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simpsons halloween special

The first Treehouse of Horror was such a hit for the Simpsons that it was inevitable the next season we would see the sequel Simpsons Halloween Special 2 or as we know it today the Treehouse of Horror #2. The second annual Halloween special followed the same script as its predecessor with Marge coming out first to warn viewers of the upcoming content.

The show itself is once again divided into three mini-episodes based on bad dreams that Lisa, Bart, and Homer have as the result of eating too much candy. Treehouse of Horror 2 didn’t receive as much fanfare as the first but it did leave us with some memorable characters and scenes. I for one will always remember the Moneky Paw episode for some reason and the creepy vendor Homer encounters.

Here are all the memorable characters from the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #2:

The Monkey Paw Episode

The Monkey Paw is the first episode of Treehouse of Horror 2, this is Lisa’s nightmare from overeating candy on Halloween. These are the most memorable moments and characters to appear in this episode.

homer monkey paw


Homer is the one who discovers and purchases the Monkey Paw. He is warned of the dangerous consequences of using the Paw’s four wishes but insists on owing it. Homer gets the last wish and wishes for a turkey sandwich, on rye bread, with lettuce, and mustard.

monkey paw vendor simpsons

Street Vendor

The street vendor has the monkey paw for sale but warns Homer of its potentially dangerous side effects.

airport security treehouse of horror

Airport Security

Security stops Homer before boarding the plane home. He discovers Homer is smuggling a bunch of gifts and trinkets under his shirt. His penalty is $2 American dollars.

maggie simpson monkey paw

Maggie Simpson

Maggie gets the first wish from the Monkey Paw. A limo pulls up to the house which gets Homer all excited. It turns out she just wished for a new pacifier.

bart simpson monkey paw

Bart Simpson

Bart gets the second wish from the Monkey Paw and goes all out. He wishes the Simpsons to become rich and famous. Instantly, the room is filled with money.

simpsons gilded truffle

Gilded Truffle Maitre D

The Maitre D’ at The Gilded Truffle is excited to see the Simpsons and instantly seats them at a table, despite turning other customers away.

helen lovejoy monkey paw

Helen Lovejoy

Helen makes a brief appearance in front of a big billboard with Bart Simpson’s image promoting Mammogram procedures. She is furious at the Simpson’s lack of morals.

lisa simpson monkey paw

Lisa Simpson

Lisa gets the 3rd wish from the monkey paw and true to character wishes for World Peace. Homer thinks that it was a selfish wish.

world leaders monkey paw

World Leaders

After Lisa declares world peace the leaders of the free world get together to declare peace. England apologizes to Argentina and the two leaders hug it out.

moe krusty clown treehouse

Moe and Krusty

Moe and Krusty the Clown show up to toss all their weapons into a burning fireplace. Moe tosses a gun while Krusty has brass knuckles, shooting stars, and a pistol.

kods kanf treehouse of horror

Kang and Kodos

Springfield’s most popular aliens make a return for Treehouse of Horror #2. Kang and Kodos plan to take over Springfield after the community rid themselves of all weapons.

ned flanders monkey paw

Ned Flanders

Homer decides to give the monkey paw to Ned Flanders after all the trouble it has caused. Ned first wishes for the aliens to go away. His next wish is to spruce up the old homestead turning his place into a giant castle. Sadly, we don’t get to see his final two wishes as the episode ends after that.

Jack-In-The-Box Episode

jasper beardly dog

Jasper Beardly

Poor old Jasper Beardly is the first victim of the terrible monster (Bart) in this episode. He gets tired of thinking “happy thoughts” and is immediately transformed into a dog.

bart treehouse of horror


Bart is the star of the episode, it is his dream after all. He is portrayed as the evil monster of Springfield who will do horrible things to you if you don’t think happy thoughts all the time.

snowball treehouse of horror


Snowball gets a full makeover thanks to Bart. She gets daisy ears, chicken legs with polka dot pants, an umbrella for a tail, and breathes fire.

moe prank phone call


Moe falls victim to another Bart prank phone call in Treehouse of Horror 2. Moe tells the bar that he is, “A stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.”

krusty the clown simpsons

Krusty The Clown

Poor Krusty is a wreck in Bart’s nightmare as he has been on the air for 346 consecutive hours all for the viewing pleasure of Bart.

homer in the box simpsons


Homer decides to take matters into his own hands and bash Bart over the head with a chair. Before he gets a chance Bart turns him into his very own Jack-In-The-Box.

dr marivn monroe simpsons

Dr. Marvin Monroe

Town psychologist Marvin Monroe makes an appearance in this episode. He suggests Homer has been neglecting Bart and that’s why he is acting out. He tells Homer to spend more time with Bart to bond.

Robot Homer Episode

smithers robot homer


As usual, Smithers is the right-hand man to Mr. Burns and does as ordered. He questions whether they should use Homer’s brain for their Frankenstein but doesn’t want Mr. Burns to turn on him so plays along. He cuts Homer’s skull open during the operation.

mr burns homer brain

Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns is the mad scientist in Homer’s nightmare scenario. He is in search of a human brain for his robot worker. In one creepy scene, he actually wears Homer’s brain as a hat and proclaims he’s Davey Croquet.

robot homer

Robot Homer

Robot Homer is the creation of Mr. Burns and Smithers. He took real-life Homer’s brain and put it into a robot. After he realizes Robot Homer is a dud he returns Homer’s brain to his body.

johnny carson simpsons

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson makes a surprise appearance in the Robot Homer episode. The kids are watching him on TV as Marge worries about where Homer is.

homer mr burns attached

Conjoined Homer Mr. Burns

Once Mr. Burns realizes he is being crushed by his own robot he gets Smithers to surgically attach his head to homers body thus creating a conjoined twin Homer and Mr. Burns.

Honorable Mentions

hippies simpsons treehouse


In the opening scene, we see our first characters in the Simpsons Halloween Special 2, a couple of hippies. They are just chilling in front of a Jim Morrison headstone in the cemetery.

peanuts costumes simpsons

Peanuts Costumes

If you blink you might miss the cool little nod that the Simpsons do to The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This is, of course, the great Halloween special from the Peanuts comic strip. The original costumes that Charlie Brown and his gang wear during that special are seen running across the sidewalk in front of the Simpson’s house.

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