Minecraft Gift Ideas For Gamers

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Minecraft is a video game produced by Mojang Studios that was released in 2011. Since its release, the game has become one of the most popular video games ever created. It has sold over 150 million copies across all gaming platforms making it the 2nd most-bought video game of all time, only behind Tetris. Players explore worlds made out of blocks and gather resources to make structures in order to protect themselves from various enemies.

The game has a massive and loyal fanbase that has given birth to many popular gaming streams on Youtube and Twitch. With such a large community of players and fans, there is of course a whole industry dedicated to Minecraft gifts and merchandise. The options seem endless and that’s why we have put together a streamlined article to highlight the absolute best Minecraft gifts for fans, gamers, streamers, and collectors. We will constantly update the list to make sure the latest and greatest gifts are included so check back often.

All Minecraft Gift Ideas

Minecraft Lego Toy Set

Lego toy sets have made an incredible comeback in recent years and have become popular gifts for kids of all ages. This Minecraft Lego set comes in 3 sections, giving kids endless opportunities to let their creative minds rearrange and build.

TNT Storage Cube

This is a great gift for any boy or girl’s room or even an entertainment gaming room. It is a Minecraft TNT storage cube in which you can store toys, games, pet toys basically anything you want. It adds a fun touch to any room.

Minecraft Hot and Cold Mug Set

One of my favorite Minecraft gifts. Brew your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea in this Minecraft mug. The mug change color based on whether the drink is hot or cold.

Minecraft Creeper Funko Pop

Funko Pop #320 is a homage to the Creeper character from Minecraft. Whether you are a collector or Minecraft gamer this is a must addition to your room. A Funko Pop is always a great Christmas or Birthday gift for kids of all ages.

Plush Minecraft Bee

All the Minecraft plush toys are cute as can be but our favorite is in fact the bee. Appropriate for kids 3 and older, it is very soft and 8 inches tall. Young Minecraft gamers will fall in love with the stuffed toys as they are so adorable.

Minecraft Dungeons Nano Figures

Officially licensed by Minecraft you get a 20-pack of collectible Minecraft figures. Includes many popular characters such as Hex, Adriene, Piggy Bank, Tamed Wolf, and many more.

Minecraft Bow And Arrow Toy

This gift is perfect for kids or adults who love to cosplay or dress up for Halloween. It is a pixelated bow and arrow that perfectly mimics how it looks in the game. It actually makes 9 different sounds like heard in the real game. This is a highly-rated gift on Amazon.

Steve Classic Cosplay Costume

Speaking of dress-up costumes, how about this amazing Steve Classic full costume. It comes with a square shirt and a pixilated mask. Your kids will love dressing up like a Minecraft character and they will be a hit at any cosplay party. You can get an optional sword accessory as well.

Minecraft For Nintendo Switch

I assume if you are on this list you or your giftee already have the Minecraft game. However, most don’t know that besides being available on PC you can also play on Nintendo Switch which is one of the most popular gaming systems for kids and teens.

Minecraft TNT Creeper Desk Lamp

Add some flare to your kid’s room or gaming room with this unique Creeper TNT desk lamp. This is a really fun home decor gift that is true to the style of the Minecraft game.

Redstone Torch

Next, we have a USB rechargeable Minecraft Redstone Torch. I can think of so many fun uses for this gift such as a Cosplay accessory, nightlight, or even a fun camping accessory to tell ghost stories around.

Minecraft Paint Set

I love this gift for young Minecraft fans. It is a paint-your-own Minecraft figure set that comes with 2 ceramic figures, 2 paint brushes, and 6 color pods. They can create their favorite Minecraft character or create their own.

Sprite Characters Short Sleeve Shirt

This is a cute gift featuring sprite faces of all the popular characters from the Minecraft video game. It comes in different colors and has a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Minecraft Joke Book

This is a simple, cost-effective gift for Minecraft fans. It’s an official Minecraft Joke book filled with over 200 corny and hilarious Dad jokes. Each joke comes with an illustration which is really neat and the book also contains a full-color Minecraft poster for the kid’s room.

Snapback Creeper Hat and Wallet

You get a 2-for-1 package of gifts with this Creeper Time Hat and Wallet gift set. The bright neon green hat stands out from the crowd and the wallet has the Creeper character imprinted on it.

Large Plush Cat Character

Outfit your young daughter or son’s room with this adorable plush cat character from the Minecraft video game. They are soft and snuggly and come in different characters including Cat, Fox, Panda, Pig, and Turtle.

Warden Action Figure

This Warden action figure is badass and any kid will go crazy when they see it in action. The Warden figure comes to life with two sound and light modes that can be activated and has a “Hunt” mode which really brings Warden to life as he prepares to destroy his target.

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

This is a sharp-looking Creeper hoodie for boys and girls up to age 14. Keep the kids warm with this zipper hoodie embroidered with a Creeper face and TNT logo.

Alex Pillow Buddy

Alex from Minecraft is one of the popular main characters in the game. Show your love for Alex with this stuffed Alex pillow in the Minecraft pixilated style.

Black Creeper Hoodie

This is a stylish Black Creeper Hoodie for boys or girls ages 7 to 14. Features the iconic green pixilated blocks and fan favorite enemy Creeper. The contrast between the green and the black really makes this hooded sweater pop out.

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