List Of RedHead Disney Characters

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ariel disney redhead character

Redheads represent only around 2% of the world’s population but when it comes to characters created by Disney red heads are represented very well by the media giant. Not only are “Ginger” characters well represented but some of them are the most well-known Disney characters of all time.

Disney has always tried to boast a broad, unique group of characters that are diverse and memorable. It’s hard to argue that the red-haired characters that Disney has brought to life are some of the most memorable ever. From Ariel to Peter Pan we will always have a soft spot for most of these ginger characters on this list:

ariel disney redhead


  • Ariel debuted in the 1989 film Little Mermaid
  • Fourth Disney Princess
  • She is 16 yrs old in her debut movie
  • Ariel has very long, beautiful dark red hair
peter pan disney redhead

Peter Pan

  • Peter Pan debuted in 1953
  • 14th Disney animated film
  • Known as the boy who never grows up
  • His age is never really known because in Neverland people never grow up
  • Peter Pan has medium-length, messy red hair
anna disney redhead


  • Anna debuted in the 2013 animated movie Frozen
  • Voiced by actress Kristen Bell
  • She is 18 yrs old in the original Frozen movie
  • Anna has long braided red hair but sometimes the color is referred to as “Strawberry Blonde”
jessica rabbit redhead

Jessica Rabbit

  • Debuted in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  • One of the most notorious “sex” symbols in animated film history
  • In the novel on which the film is based Jessica is of German descent
  • Jessica Rabbit has long, sultry red hair with side bangs that usually cover her right eye
hercules disney redhead


  • Hercules debuted in the 1997 Disney film Hercules
  • Son of Zeus and Hera
  • Hercules has medium-length bright reddish hair usually worn with a brown headband
merida disney redhead


  • Merida debuted in the 2012 Disney film Brave
  • She is a Scottish Princess and is the 11th official princess in the Disney lineup
  • In her debut film, she is a 16 yr old free-spirited girl
  • Merida has long, curly dark red hair
jessie disney redhead


  • Jessie debuted in the 1999 Disney film Toy Story 2
  • She is a pull-string doll
  • She and Buzz lightyear seem to be developing a relationship by the end of the film
  • Jessie has long, dark red hair made of yarn
thumbelina disney redhead


  • Debuted in 1994 in the film Thumbelina
  • She is very tiny, no bigger than a thumb hence the name Thumbelina
  • It is one of Disney’s worst-performing movies at the box office
  • Thumbelina has long, full light red hair usually worn in a ponytail
phineas disney redhead


  • Phineas debuted in 2007 on the Disney channel
  • Stars in the animated television series, “Phineas and Ferb”.
  • Phineas is around 8 to 10 years old and has a step-brother named Ferb also around the same age
  • Phineas has a small batch of bright red, spikey hair

kim possible disney redhead

Kim Possible

  • Debuted in 2002 on the Disney channel
  • Stars in the animated action series, “Kim Possible”.
  • The show lasted 5 years before ending in 2007
  • Kim possible has thick, red/orange hair which flows in the shape of a heart
anastasia disney redhead


  • Debuted in 1997 in the movie of the same name
  • Meg Ryan voiced the Anastasia character
  • The character is based on the real-life Anastasia Romanov and was a Grand Duchess
  • Anastasia has long beautifully flowing red hair
quasimodo disney redhead


  • Debuted in 1996 in the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Quasimodo was born deformed with his main characteristic being a hunched back
  • Quasimodo is 20 yrs old based on a comment by Laverne early in the film
  • Quasimodo has long short, messy red hair
prince hans disney redhead

Prince Hans

  • Debuted in the 2013 animated movie Frozen
  • Prince Hans is the so-called “bad guy” in the movie
  • Prince Hans has reddish, auburn hair which he styles with a middle part
thomas pocahontas redhead


  • Debuted in the 1995 animated movie Pocahontas
  • Was John Smith’s best friend in the movie, his loyal sidekick
  • He has dark red hair cut in a “mushroom” style
anastasia tremaine disney

Anastasia Tremaine

  • Debuted in the 1950 Disney movie Cinderella
  • Was one of the mean step-sisters who constantly picked on Cinderella
  • has dark red, shoulder-length hair

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