Minecraft Gift Ideas For Gamers

Matt Kasper


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minecraft title screen

Minecraft is a video game produced by Mojang Studios that was released in 2011. Since its release, the game has become one of the most popular video games ever created. It has sold over 150 million copies across all gaming platforms making it the 2nd most-bought video game of all time, only behind Tetris. Players explore worlds made out of blocks and gather resources to make structures to protect themselves from various enemies.

The game has a massive and loyal fanbase that has given birth to many popular gaming streams on YouTube and Twitch. With such a large community of players and fans, there is of course a whole industry dedicated to Minecraft gifts and merchandise. The options seem endless and that’s why we have put together a streamlined article to highlight the absolute best Minecraft gifts for fans, gamers, streamers, and collectors. We will constantly update the list to make sure the latest and greatest gifts are included so check back often.

All Minecraft Gift Ideas

TNT Storage Cube

minecraft storage cube
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This is a great gift for any boy or girl’s room or even an entertainment gaming room. It is a Minecraft TNT storage cube where you can store toys, games, pet toys or anything you want. It adds a fun touch to any room.

Plush Minecraft Bee

mincraft plush bee
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All the Minecraft plush toys are cute as can be but our favorite is the bee. Appropriate for kids 3 and older, it is very soft and 8 inches tall. Young Minecraft gamers will fall in love with the stuffed toys as they are so adorable.

Steel Insulated Bottle

minecraft steel bottle
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Quench your thirst for adventure with the FUNTAINER Minecraft Straw Bottle! This 12-ounce stainless steel bottle, adorned with iconic Minecraft imagery, keeps drinks cold for hours.

Potion Desk Lamp

minecraft desk lamp
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Illuminate your space with the magic of Minecraft! This Potion Bottle LED Desk Lamp casts a warm, color-changing glow, creating a mystical ambiance in any room. Standing 7 inches tall, it’s a charming night light and a delightful decoration, sure to enchant fans of all ages.

Minecraft Beanie Hat and Gloves

minecraft beanie
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Keep warm this winter with the Creeper Kids Winter Set! This set is not only a tribute to Minecraft but also ensures warmth and comfort during chilly adventures.

Boys’ Slip-On Shoes

minecraft sneakers
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Step up your game with these Minecraft-inspired slip-on shoes! Perfect for little adventurers, these shoes combine comfort with casual style, making them ideal for everyday wear. The Minecraft-themed design adds a playful touch, ensuring these shoes are a hit with young fans.

Minecraft Lego Skeleton Dungeon Set

minecraft lego set
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Unleash the builder within with the Minecraft Skeleton Dungeon Set! This construction toy brings the excitement of Minecraft’s underground world to life.

Minecraft Boys Crew Socks

minecraft boys socks pack
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Step into the world of Minecraft with style and comfort! These soft, breathable crew socks, featuring vibrant Minecraft designs, are perfect for daily adventures. Available in packs of 3 or 5.

Warden Action Figure with Lights

minecraft warden action figure
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Bring the pixelated excitement of Minecraft into the real world! The Warden Action Figure, complete with lights and sounds, is a thrilling addition to any fan’s collection. This detailed toy allows kids to recreate their favorite Minecraft moments, making it a must-have for creative play.

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