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simpsons christmas episodes

The Simpsons have been a mainstay across television screens for over thirty years and counting. Come Christmas time we don’t often think of the Simpsons as a must-watch viewing tradition as we do with classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. That being said there have been so many great Simpsons Christmas episodes over the years, probably more than any other animated franchise to date because of their longevity.

The very first Simpsons episode ever is in fact a Christmas special where Homer gets a job as a mall Santa. What’s odd about the franchise is that they don’t do a dedicated Christmas episode every year as they do with the Halloween Treehouse of Horrors. Below, we have compiled a list of every single Simpsons Christmas episode for you to binge-watch or to pick out a favorite for every year’s viewing.

Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

simpsons roasting on an open fire

Season One, Episode #1

The very first Simpsons Christmas special comes in the very first episode of the franchise (Outside The Tracey Ullman Show). Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire debuted on Dec 17th, 1989, and kicked off the seemingly never-ending Simpsons franchise. In this episode, Marge has to spend all their budget on tattoo removal for Bart. This event forces Homer to become a mall Santa so they can salvage Christmas. We get to see how the family discovered their pet dog and why they named him Santa’s Little Helper.

Mr. Plow

simpsons mr plow

Season Four, Episode #9

Technically, Mr.Plow is not a Christmas episode but it certainly puts you in a Winter/Christmas frame of mind. The episode usually airs during winter and it is one of the more famous Simpsons episodes. Homer decides to start his own snow removal business and names it Mr. Plow complete with a catchy tune that will ring in your head all day. It’s all roses for Homer until Barney decides to compete with him and put Mr. Plow out of business. This episode also includes Simpsons Guest Star Adam West playing himself.

Marge Be Not Proud

simpsons christmas marge be not proud

Season Seven, Episode #11

In season 7, we get a Simpsons episode that revolves around Christmas starring Bart and Marge as the main two characters. Bart’s favorite game has just been released this Christmas called Bone Storm. When he can’t afford to buy it himself he resorts to shoplifting. He gets caught and Marge is extremely disappointed.

Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

simpsons christmas miracle on evergreen

Season Nine, Episode #9

Miracle on Evergreen Terrace once again revolves around Bart screwing up at Christmas time. Bart gets up in the middle of the night on Christmas eve to go to the washroom but can’t resist checking out his gifts. He decides to open a gift which turns out to be the “Inferno 3000”, a remote control fire truck. The truck ends up burning down the Simpson’s Christmas tree and gifts. Is Christmas ruined or can anyone save the day?

Grift Of The Magi

simpsons grift of magi

Season Eleven, Episode #9

When Springfield Elementary goes bankrupt it turns to investors to help save the school. A toy company decides to buy the school right before Christmas time in order to pick the brains of all the students to create a new toy. After stealing the kid’s ideas they create Funzo the doll just in time for Christmas and it is a huge success. Lisa is furious they stole her idea and confronts the company.

Skinner’s Sense Of Snow

simpsons christmas season 12

Season Twelve, Episode #8

It’s the last day before Christmas break and a huge snowstorm hits Springfield. Everyone gets the day off except for the students of Springfield Elementary. This turns out to be a terrible mistake as the students and faculty get snowed in with no route for escape. It’s up to Homer and Ned Flanders to save the day and Christmas holiday.

She Of Little Faith

simpsons christmas season 13

Season Thirteen, Episode #6

After the Springfield church gets destroyed it’s up to Mr. Burns to help repair it. He turns it into a casino which the town loves except for Lisa. She loses her faith in Christianity and Christmas and turns to Buddhism. Marge and Homer desperately try to convert her back so they can all celebrate Christmas together.

Tis The Fifteenth Season

simpsons christmas season 15

Season Fifteen, Episode #7

Tis the Fifteenth Season is a true Simpsons Xmas episode with stockings, snow, and ugly Christmas sweaters. While some episodes only mention Christmas in passing this one is full-on in the Christmas spirit. The plot revolves around Homer who comes into a windfall of money after selling an old baseball card. He decides to spend all the money on himself which rubs the rest of the family the wrong way. Shout out to the California Raisins who make an appearance singing Christmas songs on a television special.

Simpsons Christmas Stories

simpsons christmas season 17

Season Seventeen, Episode #9

This episode is right out of a Hallmark Christmas card. When Homer has to lead the church sermon he begins to tell the story of the First Christmas. He retells the story of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus with all the Simpsons characters filling various roles. This is as pure a Christmas episode as the franchise has ever done.

Kill Gil, Vol I & II

simpsons christmas season 18

Season Eighteen, Episode #9

Lisa visits a mall Santa and requests a heavily sought-after toy, the Malibu Stacey Pony Beach Party Set with Sparkle Sand. Gil, the mall Santa, makes her day and gets her the last set. The problem was it belonged to the mall boss who promptly fires Gil on Christmas Eve. The Simpsons invite Gil to come over for Christmas dinner but he ends up overstaying his welcome.

The Fight Before Christmas

simpsons muppets

Season Twenty-Two, Episode #8

Marge is all ready for the Christmas season and getting everything prepared. The problem is no one else in the family is in the Christmas spirit this year. All the Simpsons have dream sequences imagining their perfect Christmas. The winner goes to Maggie who re-imagines the family in Muppets form that includes a special guest star, Katy Perry.

Holidays Of Future Passed

simpsons christmas season 23

Season Twenty-Three, Episode #9

This is the most unique Simpsons Christmas special as we get a glimpse into the future. The show takes place 30 years in the future when Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are all grown up with their own families. Bart and Lisa are struggling to connect with their kids so they visit Homer and Marge for Christmas.

White Christmas Blues

simpsons christmas season 25

Season Twenty-Five, Episode #8

The Simpsons are struggling to afford Christmas this year as all the tourists visiting Springfield have jacked up prices around town. Marge decides to run her own bed and breakfast out of the house in a desperate attempt to gain more money.

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

simpsons christmas season 26

Season Twenty-Six, Episode #9

When Moe is lonely on Christmas Eve he begs Homer to stay at the bar and keep him company. Homer promised Marge he would be home to help her out and be with his family. After trying to sneak in very late Marge kicks Homer out and tells him she doesn’t want him home for Christmas Day.

The Nightmare After Krustmas

simpsons christmas season 28

Season Twenty-Eight, Episode #10

This Christmas Episode features cameos by Wayne Gretzky and Jackie Mason. Krusty the Clown and his daughter decide to spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Krusty turns the stay into his very own Krusty Christmas Special which strains his relationship with his daughter Sophie. This episode features lots of great Christmas music to put you in the holiday spirit.

Gone Boy

simpsons gone boy

Season Twenty-Nine, Episode #9

When Bart has to make a pit stop on a drive with Homer he goes wandering into the woods. He stumbles upon a secret underground military base. When Bart is declared dead Sideshow Bob refuses to believe it’s true and goes on a search to find him. Although this episode takes place during the Christmas season it really doesn’t have any direct mentions of the holiday. This one features a cameo by Shaq.

Tis The 30th Season

simpsons christmas season 30

Season Thirty, Episode #10

This episode starts with the end of Thanksgiving and the kids giving Marge their gift wishlist. Marge is determined to make their wishes come true and for Christmas to be perfect. After Marge fails to get their dream gift, the rest of the family decides to do something for her for a change. In the end, they discover a feel-good story about their friend Moe.

Bobby, It’s Cold Outside

simpsons christmas season 31

Season Thirty-One, Episode #10

Sideshow Bob makes another appearance on a Christmas special in season 31. He gets the role of Santa Claus at Santa’s Village Amusement park and of course, he is out for vengeance against Bart Simpson. Gifts mysteriously start disappearing from the town of Springfield and Sideshow Bob is the #1 suspect.

Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas

simpsons christmas season 32

Season Thirty-Two, Episode #10

A local cable channel decides to film a Christmas Special in Springfield. The catch is they are filming it during the summer which doesn’t help this episode put you into a Christmas mood. Skinner ends up falling in love with the producer of the film.

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