Mad Magazine Comic Parodies

Matt Kasper


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mad magazine spiderman cover

Mad Magazine is an iconic satirical magazine that has been around since 1952. The magazine’s mascot is the one and only Alfred E. Neuman and he is typically the focal point of each and every cover. MAD has parodied almost everything in pop culture from movies to tv shows, video games, and presidents. Below we look at all the times Mad Magazine parodied a comic book figure or theme.

The list is presented in order of publication date starting from 1966 when the first Comic parody cover was released.

mad magazine batman robin 105

Parody: Batman and Robin
Date: Sept 1966
Issue #: 105

mad magazine superman 208

Parody: Superman
Date: July 1979
Issue #: 208

mad magazine popeye

Parody: Popeye
Date: July 1979
Issue #: 225

mad magazine superman

Parody: Superman
Date: October 1981
Issue #: 226

mad magazine conan the barbarian

Parody: Conan The Barbarian
Date: December 1982
Issue #: 235

mad magazine superman 3

Parody: Superman
Date: December 1983
Issue #: 243

mad magazine batman

Parody: Batman
Date: September 1989
Issue #: 289

mad magazine teenage mutant ninja turtles

Parody: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Date: October 1991
Issue #: 306

mad magazine batman movie

Parody: Batman (Michael Keaton)
Date: October 1992
Issue #: 314

mad magazine batman forever

Parody: Batman Forever
Date: July 1995
Issue #: 337

mad magazine batman 359

Parody: Batman Special Cover
Date: July 1997
Issue #: 359

mad magazine xmen

Parody: X-Men (Wolverine)
Date: November 2000
Issue #: 399

mad magazine the hulk

Parody: The Hulk (Australian)
Date: July 2003
Issue #: 431

mad magazine spiderman

Parody: Spiderman
Date: June 2002
Issue #: 418

mad magazine hulk

Parody: The Hulk
Date: July 2003
Issue #: 431

mad magazine spiderman 2

Parody: Spiderman 2
Date: August 2004
Issue #: 444

mad magazine batman begins

Parody: Batman Begins
Date: July 2005
Issue #: 455

mad magazine fantastic four

Parody: Fantastic Four
Date: August 2005
Issue #: 456

mad magazine superman returns

Parody: Superman Returns
Date: August 2006
Issue #: 468

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