Pro Wrestling NES Characters

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pro wrestling nintendo

Pro Wrestling for the original Nintendo System is a cult classic as it is the first-ever wrestling game released on the system. The game was released in 1986 and was developed by Nintendo themselves. The game was well-received at the time and was actually named Sports Game of the Year by the Computer Gaming World. For Nostalgia lovers, the game is legendary and is still played on Emulators to this day.

The wrestling roster consisted of 6 playable characters each with their own style and moves. I mean for being the first wrestling game on the NES, Pro Wrestling was pretty damn impressive. You could climb turnbuckles, throw wrestlers over the ropes and lock up just like their real-life counterparts. Let’s take a closer look at the six unique Pro Wrestling wrestlers.

Fighter Hayabusa

fighter hayabusa nes

Fighter Hayabusa was Japanese and based on an actual Japanese wrestler named Antonio Ioki. His specialty move is the Back Brain kick.

Star Man

star man nes wrestling

Star Man was one of the flashier-looking wrestlers and had a great move set. He had two specialty moves; Somersault Kick and Flying Cross Chop. The Somersault kick was the most impressive as he could do a standing dropkick while flipping backward.

Kin Corn Karn

kin corn karn pro wrestling

Kin Corn Karn is a Korean wrestler and the oldest in the game. He has a Mongolian Chop and a Karate Kick as special moves. They aren’t very useful, to be honest, but they are fun to watch.

Giant Panther

giant panther pro wrestling nes

Giant Panther is a huge character listed at 6’6 and 320 lbs. His specialty moves are some of the best in the game and include an Iron Claw and a Head Butt. The Iron Claw in particular is very effective as he grasps his opponent’s head with two hands and squeezes the life out of them.

King Slender

king slender pro wrestling nes

King Slender is a cool-looking wrestler with orange hair and trunks. He is very pale looking and has a backbreaker as his special move.

The Amazon

the amazon pro wrestling nes

The Amazon is the creepiest wrestler in Pro Wrestling for the original Nintendo. I imagine he was modeled after the Swamp Thing. He has some illegal moves including a Piranha Bite and an Outlaw Choke. The Piranha Bite can cause your opponent to bleed.

The Great Puma

great puma pro wrestling nes

The Great Puma is a special character who only appears after you defend your VWA Title 10 times without a loss. He is incredibly difficult to beat as he possesses every single specialty move from all the other characters in the game. He looks more like a Panda to me than a Puma but he is cool nonetheless.

If you manage to beat the Great Puma then you are declared the V.W.A and V.W.F champion making you the ultimate pro wrestler.

pro wrestling nes champion

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