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shrek 2 characters

Shrek 2 is the 2004 animated sequel to the extremely popular and critically acclaimed original Shrek movie. The sequel features all the famous voices from the first movie including Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and introduces a new star voice in Antonio Banderas. The film follows our two main co-stars Shrek and Fiona after their honeymoon. They are invited to a grand ceremony by Fiona’s parents the King and Queen. It is here everyone discovers Fiona in Ogre form and where the movie’s main plot begins.

One of the reasons for the franchise’s mainstream success, besides its innovative animation, is the witty, memorable, and lovable characters that they have developed over time. Shrek 2 brought us the same classic characters from the first movie but introduced a couple of new ones, including Puss In Boots, who may become the most famous character of them all.

Shrek 2 List Of Characters

Characters are presented in order of appearance:

*Warning Spoilers Below*

Prince Charming

prince charming shrek 2

The first character we meet in Shrek 2 was a character that was only mentioned and never seen in the First Shrek Movie. Meet Prince Charming who is as every bit handsome as the Ogre Shrek is not. He is in search of Princess Fiona whom he is to marry and save from the tower. His character is portrayed as rather goofy and simple-minded. He is ironically more comedic in nature than charming.

Voice Actor – Rupert Everett


wolf shrek 2

The Wolf from little red riding hood appears in his usual Grandmother outfit that we saw in the original Shrek. He has a bigger role in Shrek 2 and is a part of Shrek’s “Crew” who helps him rescue back Fiona. As a side note, he plays a mean mandolin which we get to see near the end of the movie.

Voice Actor – Aron Warner


shrek in shrek 2

Of course, our main hero and star of the film is the ever-popular character Shrek. In the second film, Shrek has his Honeymoon with Fiona disturbed when the King and Queen demand their presence at Far Far Away Land. Shrek is a bit more reserved in Shrek 2 with fewer comedic lines and a more serious tone. He also gets an altered version of himself as he transforms into an attractive human during the second half of the movie.

Voice Actor – Mike Myers

Ogre Fiona

fiona shrek 2

Fiona is still in Ogre form which is a carry-over from the ending of Shrek One. Things seem to be going swimmingly for her and Shrek until they decide to go see her parents, The King and Queen. She is once again a damsel in distress throughout the film and is voiced by the wonderful Cameron Diaz. She ultimately must decide what is more important, beauty or looks?

Voice Actor – Cameron Diaz

Little Red Riding Hood

little red riding hood shrek 2

Little Red Riding Hood is seen in the Shrek and Fiona Honeymoon montage scenes. She is delivering food to Shrek’s house only to be scared senseless upon laying eyes on both Shrek and Fiona. She drops her food basket which has two big chicken legs in it.


donkey shrek 2

Donkey is his usual annoying, funny, and goofy self in Shrek 2. Being the loyal sidekick he is there for Shrek’s journey once again. He provides much-needed comedy pretty much in every scene he appears. In this movie, however, he has some sidekick competition when we meet the adorable Puss In Boots.

Voice Actor – Eddie Murphy


reggie shrek 2

Reggie is one of the trumpet players who form the line introducing the Page. Much to the Page’s disapproval, he gets a little carried away breaking into his own solo performance of the Hawaii Five-O theme song.


page shrek 2

The page delivers a message from the King and Queen that Shrek and Fiona are invited to the Royal Ball to celebrate their new marriage together

Voice Actor – Kelly Asbury


pinocchio shrek 2

In every Shrek movie, there is usually a minor character who becomes the scene stealer of the entire film. In Shrek 2 there are a few candidates for that role but Pinocchio is among the top. He is on Shrek’s team and has some amazing scenes including a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible homage and some Michael Jackson moves at the very end dance scene.

Voice Actor – Cody Cameron

Three Little Pigs

three little pigs shrek 2

The Three Little Pigs are a staple of the Shrek franchise and are kinda the class clowns of the bunch. They watch over the swamp as Shrek is away and help break Shrek out of jail along with Pinnochio, 3 Blind Mice, and Pinocchio.

Voice Actor – Cody Cameron

Three Blind Mice

three blind mice shrek 2

The bumbling, stumbling, hilarious blind mice are once again up to their usual antics in Shrek 2. They get a little bit of a larger role in this film as they are a part of the group that helps break Shrek out of prison. Of course, they are of no real use due to their inability to see anything of course.

Voice Actor – Christopher Knights

Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man shrek 2

The one and only Gingerbread Man is once again comedy gold in Shrek 2. In the first movie, he stole every scene he was in. I wouldn’t say that was the case in version two but he still had some classic scenes most notably with his new giant friend, Mongo.

Voice Actor – Conrad Vernon

King Harold

king shrek 2

King Harold is Fiona’s father and the one who sent her away to the tower until her curse was broken. He is disgusted with the idea of her and Shrek being married in their ogre form. He starts off as a fairly heartless character but as the movie goes on and we get hints at his true identity we see his emphatic side.

Voice Actor – John Cleese

Queen Lillian

queen shrek 2

Queen Lillian is the heart of the movie and is Princess Fiona’s mother. Her character never wavers from her compassionate, loving self and only wants what’s best for her daughter. She even seems to accept King Harold when we learn his true form and how he conspired with the fairy godmother.

Voice Actor – Julie Andrews

Fairy Godmother

fairy godmother shrek 2

The Fairy Godmother although sweet in appearance is the main foe in Shrek 2. She is evil, and callous and has no regard for Shrek or Fiona. Her only goal is to get her son Prince Charming to marry Princess Fiona so they can rule the land. She is a great antagonist, even better than Lord Farquaad in my opinion, although not as funny.

Voice Actor – Jennifer Saunders


kyle shrek 2

Kyle is the Fairy Godmother’s flamboyant assistant and carriage driver. He has a pretty creepy smile, the kind you’d see at a dive bar at 1 in the morning. He wears his name in pink sequence across his tight-fitting black outfit.

Fast Food Clerk

friars fat boy server

Pricilla works at Friar’s Fat Boy and takes the Fairy Godmother’s order when she is upset with the king. According to her, she is forced to ruin her diet because Shrek married Fiona instead of her son.

Voice Actor – Kelly Cooney

Captain Hook

captain hook shrek 2

Captain Hook has a very minor role in the film but it does not go noticed. He tickles the ivory at the Poison Apple bar and sings. Who would have thought that Captain Hook would be an excellent piano player despite his most obvious handicap?

Miss Frog

bar frog shrek 2

Miss Frog is a patron of the Poison Apple bar. She has on bright red lipstick and sips a Martini. She seems to imply that she knows King Harold as she asks, “Do I know you?”. It is not known what fairy tale she may be from.

Voice Actor – Wendy Bilanski

Ugly Step Sister

ugly step sister shrek 2

The ugly step-sister is well, ugly. She is a bartender at the Poison Apple and tells the King about the only person who can take out an Ogre. The character is surprisingly voiced by former talk show host Larry King.

Voice Actor – Larry King

Puss In Boots

puss in boots shrek 2

Arguably the scene stealer of the entire movie and the newest star of the Shrek Franchise. Puss In Boots is introduced as the only one that can take down an Ogre despite his diminutive size. He is a cute, funny parody of Zoro but I find he is clearly inspired by the character Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. Puss In Boots was so well received he has spawned his own movie franchise series.

Voice Actor – Antonio Banderas


jerome shrek 2

Jerome is the Fairy Godmother’s receptionist. He speaks with a French accent and is rather displeased with his job. As he claims they don’t even have dental insurance.

Voice Actor – Guillaume Aretos


maidens shrek 2

After Shrek drinks the magic potion that turns him handsome, three beautiful maidens are waiting for him in the barn. They are fawning over him and fighting over who gets to be his one true love.

Voice Actors – Alina Phelan, Erika Thomas

Handsome Shrek

handsome shrek 2

For the first time in the Shrek franchise, we get to see what Shrek would look like as a human being. After he drinks one of the Fairy Godmothers’ potions he turns into a rather dashing, chiseled man. The women of the town are captivated by his size and looks but ultimately human Shrek does not last.

Voice Actor – Mike Myers

Stallion Donkey

stallion donkey shrek 2

Shrek is not the only one who gets a complete makeover as Donkey turns into a spectacular Stallion with chiseled muscles and a long flowing mane. He is ecstatic with his new look and his confidence is through the roof. It is too bad that it all fades away in the end.

Voice Actor – Eddie Murphy


nobleman shrek 2

This nobleman gets tricked into stopping his carriage when the stallion version of donkey fakes an injury. Shrek then proceeds to rob him of his clothes and powder wig.

Voice Actor – Kelly Asbury

Princess Fiona

princess fiona shrek 2

The beautiful Princess Fiona appears in Shrek 2 after Shrek drinks a magic potion that turns her back into her true form. Ultimately she has to make a decision about which version of herself makes her the happiest.

Voice Actor – Cameron Diaz

Joan Rivers

joan rivers shrek 2

The one and only Joan Rivers makes an appearance as herself doing what she was most known for in her later years. She played the host of an extravagant red carpet event where the town’s celebrities walked the red carpet.

Voice Actor – Joan Rivers

Magic Mirror

magic mirror shrek 2

The magic mirror has a very minor role in the second Shrek. Some of the characters were using it to watch the celebrity red carpet event. Unlike, the first movie the Magic Mirror does not add much to the film.

Voice Actor – Chris Miller

Muffin Man

muffin man shrek 2

Shrek 2 is the first time we get to see the actual Muffin Man although he was mentioned in the first Shrek. Shrek and his team visit the muffin man for flour. He is most excited to see the Gingerbread Man or “Gigi” as he refers to him.

Voice Actor – Conrad Vernon


mongo shrek 2

Mongo is a giant gingerbread man created by the Muffin Man. Shrek uses him to storm the castle and get back the Princess. Mongo is a clear homage to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the original Ghostbusters movie.

Voice Actor – Conrad Vernon

Frog King Harold

frog king shrek 2

When King Harold gets hit by the Fairy Godmother’s magic spell it turns him back into his true form, a simple frog warts and all. It is in this frog form that he is at his best purest self.

Voice Actor – John Cleese


dragon shrek 2

While Dragon had a bigger role in the first Shrek we don’t get to see her in Shrek 2 until after the credits start rolling. She introduces her husband, Donkey, to their new “mutant babies” which are a breed of donkey and dragon.

Dragon Babies

dragon baby shrek 2

The very last characters we get to meet in Shrek 2 are Donkey’s and Dragon’s cute little hybrid babies. The first one that comes breathes fire out their mouth almost burning Donkey.

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