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secret lives of pets characters

The Secret Life Of Pets is a 2016 animated film by Universal Pictures set in a picturesque New York City. The film follows the lives of everyday pets in New York City on an animated comedic adventure. The two main pets the story revolves around are Max and Duke, two pet dogs who belong to their owner Katie. As they embark on their adventure we get to meet the crazy, adorable and hilarious cast of pets around them. The film is stunningly animated and the action moves fluidly across the screen bringing the Secret Lives Of Pets cast of characters to life.

From Max to Snowball and Pops there is an abundance of characters to fall in love with. We break down every notable pet and human to appear in the film. In order of appearance, we bring you the Secret Life of Pets Character list.

max secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Jack Russell
Voice Actor – Louis C.K.

Max is the main star of the film who has a great life with his owner Katie, that is until Duke arrives.

katie secret lives of pets


Role – Max’s Owner
Voice Actor – Ellie Kemper

Katie is Max’s owner whom he loves dearly. She surprises Max with a new brother named Duke and this starts a crazy adventure in Secret Lives of Pets.

puppy max secret lives of pets

Puppy Max

At the very beginning of the movie, we get a glimpse of Max as a puppy. He is very cute as most puppies are.

gidget secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Pomeranian
Voice Actor – Jenny Slate

Gidget is Max’s cute little Pomeranian neighbor. She secretly loves Max and leads the local pets in searching for him.

chloe secret lives of pets


Animal – Cat
Breed – Tabby
Voice Actor – Lake Bell

Chloe is a chubby cat a couple of floors down from Max in the same building. She is otherwise disinterested in anything except finding a good snack.

pepe secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Chihuahua

Pepe is a wide-eyed Chihuahua who follows the pack around wherever they go. He is super energetic and full of life.

mel secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Pug
Voice Actor – Bobby Moynihan

Mel is a hyperactive little Pug who has a great fear of squirrels. He is convinced they are up to no good and does not trust them.

sweet pea secret lives of pets

Sweet Pea

Animal – Bird
Breed – Parakeet
Voice Actor – Tara Strong

Sweetpea is a sweet, little Parakeet who just likes being a part of the party. Despite Chloe trying to eat her, she likes hanging around with all the other pets.

dino secret lives of pets


Animal – Fish
Breed – Goldfish
Voice Actor – None

Gino is a goldfish who makes a few appearances throughout the film. He just goes about his business swimming in his fishbowl.

shelly secret lives of pets


Animal – Turtle
Breed – Cumberland Slider
Voice Actor – None

Shelly seems like a very happy turtle who lives in a little bowl with a Palm Tree. She does manage to leave and take part in the many parties the pets throw at Pop’s house.

runty secret lives of pets


Animal – Hamster
Breed – Hamster
Voice Actor – None

Runty has one of the best names in the film and is a brown and white hamster.

cats secret lives of pets

Various Cats

During the opening sequences, we get a glimpse of an apartment filled with various cats up to all sorts of mischief.

buddy secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Dachshund
Voice Actor – Hannibal Buress

Buddy is a long, lean Dachshund or Weiner dog. He is very calm and laid back.

leonard secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Poodle
Voice Actor – None

Leonard is the party animal of the apartment dwelling. Although he appears calm and quiet he is a heavy metal fan and gets the party started while in control of the sound system.

norman secret lives of pets


Animal – Rodent
Breed – Guinea Pig
Voice Actor – Chris Renaud

Norman is an adorable yet clueless little guinea pig. He is constantly lost and can’t find his home apartment.

duke secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Mutt
Voice Actor – Eric Stonestreet

Duke is the main co-star in the film who gets tangled in a world of adventure when he and max go off the beaten path. He is a huge shaggy brown dog.

guillermo secret lives of pets


Role – Dog Walker
Voice Actor – Robin Kroll

Guillermo is in charge of walking the neighborhood dogs. He is a bit absent-minded and does not notice Max and Duke are missing.

park girl secret lives of pets

Park Girl

Role – Dog Walker

This re-headed girl is someone who piques Guillermo’s interest. He gets distracted by her and forgets his duties as a fellow dog walker.


Park Poodle

Animal – Dog
Breed – Poodle

Just a beautiful brown poodle who was hanging out in the park when Max and the gang came for a visit.

papillon secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Papillon
Voice Actor – Jess Harnell

This brown and white Papillon is in the dog park and anxious to make some new friends. Unfortunately, his lease is preventing him from interacting with the other dogs.

scottish terrier secret lives of pets

Scottish Terrier

Animal – Dog
Breed – Scottish Terrier

Another random dog that was having fun in the dog park. He and the other dogs go crazy when they see a butterfly and try to chase it down.

ozone secret lives of pets


Animal – Cat
Breed – Sphynx
Voice Actor – Steve Coogan

Ozone is an alley cat who has some serious Pink Panther vibes. He is one of the Flushed Pets henchmen who attacks Max and Duke.

nitro secret lives of pets


Animal – Cat
Breed – Feral Cat
Voice Actor – Bobby Moynihan

Nitro is Ozone’s sidekick and is also part of the Flushed Pets gang. He outs Gidget and her crew as being domesticated and not one of them.

evil kitten scret lives of pets

Evil Kitten

Animal – Cat
Breed – Unknown

At first, this little blue kitten appears to be adorable but he soon shows his true colors. He attacks Max and cuts off his collar while Max is suspended in the air.

animal control secret lives of pets

Animal Control Guys

Role – Animal Control Workers
Voice Actor – Jason Marsden

These animal control workers are constantly roaming the streets in search of stray pets. All the animals are against these guys.

ripper secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Bulldog
Voice Actor – John Dimaggio

Ripper is a Hannibal Lector-looking brute. He is Snowball’s main bodyguard and is silent throughout the animated film. He wears a spiked harness and collar.

maria secret lives of pets


Role – Actress
Voice Actor – Sandra Echeverria

Maria is the female lead on Gidget’s favorite telenovela show, La Pasion de la Pasion.

fernando secret lives of pets


Role – Actor
Voice Actor – Jamie Camil

Fernando is the male lead on Gidget’s favorite telenovela show, La Pasion de la Pasion.

squirrels secret lives of pets


Animal – Squirrels
Breed – Eastern Gray

The squirrels are Mel’s main nemesis and take every opportunity to antagonize him. They appear to be Eastern Gray squirrels commonly found in North America.

snowball secret lives of pets


Animal – Bunny
Voice Actor – Kevin Hart

Snowball appears to be an adorable, harmless white bunny rabbit. It turns out he is the malicious leader of the underground gang, The Flushed Pets.

tattoo secret lives of pets


Animal – Pig
Voice Actor – Michael Beattie

Tattoo is one of Snowball’s right-hand men. He was formerly owned by a Tattoo parlor but now is roaming the sewers with the Flushed Pets.

dragon secret lives of pets


Animal – Pogona
Voice Actor – Brian T. Delaney

Dragon is a crazed member of the Flushed Pets. He seems to be very amused by dangerous activities and is often driving motor vehicles recklessly.

tiberius secret lives of pets


Animal – Hawk
Breed – Red-Tailed
Voice Actor – Albert Brooks

Tiberius has a tough outer appearance but on the inside has a good heart. He fights the temptation to eat many of the pets and instead helps them on their journey to find Max.

snakes secret lives of pets


Animal – Snake
Breed – Pit Viper
Voice Actor – Uncredited

These glowing red-eyed snakes guard the entrance to the sewers. They demand a password in order to enter.

crocodile scret lives of pets


Animal – Crocodile
Voice Actor – Jim Cummings

Derick is a large crocodile who inhabits the sewers of the Flushed Pet’s lair. He was discarded by his owner after he got too big.

flushed pets secret lives of pets

Flushed Pets

Animals – Cats, Turtles, Snakes, Sea Monkeys, Frogs, Rats, Dogs, Ferrets, Crocodiles, Bunnies, Hamsters

In the sewer scenes, we get to see an abundance of abandoned pets. They call themselves the Flushed Pets and are a gang out for revenge against the humans.

ricky secret lives of pets


Ricky is the deceased duck soldier of Snowballs. According to Snowball, he was the only soldier ready to kill humans on sight.

sea monkeys secret lives of pets

Sea Monkeys

Animal – Sea Monkey
Breed – Brine Shrimps
Voice Actor – Brian T. Delaney

The Sea Monkeys reside in the sewers with the Flushed Pets. They blame false advertising for the fact they always get flushed by owners.

viper secret lives of pets


Animal – Snake
Breed – Bushmaster
Voice Actor – Kevin Richardson

Viper is a terrifying, large red snake who is responsible for initiating new members of the Flushed Pets.

piranha secret lives of pets


Animal – Fish
Breed – Piranha

This curious little Piranha appears when Viper dies and Snowball is making a condolence speech. He tries to get away but Snowball uses him as a hug buddy.

boston terrier secret lives of pets

Boston Terrier

Animal – Dog
Breed – Boston Terrier

This happy-go-lucky Boston Terrier is being egged on by pet partygoers as he chugs from a toilet.

peanut secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Chuwaiwa

Peanut is a tiny little Chihuahua much like Pepe. He is a partygoer who takes pictures of all the action with his go-pro head attachment.

myron secret lives of pets


Animal – Hamster
Voice Actor – Kimberly Brooks

Myron is essentially Pops assistant or Butler. He helps Pops with mundane tasks like opening his eyelids and fanning him when it’s too hot.

pops secret lives of pets


Animal – Dog
Breed – Basset Hound
Voice Actor – Dana Carvey

Pops is a very old Basset Hound who hosts all the parties because his owner is never home. He is only mobile with the use of a two-wheel harness attached to his back legs.

sandwich guy secret lives of pets

Sandwich Guy

Role – Random Park Goer

Max and Duke try and beg this guy for a bite of his sandwich but he rudely stuffs it in his mouth and runs away.

dummy secret lives of pets


Animal – Cat
Breed – American Short Hair
Voice Actor – Uncredited

Dummy is the guardian of the ramp at the top of the apartment building where most of the pets reside.

iguana secret lives of pets


Animal – Reptile
Breed – Grand Cayman

This ocean-blue Iguana is one of Guillermo’s pets. He helps the local pets get inside when they arrive on his balcony.

sausages secret lives of pets


Voice Actor – Jess Harnell

When in the sausage factory Max and Duke have a dreamland sequence where these tiny sausages come to life. There are thousands of them and they are singing, “We Go Together” from the Grease soundtrack.

puppy duke secret lives of pets

Puppy Duke

When Duke starts reminiscing about his old owner we get to see what he looked like as a puppy. Needless to say, he was one cute ball of fur.

dukes owner secret lives of pets

Duke’s Owner

When Duke starts reminiscing about his old owner we get to see what he looked like as a puppy. Needless to say, he was one cute ball of fur.

reginald secret lives of pets


Animal – Cat
Breed – Himalayan

Reginald is the new pet at Duke’s old house. His previous owner had passed away and Reginald’s family have moved in.

reginald owners secret lives of pets

Reginald Owners

They are the new owners of Duke’s old house and are startled by Duke when he loudly barks at them.

molly secret lives of pets


Role – Snowball’s New Owner

This little girl spots Snowball and his gang on the streets and asks her mommy if she can keep them. Only Snowball is unable to get away and thus Molly is now his new owner.

buddy owners secret lives of pets

Buddy’s Owners

Buddy’s owners are a little boy and his parents. Buddy hides on them when they come home and then proceeds to scare them in delight.

mel owner secret lives of pets

Mel’s Owner

Mel’s owner is an older working man. He appears to work long days but is energized when Mel is waiting to greet him.

chloe owner secret lives of pets

Chloe’s Owner

Chloe’s owner appears to be a middle-aged woman. She struggles to pick up the chubby Chloe much to Chloe’s disapproval.

normans owner secret lives of pets

Norman’s Owner

Norman’s owner is a cute little boy who seems sad that Norman has gone missing. Once Norman appears he is joyous.

sweetpeas owner secret lives of pets

Sweetpea’s Owner

Sweetpea’s owner is surprisingly a rocker-looking man in his 30s. He puts birdseed on his bald head so Sweetpea can have dinner.

gidgets owners secret lives of pets

Gidget’s Owners

Gidget’s owners appear to be a modern couple who live in a sleek apartment.

tiberius owner secret lives of pets

Tiberius Owner

Tiberius’ owner is an old, hunch-backed man with big thick glasses. He uses a cane to walk and shows delight when Tiberius arrives.

steve cabin secret lives of pets

Steve Cabin

Steve is Pops’ owner and has a ginger red beard and mustache. He is very tall and slender and wears a detective-like hat.

ginos owner secret lives of pets

Gino’s Owner

Gino’s owner is a tiny blond-haired boy who is very excited to see Gino. He kisses his fishbowl to greet Gino.

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