Shrek Costume Ideas

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The fairytale-themed Shrek was a hit movie from 2001 and brought us an amazing collection of funny, quirky characters. If you are looking for inspiration for a Halloween Party or Cosplay outfit then Shrek characters are a great place to start. They are instantly recognizable and most of them can be done DIY.

The most popular Shrek characters to dress like are Shrek himself, Fiona, and Donkey. If you want someone outside the box then we have a few costume ideas for you to try out. If you can’t be bothered to put an outfit together yourself then we are also providing options for full Shrek costumes that you can purchase.

shrek costume ideas

Dress Like Shrek

The first obvious choice for a costume idea is to dress like the man himself, Shrek. His costume is not exactly simple to put together yourself but it is doable.

DIY Shrek Items
– Green Face Paint
– Long baggy white top, or potato sack
– Small brown vest
– Flannel pajama bottoms
– Rolled cardboard or hard paper for the ears

donkey costume idea

Dress Like Donkey

Shrek’s trusted sidekick and main co-star in the film is the wisecracking Donkey. Now if you are going to attempt to make a DIY donkey costume then keeping it simple is likely your best bet, unless you have serious sewing skills. Just go for the ears, nose, and donkey tail. To truly pull off this Shrek costume idea your best bet is to buy a full costume.

DIY Donkey Items
– Gray pointy ears
– Gray shaggy sweater and pants
– White face paint for the nose
– Big fake teeth
– Plastic black pot holders for hoofs

princess fiona costume ideas

Dress Like Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona is the beautiful damsel in distress whom Shrek sets on a mission to save. There are 2 versions of Fiona you can choose for your costume. You can either dress like the beautiful Princess version or Shrek Fiona.

DIY Fiona Items
– Long green dress
– Green flat shoes
– Green face paint (if doing Shrek Fiona)
– Long red braided hair
– Princess crown

lord farquaad costume idea

Dress Like Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad is the main villain in the original Shrek. He is short in stature but has one of the most elaborate costumes in the movie. His costume is hard to put together for a DIY as you will need many pieces.

DIY Lord Farquaad Items
– Renaissance hat
– Old English, Henry VII type jacket
– Black tights
– Red gloves
– Red velvet cape

gingerbread man costume ideas

Dress Like Gingerbread Man

One of the most popular and cutest characters in the movie is the Gingerbread Man. The best gingerbread costumes are the full store-bought ones but you can still pull off the look yourself.

DIY Lord Farquaad Items
– Long brown top
– Long brown pants
– Brown shoes
– Button decorations
– White tape for icing

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