciting, luminous twist. Make sure the box has the “Chase” glow sticker when purchasing if you are looking for this specific version.

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pumpkin mcnugget funk pop 145

Pumpkin McNugget #145

The Pumpkin McNugget, dressed for Halloween, brings a spooky charm to the collection. This was a 2021 NYCC exclusive and is extremely sought after. It commands the highest price in the collection.

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speedee funko pop

Speedee Funko Pop #147

Speedee, the original mascot before Ronald, is a beautiful nod to McDonald’s history. This is one of my favorite Funko’s in the collection and a cool nod to the history of the McDonald’s franchise.

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meal squad hamburger funko pop

Meal Squad Hamburger #148

This anthropomorphic hamburger, part of the Meal Squad, adds a quirky touch. The meal squad Funko Pops are the cutest of the bunch for sure.

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french fries funko pop 149

Meal Squad French Fries #149

The Meal Squad French Fries, with its vibrant packaging and charming smile, is sure to melt hearts.

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meal squad cup funko pop

Meal Squad French Fries #150

The Meal Squad Cup, representing McDonald’s iconic beverage, rounds out the Meal Squad Funko Pops.

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birthday ronald mcdonald funko pop

Birthday Ronald McDonald #180

The Birthday Ronald McDonald, featuring Ronald with a birthday cake, is a celebration in Funko Pop form.

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holiday grimace funko pop

Holiday Grimace #205

This adorable Grimace with him wearing a Santa hat and scarf is going to be much sought after. You can pre-order now on Entertainment Earth.

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mcboo mcnugget funko pop

McBoo McNugget #206

The first of the 2023 Halloween collection is McBoo McNugget featuring a McNugget in a ghost costume reminiscent of Charlie Brown in The Great Pumpkin episode.

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mummy mcnugget funko pop

Mummy McNugget #207

A Mummy McNugget costume complete with a spider and a golden arch on the front of the costume. This is a great Funko Pop, and many collectors will seek this one out.

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vampire mcnugget funko pop

Vampire McNugget #208

This McNugget Vampire is here to suck your blood and features a Nugget in a classic Dracula costume.

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witch mcnugget funko pop

Witch McNugget #209

The final 2023 Halloween McNugget pop is Witch. She has a black witch hat and a purple cape each with the golden arch logo.

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McDonald’s Funko Combo Packs

fry guys orange blue funko pop

Fry Kids Orange and Blue

These combo packs feature smaller figures and this one includes the famous mascots from the past, the Orange and Bue Fry Kids.

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fry kids green red funko pops

Fry Kids Green and Red

These Fry Kids are Green and Red and were an exclusive release, they are a little harder to find than their orange and blue counterparts.

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mcdonalds 5 pack funko pops

McDonald’s 5 Pack

This Golden Arches exclusive 5-pack contains smaller versions of the Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Officer Mac, and Mayor McCheese original Funko Pops.

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Whether you’re a fast-food enthusiast, a Funko Pop collector, or just someone who enjoys fun and nostalgia, the McDonald’s Funko Pop collection offers an exciting opportunity to celebrate the iconic figures of the long running fast-food chain. As we’ve seen, this collection is not only diverse and detailed, but it also serves as a delightful trip down memory lane, revisiting the familiar faces that have become synonymous with the golden arches of McDonald’s.

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