Shrek Costume Ideas

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The fairytale-themed Shrek was a hit movie from 2001 and brought us an amazing collection of funny, quirky characters. If you are looking for inspiration for a Halloween Party or Cosplay outfit then Shrek characters are a great place to start. They are instantly recognizable and most of them can be done DIY.

The most popular Shrek characters to dress like are Shrek himself, Fiona, and Donkey. If you want someone outside the box, we have a few costume ideas for you to try out with some of the minor characters in the Shrek movies. If you can’t be bothered to put an outfit together yourself then we are also providing options for full Shrek costumes that you can purchase.

Shrek Ogre Costumes

Shrek is of course the star of the Shrek franchise. He is an ogre that lives in the muddy swamps. Here is a selection of options for a Shrek costume:

Shrek Adult Outfit

Get your full Ogre outfit with this costume on Amazon. It comes with Shrek’s raggedy shirt and vest combo and flannel pants. Ranges in size from extra small to triple xl large.

shrek costume ideas

DIY Shrek Costume

His costume is not simple to put together totally yourself but it is doable if you already have some old clothing sitting around. You need a raggedy white long-sleeved shirt and a brown vest as the main items. Here are some key pieces you can pick up to pull off a complete Shrek look

DIY Shrek Items
Full Shrek Face Mask
Animated Shrek T-Shirt
Medieval Brown Vest
Green Face and Body Paint
Shrek Ogre Ears Headband

Shrek One-Piece Flannel Costume

If you want a simple costume or fun pajama set, then this might be ideal for you. You won’t get the full realistic Shrek look but everyone will still know who you are.

Donkey Costumes

Donkey is the fun-loving and sometimes annoying sidekick of Shrek. He is a great alternative for a couple’s costume if you want to do something other than Shrek and Fiona.

Full Donkey Costume

If you don’t want to worry about putting together a donkey costume on your own then you can buy this full outfit courtesy of Bristol Novelty. You get the one-piece zippered body and the oversized head. It is a great match to Donkey from Shrek.

donkey costume idea

DIY Donkey Costume

The great thing about Donkey from Shrek is that there is nothing too special about him, he is after all just a regular donkey. So to put together a DIY costume you just need a couple of simple costume pieces.

DIY Donkey Items:
Realistic Donkey Head Mask
4 Piece Donkey Accessories
Donkey Hoof Socks
Light Gray Face Paint

Donkey Onesie Costume

Here’s a simple, hassle-free idea if you want to dress like donkey but don’t want to exhaust too much effort. It is a one-piece donkey onesie that can be used as a costume and for lounging around the house.

Princess Fiona Costumes

Princess Fiona is the constant damsel-in-distress of the Shrek movies. She has two great costumes you can try and mimic. One is her as the beautiful Princess Fiona and the other is an Ogre Fiona costume.

Princess Fiona Full Cosplay Costume

This Princess Fiona cosplay costume comes with everything you need to pull off her look including a green gown, red-haired wig, princess crown, and ogre’s ears.

princess fiona costume ideas

DIY Princess Fiona Costume

Depending on your natural hair color the Fiona costume can be rather easy to pull off. If you have long red hair all need is a long green dress and a crown. There are 2 versions of Fiona you can choose for your costume. You can either dress like the Princess version or Ogre Fiona. Here is what you need for both.

DIY Princess Fiona Items:
Renaissance Style Green Dress
Long Red Hair Braided Wig
Gold Princess Crown

DIY Ogre Fiona Items:
Ogre Eyes and Crown
Green Face and Body Paint

Lord Farquadd Costumes

Lord Farquaad is the main villain in the original Shrek. He is short in stature but has one of the most elaborate costumes in the movie.

Lord Farquaad Full Royal Outfit

This outfit is all you need to dress like Lord Farquaad. It includes the royal hat, red top, cloak, gloves, and oversleeves. It ranges in size from extra small to triple xl. Besides Lord Farquaad you will be able to use it as any Royal King cosplay costume.

lord farquaad costume idea

DIY Lord Farquadd Costume

Unless you have amazing sewing skills it’s going to be hard to do a Lord Farquaad outfit all on your own. You will likely have to buy some of the key pieces but you may be able to make it more cost-effective than a full costume. Here are some items to consider for a do-it-yourself Lord Farquaad look:

DIY Lord Farquaad Items:
King Hat and Red Cape
Red Beret Hat
Straight Black Hair Wig

Gingerbread Man Costumes

Gingerbread man is one of the minor cult characters from the Shrek franchise. He has so many great one-liners and is a fan favorite.

Tipsy Elves Gingerbread Onesie

It is hard to find a full costume that exactly matches the colors of the Gingerbread Man in Shrek but this onesie by Tipsy Elves is very close. You can add your own buttons over the suit if need be.

Inflatable Gingerbread Man

If you want to have fun with your Gingerbread Man look then you can opt for this fantastic inflatable costume. You won’t look precisely like the Shrek Gingerbread man but who cares you will be the talk of the party.

gingerbread man costume ideas

DIY Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man costume is likely one of the easiest to do yourself out of all the Shrek costume ideas. If you have a brown top and pants you are almost done. You just need to decorate it to match the Ginger man in Shrek. Here are some DIY items you can use to make your costume:

Gingerbread DIY Items:
Pom Pom Balls for Buttons
Brown Onesie For Men
Brown Onesie For Women
White Tape For Icing

Puss In Boots Costumes

Infant Puss In Boots Costume

This incredibly cute Puss In Boots costume comes with the full romper, cape, and headpiece. The cape and headpiece are both removable. The costume comes in different sizes from baby to toddler.

puss in boots costumes

DIY Puss In Boots Costume

It is hard to find a full adult Puss In Boots professional costume so in most cases you will have to put one together yourself. Don’t worry though, it’s rather easy to pull off a Puss In Boots look with a few key items.

What You Need:
Pirate Boot Over Shoe Toppers
Simple Black Cape
Pirate/Musketeer Hat
Medevil Belt Sword Holder
Musketeers Sword
Cat Face Paint
Brown Cat Ears and Tail
Yellow Feather For Hat

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