Wrestlemania 2 List Of Matches

Matt Kasper


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The second-ever Wrestlemania was a star-studded affair that took place across 3 different venue locations on April 7th, 1986. The host cities were New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles each with its own card and main event match. The event of Wrestlemania was still a work in progress during this time and the company decided to experiment by having it in different locations. Ultimately, this led to a very poor viewer experience and overall production of the event. The WWF never had more than one location host ever again.

New York Card

Match #1 – Paul Orndorff vs Magnificent Muraco

orndorff vs muraco

Match Type: Singles, Non-Title
Match Length: 4:10
Manager: Mr.Fuji in the corner of Magnificent Muraco
Results: Both men go over the top rope leading to a double count-out, no winner

Match Highlights

paul orndorff wwf
Orndorff slams Muraco to the mat
mr fuji
Mr. Fuji reacts angrily to the crowd
muraco vs orndorff
Muraco rocks Orndorff’s head into the turnbuckle

Match #2 – Randy Savage vs George ‘The Animal’ Steele

macho man vs george steel

Match Type: Intercontinental Championship
Match Length: 5:10
Manager: Miss Elizabeth in the corner of Macho Man Randy Savage
Results: Macho Man wins via pinfall using the ropes for leverage

Match Highlights

wrestlemania 2 macho man animal steele
George Steele chases Macho Man
george animal steele turnbuckle
The Animal eats away at the ring turnbuckle
macho man flying elbow
Macho Man lands the flying elbow

Match #3 – Jake Roberts vs George Wells

jake roberts george wells

Match Type: Singles, Non-Title
Match Length: 3:15
Manager: None
Results: Jake Roberts hits his “DDT” finishing move and pins George Wells for the 3 count.

Match Highlights

george wells jake roberts
Wells drops a headbutt on Roberts
jake roberts ddt wrestlemania
Jake hits the DDT on George Wells
george wells wwf
Damian slithers toward George Wells

Match #4 – Mr.T vs Rowdy Piper

rowdy piper mr.t

Match Type: 10-Round Boxing Match
Match Length: 10:15, 4 Rounds
Manager: Bob Orton in Piper’s corner, Joe Frazier in Mr.T’s corner
Results: Rowdy Piper slams Mr.T to the ground in the 4th round to lose by disqualification. Mr.T is the winner via DQ.

Match Highlights

rowdy piper boxing match
Piper winds up for the haymaker punch
piper mr t boxing
Piper slams Mr.T to the mat
wrestlemania 2 boxing match
Mayhem ensues after the match

Chicago Card

Match #1 – Velvet McIntyre vs The Fabulous Moolah

fabulous moolah velvet mcintyre

Match Type: Women’s World Championship
Match Length: 1:25
Manager: None
Results: McIntyre misses the front body splash from the top rope. Moolah pounces on an injured Velvet McIntyre for the 1-2-3 count.

Match Highlights

fabulous moolah velvet mcintyre
Moolah throws McIntyre to the ropes
velvet mcintyre
McIntyre misses the splash from the top
wrestlemania 2 fabulous moolah
Moolah pins McIntyre for the win

Match #2 – Corporal Kirshner vs Nikolai Volkoff

wrestlemania 2 volkoff vs kirshner

Match Type: Flag Match
Match Length: 2:05
Manager: Freddie Blassie in Volkoff’s corner
Results: Kirshner hits Volkoff with Freddie Blassie’s cane while the ref is knocked out. Kirshner secures the victory.

Match Highlights

freddie blassie wrestlemania
Freddie Blassie gives instructions
corporal kirshner wwf
Kirshner gets rammed into the steel post
corporal kirshner nikolai volkoff
Kirshner hits Volkoff with a cane

Match #3 – Battle Royale

wrestlemania 2 battle royale

Match Type: Battle Royale, WWF, and NFL Players
Match Length: 9:09
Participants: Jimbo Covert, Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi, Harvey Martin, Danny Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, Iron Sheik, Ernie Holmes, Killer Bees, Big John Stud, Bill Fralic, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Russ Francis, Bruno Sammartino, Refrigerator Perry, Andre The Giant
Results: Andre the Giant wins the Battle Royale eliminating the Hart Foundation at the end to secure victory.

Match Highlights

andre the giant big john studd
Andre and Big John square off
wrestlemania 2 battle royal
The final four participants left in the ring
andre the giant bret hart
Andre the Giant throws Bret Hart over the ropes

Match #4 – The British Bulldogs vs The Dream Team

wrestlemania 2 tag team

Match Type: Tag Team Championship
Match Length: 13:03
Managers: Captain Lou Albano and Ozzy Osbourne with the Bulldogs, Johnny Valiant with The Dream Team
Results: The British Bulldogs get the win and become the new Tag Team Champions

Match Highlights

british bulldogs dream team
Valentine and Dynamite Kid square off
greg valentine piledriver
Valentine sets up the piledriver
wrestlemania 2 tag team match
British Bulldog pins Valentine for the win

Los Angeles Card

Match #1 – Ricky Steamboat vs Hercules Hernandez

wrestlemania 2 steamboat hernandez

Match Type: Singles, Non-Title
Match Length: 7:34
Managers: None
Results: Steamboat hits the front body splash from the top ropes and pins Hernandez for the win.

Match Highlights

steamboat vs hernandez
Ricky goes to work on the wrist of Hercules
hercules hernandez pose
Hercules strikes a pose
ricky steamboat splash
Steamboat hits the front body splash

Match #2 – Adrian Adonis vs Uncle Elmer

adrian adonis uncle elmer

Match Type: Singles, Non-Title
Match Length: 3:00
Managers: Jimmy Hart with Adrian Adonis
Results: Adrian Adonis hits a splash from the top ropes and pins Elmer for the win.

Match Highlights

adrian adonis wwf
Adrian Adonis gets ready for the match
adrian adonis dress
Uncle Elmer tears off Adrian’s dress
adrian adonis wrestlemania
Adonis covers Elmer for the win

Match #3 – Funk Brothers vs Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana

wrestlemania 2 funk brothers

Match Type: Tag Team, Non-Title
Match Length: 13:00
Managers: Jimmy Hart with the Funk Brothers
Results: Terry Funk hits JYD with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone and secures victory.

Match Highlights

tito santana suplex
Tito Santana hits the suplex slam
junkyard dog terry funk
JYD throws Terry Funk over the ropes
wrestlemania 2 terry funk
Terry Funk hits JYD with an illegal blow

Match #4 – King Kong Bundy vs Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan king kong bundy

Match Type: World Championship, Steel Cage
Match Length: 11:00
Managers: Bobby Heenan with King Kong Bundy
Results: Hogan wins by climbing up and over the steel cage and retains the Championship Belt.

Match Highlights

wrestlemania 2 main event
Bundy & Hogan lock up in the cage
hogan bundy cage match
Hogan has Bundy bloodied and stunned
hulk hogan leg drop
Hogan lines up the big leg drop

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