Complete List Of Cereal Mascots

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cereal mascots

There’s something inexplicably nostalgic about pouring a bowl of your favorite cereal, the crisp sound filling the quiet of the morning. It takes us back to those bleary-eyed breakfasts before school, cartoon commercials playing in the background and the back of the cereal box providing entertaining reading material. But what really made those boxes fascinating? The mascots, of course! Those brightly colored characters promising adventure, fun, and a delicious start to your day.

If I say “They’re grrreat” chances are most people are going to instantly connect the phrase to the one and only Tony The Tiger. The brilliance of these cereal characters is how they stay with us no matter what age we are. Let’s stroll down memory lane together, reminiscing about our favorite cereal mascots and uncovering some fun facts about them.

Cereal Mascots By Company

General Mills


Post Cereals

  • Crispy
  • Cracko
  • Barney Rubble
  • Fred Flintstone
  • Honeycomb Kid
  • Linus The Lionhearted
  • Lovable Truly
  • Sugar Bear

Quaker Oats

  • Cap’n Crunch
  • Mr. T
  • Quisp

Force Food Company


  • Klondike Pete


  • Waffelo Bill

List Of All Cereal Mascots

sunny jim on force wheat flakes box

Sunny Jim

Company: Force Food Company
Cereal Name: Force Wheat Flakes
First Appearance: 1902

High o’er the fence leaps Sunny Jim, Force is the food that raises him.

Fun Fact
Sunny Jim is one of the earliest cereal mascots and his popularity led to a variety of merchandise, from postcards to figurines.


Sunny Jim was created in 1902 and is the first known character created to promote a cereal brand. Sunny Jim was the cartoon that graced the cover of Force Wheat Flakes, which was also the first successful wheat flake cereal. He is a jaunty gentleman dressed in a suit and top hat, created as a personification of the vitality and energy that Force Wheat Flakes promised. His character was inspired by a catchy jingle written for a Force advertising competition and he was said to be as well known as President Roosevelt at the time.

toucan sam on fruit loops cereal box

Toucan Sam

Company: Kellog’s
Cereal Name: Fruit Loops
First Appearance: 1963

Follow your nose! It always knows!

Fun Fact
Did you know that Toucan Sam initially had pink feathers and a shorter beak? His image has evolved over the decades into the colorful character we know today.


Toucan Sam, the vibrant, multi-colored mascot of Froot Loops, embodies the fun and fruity essence of the cereal. His exotic bird persona, complete with a rainbow beak, invites children into a world of flavor exploration. The concept behind Toucan Sam was to create a character that was as colorful and enticing as the cereal itself, making breakfast an adventurous experience. Over the years, Toucan Sam has become synonymous with the joy of discovering new tastes, turning a simple meal into a sensory journey.

tony the tiger frosties cereal box

Tony The Tiger

Company: Kellog’s
Cereal Name: Frosted Flakes
First Appearance: 1952

“They’re Grrreat!”

Fun Fact
Tony originally competed against three other potential mascots for the role: Katy the Kangaroo, Elmo the Elephant, and Newt the Gnu.


Tony the Tiger isn’t just a mascot; he’s one of the reigning kings of the cereal aisle. If you ask me, he’s likely the most recognized cereal mascot in the world. Since his roaring debut in 1952, Tony has been the unchanging face of Frosted Flakes, a testament to the timeless appeal of his character. In an industry where trends come and go like the seasons, Tony has stood the test of time with his unwavering charisma and uplifting spirit. His continued relevance after more than 65 years is a powerful statement: sometimes, you get it so right the first time that you don’t need to change a thing.

buzz the bee on cheerios cereal box

Buzz The Bee

Company: General Mills
Cereal Name: Cheerios
First Appearance: 1979

“Its a honey of an O! It’s Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Fun Fact
Buzz was one of the first mascots to be actively involved in environmental campaigns, particularly those focused on saving the bees.


Buzz the Bee burst onto the scene as the friendly, enthusiastic face of Honey Nut Cheerios. His creation marked a shift towards more environmentally conscious branding, aligning perfectly with the honey-centric theme of the cereal. Buzz’s character is not just about promoting a product; he also plays a vital role in educating the public about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. His appeal extends beyond mere advertising, as he embodies a message of conservation and awareness, making him a mascot with a mission.

Fun Merchandise

lucky leprechaun on lucky charms cereal box

Lucky The Leprechaun

Company: General Mills
Cereal Name: Lucky Charms
First Appearance: 1964

“They’re Magically Delicious!”

Fun Fact
Lucky is known for his magical adventures, often involving whimsical escapes from kids trying to catch him and his Lucky Charms.


Lucky the Leprechaun, the spirited mascot of Lucky Charms, brings a touch of Irish folklore to the breakfast table. Created during a time when animated, thematic characters began to dominate cereal branding, Lucky’s playful escapades and magical charm have made him a staple of morning routines. His ability to connect with children through imaginative storytelling and the whimsical world of Lucky Charms has not only boosted the cereal’s popularity but also cemented his status as a cultural figure in the realm of advertising mascots.

count chocula on cereal box

Count Chocula

Company: General Mills
Cereal Name: Count Chocula
First Appearance: 1971

“I’m gaga for cocoa!”

Fun Fact
Count Chocula is part of the Monster Cereals lineup, which becomes widely available during the Halloween season.


Count Chocula, with his distinctive Dracula-esque persona, introduced a playful spookiness to breakfast tables. His creation tapped into the popularity of classic horror characters, offering a unique twist by combining it with the appeal of chocolate-flavored cereal. Count Chocula not only became a Halloween season staple but also a year-round favorite for those who love a dash of whimsy with their morning meal. His longevity in the market is a testament to the clever blend of humor, nostalgia, and tasteful spookiness that he represents.

sunny on raisin bran cereal box


Company: Kellogg’s
Cereal Name: Raisan Bran
First Appearance: 1966

“Two scoops of raisins in a package of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran”

Fun Fact
Sunny is known for the iconic “two scoops” phrase, emphasizing the abundance of raisins in each box.


Sunny, the genial sun mascot of Raisin Bran, isn’t just another character on a cereal box; he’s a beacon of morning optimism. It’s hard not to feel a bit more cheerful seeing his beaming face alongside the famous ‘two scoops of raisins’ phrase. Sunny’s design, simple yet full of warmth, has always resonated with me as a symbol of wholesome, uncomplicated goodness. He’s like that reliable friend who promises you something good in every encounter, reminding us of the sunny side of life, quite literally. That’s the magic of Sunny – a timeless reminder that sometimes, the simplest joys are the most enduring ones.

Franken Berry

franken berry cereal mascot
  • Company: General Mills
  • Cereal Name: Fraken Berry
  • First Appearance: 1971
  • Slogan: Super sweet, can’t be beat!


Franken Berry is a friendly, pink version of Frankenstein’s monster, complete with a head made of delicious strawberry-flavored cereal. His creation was a playful twist on the iconic monster, aiming to make a character that was endearing and appealing to children. He and Count Chocula would bicker over whose cereal was indeed the best and to this day both have stood the test of time and are still being produced.


Although he is inspired by the very frightening Frankenstein, Franken Berry is gentle, kind, and always cheerful.

Fun Fact

In 1972, consuming Franken Berry cereal was found to cause a harmless condition called “Franken Berry Stool” where the dye turned the consumer’s stool pink!

Bigg Mixx

bigg mixx cereal mascot
  • Company: Kellog’s
  • Cereal Name: Bigg Mixx
  • First Appearance: 1990
  • Slogan: It’s a different kind of mix!


Big Mixx was a quirky combination of several animals – a rooster, moose, pig, and wolf – mirroring the variety of grains in the cereal. This bizarre, yet endearing mascot aimed to capture the eclectic mix of ingredients in the cereal. The cereal contained classic cornflakes, rolled oats, and rice cereal and came in a plain version and a raisin version.


Big Mixx is a jolly character, embodying the fun and surprising element of Kellogg’s Big Mixx cereal.

Fun Fact

Big Mixx cereal and its mascot had a short run, disappearing from the shelves just two years after its introduction.

Linus the Lionhearted

crispy critters cereal box
  • Company: Post
  • Cereal Name: Crispy Critters
  • First Appearance: 1964
  • Slogan: The cereals with the BIG taste!


Linus is a regal yet friendly lion, conceived as the King of the Beasts. He represented the ‘heart’ in Heart of Oats Cereal, symbolizing courage and bravery. This bold mascot was also a television star, with his own animated series that expanded on his cereal box adventures.


Linus is brave, kind-hearted, and always ready to lend a helping hand, portraying the values that the cereal aimed to inspire in children.

Fun Fact

Linus the Lionhearted is one of the few cereal mascots who had his own Saturday morning cartoon show which aired from 1964 to 1966

Snap, Crackle, and Pop

rice krispies cereal mascots
  • Company: Kellog’s
  • Cereal Name: Rice Krispies
  • First Appearance: 1933
  • Slogan: Snap! Crackle! Pop!


This dynamic trio, each with a chef’s hat on their heads, are elf-like characters that personify the sound Rice Krispies make when milk is poured onto them.


These three are lively, cheerful, and somewhat mischievous, making breakfast time an exciting event with their onomatopoeic namesake sounds.

Fun Fact

Snap, Crackle, and Pop are one of the oldest mascot teams, bringing joy and fun to breakfast tables for over 90 years!

Klondike Pete

klondike pete cereal mascot
  • Company: Nabisco
  • Cereal Name: Yukon Gold Cereal
  • First Appearance: 1972
  • Slogan: There’s gold in them thar hills!


Klondike Pete is a rugged gold miner, created to embody the adventurous spirit of Yukon Gold Cereal. His character, evocative of the Gold Rush era, aimed to transport children to the thrilling wilds of the Yukon with each bite. He came with his trusty sidekick, a mule named Thorndike. The cereal was discontinued in 1975 in the US but Klondike Pete re-appeared in 1999 in the UK back where the cereal brand was originally created.


Klondike Pete is brave, ambitious, and always ready for an adventure, just like a true gold miner.

Fun Fact

Each box of Yukon Gold cereal came with a “nugget” of gold (gold-wrapped chocolate candy), which Klondike Pete was always searching for.


quisp cereal mascot
  • Company: Quaker
  • Cereal Name: Quisp Cereal
  • First Appearance: 1965
  • Slogan: Vitamin-powered sugary cereal for Quazy energy!


Quisp is a pink alien from Planet Q with a propeller on top of his helmet. Created by the animation legends at Jay Ward Productions, he symbolizes the out-of-this-world flavor of the sugary cereal. Quisp had a good run during the sixties and early seventies but was discontinued in the late seventies. It has since become famous for being the first internet cereal when in 2001 Quaker made the product available online.


Quisp is zany, quick-witted, and always up for some extraterrestrial fun.

Fun Fact

Quisp was involved in a mock rivalry with Quake, the mascot of Quaker’s Quake cereal. Kids were asked to vote for their favorite, and Quisp won.

Cookie Jarvis

cookie crisp mascot
  • Company: General Mills
  • Cereal Name: Cookie Crisp
  • First Appearance: 1977
  • Slogan: It’s like having cookies for breakfast!


Cookie Jarvis is a wizard with the magical ability to turn anything into a cookie. He represented the enchantment of having cookies for breakfast, making children’s dream breakfast a reality with Cookie Crisp cereal. Cookie Jarvis was the very first mascot for Cookie Crisp back in 1977.


Cookie Jarvis is playful, whimsical, and friendly, always using his magic for fun and treats.

Fun Fact

Cookie Jarvis was replaced by Chip the Wolf in the late 1990s.

Captain Ric

kelloggs ricicles cereal
  • Company: Kellog’s
  • Cereal Name: Ricicles
  • First Appearance: 1950s
  • Slogan: Make every morning a Ricicles morning!


Captain Ric is a cheerful astronaut from Planet Vit, traveling through the galaxy to bring Ricicles to Earth. His character was designed to promote the cereal’s space-age theme, tapping into the excitement around space exploration in the 1950s and 60s. Captain Ric was a mascot used mainly in the United Kingdom by Kellogg’s to sell Ricicles cereal. Basically, the Rice Krispies of the United Kingdom for all you American folks.


Captain Ric is an adventurous, smart, and outgoing astronaut.

Fun Fact

Captain Ricicles is often seen with his alien friend, Marso, who loves Ricicles.

Cap’N Crunch

cap n crunch cereal mascot

  • Company: Quaker Oats
  • Date Created: 1963
  • Slogan: It’s got corn for crunch, oats for punch, and it stays crunchy, even in milk

Cap’N Crunch is on the Mount Rushmore of cereal mascots and has been a mainstay for over 50 years and counting. He is depicted as an old revolutionary naval captain and early on he was wielding a long sword. He certainly seems to have “Napolean” as an inspiration for his outfit. His actual full name according to the company is Horatio Q. Crunch.

H.T. The Robot

ht robot hidden treasures

  • Company: General Mills
  • Date Created: 1993
  • Slogan: The taste that’s full of surprises!

This mascot is an obscure one and it’s impressive if you remember H.T. the Robot mascot on boxes of Hidden Treasures. The whole angle of the cereal was that some of the corn squares contained fruit surprises which H.T. was eager to find. Poor H.T. didn’t last too long as the cereal was a flop and only lasted 2 years before it was discontinued by General Mills.

Fred Flintstone

fred flintstone fruity pebbles

  • Company: Post
  • Date Created: 1969
  • Slogan: New Waffelos Cereal… a nice part of a complete breakfast. Yaaa Hooo!

Put an iconic character on the cover of a cereal box, give it a catchy name and you have a match made in heaven. Fruity Pebbles and The Flintstone characters are rockstars in the breakfast world and have been going strong for over 50 years. Although many Flintstone Characters have graced the cover of Fruity Pebbles, Fred is the original mascot and really made the cereal a hit among children in the 70s and 80s.

Waffelo Bill

waffelo bill cereal mascot

  • Company: Ralston
  • Date Created: 1979
  • Slogan: New Waffelos Cereal… a nice part of a complete breakfast. Yaaa Hooo!

Waffelo Bill is the cowboy mascot of Waffelo’s cereal which was popular in the 80s. I never tasted it myself but sweetened cereal with maple syrup sounds delicious albeit horrible for your health I’m sure. Waffelo Bill himself was a well-drawn character with a big bushy mustache and a large cowboy hat. He even came with his own sidekick horse who played guitar.

Dig ‘Em Frog

dig em frog honey smacks

  • Company: Kelloggs
  • Date Created: 1972
  • Slogan: Gimme a Smack

Dig ‘Em Frog was brought in to represent the rebranded Honey Smacks formerly Sugar Smacks. He was meant to appeal to a younger, hip generation and was a hit mascot for many years. He was so popular in fact that when he was discontinued in 1986 college students staged a demonstration to bring back Dig ‘Em. It worked and he was back as the proud mascot for Honey Smacks in 1987.


et cereal box

  • Company: General Mills
  • Date Created: 1984
  • Slogan: A Glowing Part Of A Good Breakfast

Believe it or not, Hollywood’s most famous alien, E.T., was once a cereal brand mascot. The cereals came in little letters E and T and were peanut butter and chocolate covered. Surprisingly, it didn’t last too long on shelves although it was said to be a pretty tasty cereal. It likely debuted too late after the movie’s success which was two years earlier.

Sonny The Cuckoo Bird

sonny cocoa puffs

  • Company: General Mills
  • Date Created: 1962
  • Slogan: I’m Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Sonny The Cuckoo Bird has one of the most memorable slogan’s Cereal Mascot history. His famous “I’m Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs” line from all the commercials is an unforgettable line and brilliant marketing. Sonny was an instant hit when he was introduced and has graced the box of Cocoa Puffs ever since. Cocoa Puffs themselves have been around since 1956 and are made from corn and rice.

Lovable Truly

loveable truly alpha bits

  • Company: Post
  • Date Created: 1964
  • Slogan: Tastiest cereal you’ve ever met – it’s just like eating up the alphabet!

Loveable Truly is truly one of the weirdest mascot names I’ve ever heard but he graced the cover of Alpha Bits back in the 60’s. He replaced a much grittier-looking postman and they wanted a more friendly, approachable character that was, you guessed it, loveable. He only lasted one year as their mascot and Alpha bits has had a bit of a revolving door of mascots gracing the cover of their cereal box.


corn crackos cereal box

  • Company: Post
  • Date Created: 1967
  • Slogan: Crackos, Crackos wake up for Crackos!

Going way back into the land of forgotten cereals, we find a mascot named Cracko from the Corn Crackos cereal. First introduced in 1967 by Post it was billed as the cereal to wake up the whole family because of its crispy crunch and crackling noise. The name is certainly curious and one has to assume they knew what they were doing with having “Crack” in the name. I got to admit though the bird (is it a bird?) mascot is hilarious and the Corn Crackos Commercial is worth a watch.

Sugar Bear

sugar crisp cereal

  • Company: Post
  • Date Created: 1965
  • Slogan: Can’t Get Enough Of That Sugar Crisp

Sugar Bear is another mascot at the top of the most famous list and I think he has one of the simplest and best slogans, You Can’t Get Enough Of That Sugar Crisp. It’s the way he says it that makes it stick in your head for hours. He was first introduced in 1965 for an animated kid’s show as a co-star for Linus The Lionhearted. He was the one that resonated with kid’s the most however and has become the cereal mascot for Sugar Crisp ever since his debut.

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