Simpsons Milhouse Costume Ideas

Matt Kasper


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milhouse costumes

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, chances are you have a soft spot for the lovable Milhouse. He’s not your typical cool kid, but that’s part of what makes him so endearing. Milhouse has become a beloved character among fans, inspiring countless memes and many cosplay costumes. In this post, we’re going to dive into the world of Milhouse cosplay and explore some fun costume ideas for fans to try out.

These ideas are great fun for Halloween, Costume parties, or Comic-Con events.

Milhouse Costume Ideas

Basic Milhouse Outfit

milhouse simpsons look

Milhouse’s most basic look is composed of a light purple or violet short-sleeve shirt, red shorts, and matching red sneakers. He always wears his thick-framed glasses that add to his nerdy persona. And of course, his trademark blue hair and eyebrows stand out against his otherwise ordinary outfit.

Let’s look at some items you can get to put together a basic Milhouse outfit.

thick bottle glasses
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These fake bottle-styled glasses are perfect for cosplaying as the Milhouse character. They even come with scratches which only adds to the humor of the accessory. Milhouse is always getting beaten up by Nelson or Jimbo causing his glasses to break and scratch.

blue hair wig
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If you are going to dress like Milhouse then having blue hair is essential. It is the most recognizable thing about the character outside his glasses. This short hair blue wig is a good option as it can be styled and cut to perfectly mimic Milhouse’s hair.

Those are the two key pieces you must have to look like Milhouse but you also need a purple shirt and red shorts.

Basic Milhouse Items on Amazon

Milhouse as Fallout Boy

milhouse fallout boy

In one of the most iconic Milhouse moments of The Simpsons, Milhouse transforms into Fallout Boy, the sidekick of Radioactive Man. They are filming the movie Radioactive Man in Springfield and Milhouse lands the job as a superhero sidekick.

The green and blue-themed outfit, along with the Fallout Boy mask, make for a unique costume idea. Fans of the show can channel their inner superhero and team up with a friend dressed as Radioactive Man for an even more dynamic duo.

Putting together the Fallout Boy costume is pretty easy and likely something you could DIY with clothes already in your closet. He wears a basic blue t-shirt and blue shorts so that part is easy enough. The green components include his mask, cape, gloves, belt, and boots. The hardest items will be the cape, belt, and boots so we will link to the options below. For the mask, you look for some green felt or even a bandana and just cut out some eye holes. Make sure the glasses go over the mask as that is a key Milhouse move.

Milhouse Fallout Boy Items On Amazon

Milhouse as Linus

milhouse linus outfit

This is my personal favorite unique Milhouse costume. In Season 20 of the Simpsons, their annual Treehouse Of Horror episode paid homage to one of Halloween’s most iconic TV Specials, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Two iconic animated shows came together in this episode and gave us Bart as Charlie Brown and Milhouse as Linus. You will be the most unique costume at any Halloween party for sure and people will think you got confused and combined two characters, which will be funny in itself.

We already have a lot of pieces you will need for this cosplay outfit in our Peanuts Costume Ideas but I will list the Linus items you will need below:

Linus Costume Items On Amazon

Cosplay as Milhouse

In conclusion, we have explored various Milhouse costume ideas and cosplay examples that fans can replicate for their next event. From his classic purple shirt and red shorts outfit to his Radioactive Sidekick Fallout Boy costume, there are plenty of options for Simpson fans to choose from.

We encourage fans to embrace their inner Milhouse and bring the character to life with their own unique take on his iconic look. Make sure to capture his “nerdy” personality, which you can read about in our Milhouse Character Profile post. Have some fun, be unique, and dress up as Milhouse and stand out at your next cosplay event or Halloween party!

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